How to Scan a Dog Microchip With Phone 

Scanning dog's microchip with iPhone
Written by Mark Braeden

If you have a dog with a microchip, it is important to know how to scan their chip. This article will cover the basics of scanning with your phone and what you should do if your pet gets lost. Read on for more information!

So… how to scan a dog microchip with your phone?

How to scan dog microchip with phone

  1. Get the chip number and registration information from your dog’s vaccination records. This has important data that you will need in case of an emergency, such as:
    • owner contact information and address
    • pet name
    • type of animal (dog)
    • breed group (i.e., terrier)
    • Also get any other relevant info like medical conditions or medications your pet is on
  2. Make sure your phone has a scanning app. There are many free apps available for both Android and Apple devices. One such app is called “Microchip Scanner”
  3. If you have a microchip implant in your dog, there’s a good chance that someone who finds your pet can scan the chip with their smartphone
  4. Contact local shelters to let them know about lost or found animals in your area. Include the chip number, breed, and color of your pet
  5. If you find a lost dog, take them to the nearest animal shelter. They will scan the microchip and contact the owner if they are listed on the chip registry
  6. If you see a stray dog, please try to capture it safely and bring it to your local animal shelter so they can scan for a microchip implant. This is often the quickest way to reunite a lost pet with their family!

What is the dog microchip for and what does it do ?

A microchip is a device the size of a grain of rice that has information stored on it about your pet. It can be inserted under the skin and helps identify lost pets who enter animal shelters or rescues, where they may end up without proper identification (ID) like tags and collars. These devices are used all over the world to help reunite lost pets with their families

Tracking Your Dog – What Other Options Do You Have?

There are many ways to track your dog, including GPS dog tracking devices and apps. You can also attach a tag with contact information on it so someone who finds them will know where to return them.

About the author

Mark Braeden

Mark is the dog breeder for 17 years. Mark also has 4 dogs: Alaskan Malamute, Clumber Spaniel, Irish Terrier and Mutt. Mark also into latest technologies and he is trying all the latest dog gadgets & technologies on the market and sharing his experience.

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