Best Electric Dog Grooming Tables

Best Electric Grooming Table in 2021
Written by Mark Braeden

Electric grooming tables have advantages over regular or traditional ones (e.g. Flying Pig Grooming Dog Wash Station). The major advantage is you can easily adjust the height of the table to your liking. Adjusting the grooming station to your preferred working height is usually done by a foot pedal or by buttons on the grooming table. These kinds of grooming stations are also deemed as a professional-level class because of their features and benefits they give not only to your groomer but also to your business. Another advantage is that electric grooming tables provide safety to your dog and the groomer. With the adjustable height, this will save you from having back pain as you won’t need to bend over when grooming. You won’t also need to lift or carry a large dog over a table which can cause a problem in the room especially if the dog is not behaving well.

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What Should You Consider When Buying an Electric Grooming Table?

There are a lot of available electric grooming tables out there and it can get overwhelming when deciding which is the best electric grooming station to buy. But, worry no more for we will help you and will give you a guide to know the things that you should weigh in and consider if you will buy one. Keep on reading to know more about this.

  • Portability

How portable is this electric grooming table? This is one of the major things to consider when buying one, especially if you just have an ample amount of space where you can groom dogs. A collapsible grooming station is nice to have in this scenario. While not being used, you can fold the grooming station to save a lot of space in your home or your shop. Electric grooming tables with wheels are a plus too. With this feature, you can just push the grooming station from one place to another and not carry it which can be hard especially if it is heavy.

  • Functionality

Another major thing to consider is the functionality of the electric grooming table. These aren’t cheap so you must make sure that what you buy will truly serve its purpose and is a perfect fit for what you need. For example, you need to make sure that the adjustable height feature of the grooming station is fit for any breed size. And that you can always adjust the grooming table at whatever height you want. Pay attention on tabletops options too.

  • Materials Used

It is just normal to make sure that the materials used to construct the electric grooming table you want to buy are top-notched. First of all, it is your money that you’ll spend to buy one, then it isn’t just only the groomer’s safety that is at stake, but also the dog’s being groomed. You should consider what type of metal is used in the grooming station, if it is sturdy enough to support a large-breed dog, what type of finish it has, etc. You should always get what you paid for.

  • Size

And last but not least, are about the sizes. You need to know first what is the best size of electric grooming table that is fit for your needs. If you are grooming dogs in all sizes and breed, then it is best to invest in a grooming station that can cater dogs from extra small to large sizes.

Now that we have discussed the things that you should consider before buying an electric grooming station, we’ll continue tacking the best electric dog grooming stations in the market nowadays. 

TOP-6 Electric Grooming Tables This Year

Happybuy Electric Grooming Table

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  • Can cater up a heavy load
  • Wide range of adjustable height


  • The tabletop bar doesn’t go at a certain height suitable for large dogs

Happybuy Electric Grooming Table with a large heavy-weight dog on it

First on our list is the electric grooming table by Happybuy Store. It is available in blue, purple, pink, and white color. It can cater from small to large dogs with weight up to 440lb. It is made of iron and has an x support that is perfect to make the grooming station sturdy and stable when grooming dogs. Its table is made of MDF material and has a dotted rubber tabletop that prevents dogs from sliding especially if they had just had their bath. You can also adjust the height of the tabletop from 11.80 to 40.5o inches with the “up” and “down” pedals located on the bottom part of the grooming table. The 6000N linear actuator makes this height adjustment easy and flawless. In addition to that, the tabletop also has 2 pet leashes so that you can leash the dog while grooming them for them to not move a lot or run away, 2 vertical rods with clamp, and 2 adjustable horizontal height from 2 to 35.40 inches. It also features a detachable design so you can detach it while not being utilized and save space. This electric grooming table is also perfect for trimming the dog’s nails or hair, dressing, and drying the dog’s fur.

Buyers like this electric dog grooming station because it is easy to clean and handle, durable, and goes all the way down which is perfect for bigger dogs. They also stated that it does its job perfectly and is a good size for large dogs.

Go Pet Club Grooming Table With Electric Motor

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  • Has static-free tabletop that is easy to maintain
  • Smooth electric lift


  • Not collapsible or detachable

Go Pet Club Electronic Motor Z-Lift Grooming Table with arm

The next grooming table with electric motors on our list is the one manufactured by the Go Pet Club Store. Offered in black color, it can be adjustable from 21.5 to 41.3 in height with its built-in electric motor. It also has a dimension of 36 by 23.6 inches and can cope with a load of up to 92 lbs which is perfect for small to large dogs. It features a Z-lift frame for smooth and quiet lifting and adjusting of the height using the pedal when you are grooming a dog and an H-base for stability and being sturdy. It also includes a clamp-on style arm on the tabletop with a leash so that you can keep the dog in place while on the table. The tabletop also features pebbled non-slip plastic and rubber composite materials to keep the dog from slipping and being hurt while on the table, especially if they are wet.

Users loved this because it has made their grooming session much easier and faster and saved them from a lot of back pain. They also added that there is no assembly needed for this grooming station, it is sturdy and is high quality at an affordable price. The other reason why consumers liked this product is that the motor of the grooming stable is quiet, saves them from lifting large dogs by hand, and can be moved around easily.

GROOMER’S BEST Electric Grooming Table

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  • Pedals are on both side of the table for lifting and adjusting the height
  • Has storage space for tools


  • No arm and leash included

GROOMER'S BEST electric dog table for grooming

GROOMER’S BEST offers this electric grooming table for dogs in customizable color. It is made up of 14-gauge powder-coated steel which makes it stable and sturdy. It has a dimension of 42 by 27 by 20 inches and can take dogs up to 95 lbs. It also featured a non-slip and textured tabletop with a paw mark for the safety of the dog when being groomed and rounded edges for the groomer’s safety. Storage space for the groomer’s tool is also included on the table so that the tools won’t be all around the place when grooming a dog. It features a smooth and effortless height adjustment by touching the pedal up and down that are located on both sides of the table for easy access. 

Buyers have liked this grooming station because it is sturdy, large enough for large dogs, and adjust height higher than any other tables. They also added that the lifting mechanism works smoothly and easily, that it comes pre-assembled, saving time and energy, and is highly recommended. Other reasons why they love this grooming station is that it is versatile, it is a great investment, has met all their expectations, it is affordable, and it works as advertised.

California Pet Supplies Accordion Electric Grooming Table

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  • Capable of handling heavy loads up to 290 lbs
  • Has wheels for portability


  • Pedals for height adjustment are on one side of the table

California Pet Supplies grooming table with electric motor accordion style)

California Pet Supplies offers this accordion electric grooming table made of stainless steel. It has an electric lifting mechanism that is capable of adjusting the height from 10 to 48 inches so that the groomer won’t strain his back and can lift dogs that weigh up to 290 lbs. It has a dimension of 50.79 by 26.77 by 11.81 inches and features a removable top for cleaning it easily so it can be kept aside when not being used. It also has and up and down pedals for easy operating the lift and adjusting the height based on the groomer’s liking.

The tabletop has also rubber for the dog’s safety and has anti-skid properties. Two telescoping arms with leashes are also welded on the tabletop so you can put the dog on a leash while grooming it. It has an accordion design for the lift and support that provides stability and less wobbling when lifting the dog to the preferred height. It also features wheels that help you transfer the grooming station from one place to another easily.

California Pet Supplies Electric Grooming Table

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  • Capable of handling dogs that weigh up to 300 lbs
  • Offers a variety of colors to choose with


  • No wheels on the base

Another product made by California Pet supplies is their electric dog grooming table that is offered in red-pink-blue, gray, black, and green color variety. It has a product dimension of 44 by 24 by 22 inches and can bear a dog that has a weight of up to 300 lbs. The tabletop is static-free, wear-resistant, and skid-resistant since it is made up of rubber and plastic materials. These tabletop features make the groomer and the dog safe and will prevent accidents when grooming.

The electric grooming station has also two removable and adjustable section suspenders made of stainless steel and has leashes to keep the dog in place when grooming. The height of the table can be adjusted smoothly by an electric motor up to 19 inches using the up and down pedals located on the base. This will prevent back strain for the groomer and easily lifting the dog on the table at a preferred working height without carrying it.

Master Equipment Electric Grooming Table

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  • Aesthetically pleasing finish
  • Pedals situated on both sides of the table for easy access


  • No wheels on the base and has only one grooming arm

 Master Equipment Electric table is used for dog grooming purposes

Last on our list is the electric grooming table by Master Equipment. It is available in two sizes which are 36 inches and 42 inches in length. It can accommodate and lift dogs that weigh up to 200 lbs and is suitable for all dog sizes. It also features a base and lifting support that is made of steel and in an ivory finish that makes it stable and durable when being used. The tabletop is made up of rubber vinyl that is 1 inch thick and prevents dogs from slippering when put on the table. It also comes with a grooming arm and a leash that is perfect to keep the dog in place and safe when they are being groomed. The lift is in Z design that can be adjusted from 19 to 39 inches, helping the groomer to work at the best height depending on the dog’s size. This lift is operated by an electric motor and can be adjusted using the up and down pedals positioned on both sides of the base for easy access. 

Consumers loved this electric grooming table because it saved them from back pain and bending over when grooming and you get what you pay for this product. They also added that it is convenient that the pedals are on both sides of the table and that they recommend this grooming station overall.

Edemco F976 Electric Grooming Table

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  • 1 Year Comprehensive Limited Warranty
  • Easily adjust the height with a push-button footswitch
  • Made with an all-steel metal and electrostatically-baked epoxy white finish


  • No place to hang tools

Edemco electric dog grooming table

Edemco showcases another superior quality electric dog grooming table with its F976. this will probably be the most affordable table that you will find in a motorized version. It is made with heavy-gauge all steel with an electrostatically-baked epoxy white finish. The table is very sturdy. It also features a 4” steel bar that prevents it from shaking or tipping out of place.

The table is fully adjustable from 19” to 39” high and it is simply adjusted using an electric push-button switch. There will be no trouble if you need to change its height from one dog to another. The tabletop is available in three sizes: 48” x 24”, 42” x 24”, or 36” x 24”. It can lift up to 250 pounds. The tabletop is made of solid wood with a non-skid black sprayed durable surface. It is the ideal size to fit limited spaces.

Though it is a durable and amazing electric dog grooming table, you would need to order in advance since all Edemco products take 16-20 weeks to ship but it’s usual for this type of products! All of their products are made to order but are in high demand; hence, the long waiting time.

PetLift MasterLift Low-Rider Electric Grooming Table

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  • Customizable tabletop design
  • Floor pedals are accessible on either side of the table
  • It has the capacity to lift 375 pounds of weight
  • “Low rider” height allows for easy access


  • Shipping time takes 2-3 weeks

French Bulldog on the PetLift MasterLift Low-Rider Electric Grooming Table

This is probably the strongest electric dog grooming table in the PetLift line. The MasterLift Low-rider Electric Grooming table can go as low as 12” in height to easily allow pets to go on and off the table. Handlers don’t need to worry about heavy lifting or bending down to put the animals in place.

The frame is made of 7-gauge heavy-duty, double powder-coated steel. On the other hand, the tabletop is made of moisture-resistant marine plywood, but the lighted option is made of plexiglass. It has steel crossbars supporting the tabletop to the frame. You also have the option to choose from several tabletop variations: fixed top, rotating top, lighted top, or an extra-long top with a rotating post. The price will vary depending on your chosen tabletop design.

The actuator does not need assembly, just plug-and-play for easy access. The motor provides smooth and quiet lifting or lowering actions. Dogs will definitely feel at ease while on top of the table. This prevents them from getting anxious during grooming time.

It also comes with a comprehensive multi-year warranty that includes 10 Years warranty on leakage and rust, 5 years warranty on the table frame, a 1-year warranty on the tabletop, 2 years warranty on hydraulic pumps and electricals, and 2 years warranty on the cages. PetLift is sure of the highest quality of their materials and workmanship under normal use that they take huge pride on their grooming table.


This article is perfect if you are just starting to open your own grooming salon or are studying and practice grooming dogs. It not only tackles the basic things such as the things you need to know when buying a dog grooming station but also gives some of the best electric grooming tables out in the market right now. 

It can be crucial and overwhelming when you want to have an electric dog grooming station but have no idea which one is the best for you. We hope that this article can help you to choose the best grooming station for you and your needs. Just always remember that you must compare based on the size, the materials used for the construction, its functionality and features, and how portable it is. You must be careful in choosing because it is your own money that you’ll spend on buying one and they aren’t cheap.

We also hope that the electric dog grooming tables listed in this article narrowed down your choices. Always check closely the features they offer, their pros and cons, and if they fit your grooming needs. Each product has different features and capabilities and I am sure that one or more will be close enough or will be the one that you are looking for in an electric dog grooming station. Just always remember that buying one not only saves your back from being in pain but also provides safety for you and the dog that you are grooming.

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