Wagz Freedom Smart Dog Collar Review

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Written by Mark Braeden

Another smart dog collar that I have included in this review is the Wagz Freedom Smart Dog Collar. This smart dog collar has been one of the trending topics in dog owners’ forums so I went ahead and tried it for my dogs.

Wagz Freedom Smart Dog Collar is a smart pet accessory that has real-time GPS tracking similar to other smart collars so you can keep track of your dog’s location.

This device comes with an accompanying app called Wagz App, which allows you to geofence your yard while also putting “off-limit” locations within and beyond the perimeters to keep your dog safe and away from things areas like a garden or pool. Instead of an electric shock, the gadget employs auditory and ultrasonic sounds and vibration to inform the dog if it breaches its boundaries.

In this post, I will be discussing its key features and some of our experiences while using this device.  If you’re thinking about getting this dog collar, this article will help you determine if you should get one for your fur babies.

Wagz Freedom Smart Dog Collar Key Features

Geofences and Tracking

With Wagz Freedom Smart Dog Collar, you can train your pup with shock-free geofence containment and use it as an invisible fence for your dog. You can create and save multiple, customizable geofences which you can map anywhere. There is no need for wires or installations to do this. You simply need to set the fences on your app and attach the collar to your dog. Once he or she crosses a no-go zone, he or she will be corrected through audible, ultrasonic & vibration corrections.

I find the GPS fence technology to be inaccurate and inconsistent. On our first trial, the device is working well within our home vicinity. However, on our second day of trial, my dog ran over the geofence I created which is supposedly our fence in the garden, and it seems that he did not receive a “correction” for crossing over the boundaries I set up. So, I would not use Wagz as a GPS collar for my dogs.

We tried it again on our third and fourth days. I instructed my dog as well to train him but I was disappointed again. The connection is lagging so it interferes with the functions of the device. I checked our internet connection but it is definitely working and our connectivity is also stable during that time.

The Bluetooth on the device is also not working well so I just gave up on using it on the fifth day. Compared to Halo 2 and SpotOn GPS fence, the tracking capabilities of Wagz are upsetting.

Activity and Health Tracking

Wagz Smart Collar also has an activity and health tracking feature to monitor your pup’s wellness. It includes monitoring of step count, sleep time, exercise time, and other health-related data.

You can also see your dog’s health & fitness updates and record their overall Fit Units and Health & Happiness Score.

The collar is made to be waterproof so you can track your dogs whether it is raining outside. It also has ambient temperature alerts which allow you to know if your pooch requires a break from the heat or cold.

Battery Life

The battery life of Wagz Smart Dog Collar varies based on activity level and network connectivity but in our experience of usage, the device didn’t even last 8 hours.

Compared to Halo 2 and SpotOn Collar, the battery life of Wagz is quite disappointing. Although there is a spare rechargeable battery which you can bring in case you plan on using the collar for the whole day which is a plus.

Wagz App

Wagz App is a free app that allows you to remotely set up the collar and monitor your dog’s activities and whereabouts. It organizes pertinent information such as notifications, alerts, and reminders. The app’s interface is user-friendly and I was able to navigate and set it up easily.

Wagz is designed to operate seamlessly with iPhone and Android devices, and it relies on 4G LTE cellular, Bluetooth, and WiFi for connectivity and accuracy. 


Wagz® Freedom Smart Dog Collar reviews on Amazon

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Wagz Freedom Smart Dog Collar is a middle-range smart dog collar. The features that it offers are promising however, I was disappointed after trying it out. The product reviews on Amazon are also not that great so better think twice before making your purchase.

I hope Wagz can address all the issues and innovate a better version of this smart dog collar. I would be willing to buy another one and try it out if that’s the case. 

Wagz® Smart Collar Final Review

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