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hotdoll for dogs review
Written by Mark Braeden
hot doll for dogs


Are you getting tired of removing your dog from all the broken stuffed toys he humps onto every day? Recently, I found a great solution: it is Hotdoll for dogs that was specially designed as a toy for dog to hump. Do you hate it when he humps on your leg or all the legs of your guests for fun or “releasing”? You do know that your dog is kind of lonely, or say horny.

It seems nice to get another dog so they have company, playmate, and a possible partner. However, it is not convenient to add another responsibility with all the cleaning, exercise, physical activity, and food expenses. This is why Hotdoll for dogs can help do the trick in giving them a friend and company without disturbing you and all the stuffed toys. Let me do a quick review.

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Stands On Firm Grip

Hotdoll for dogs has a “no slide system” so its legs hold firm on the ground. This is important especially if your pet likes to play hard. They trick into making them believe of their new friend is that hotdoll for dogs will always stand firm in place.

Hotdoll for Dogs Made of Durable Materials

The dog toy is made of high grade silicon which is UV resistant. It will also not get brittle when exposed to high temperatures. You can definitely have your pet play with the hotdoll in your backyard. No need to worry about him breaking this one since it is highly durable and unlikely to get broken by scratches.

Fits Most Dogs Great

sexdoll for dogs


For a dog to like his company, the size of the hotdoll for dogs should be right and not frightening to them. The doll will make your dog believe that he actually has a companion and playmate. Hotdoll for dogs is shaped almost like a real dog. With my furry buddy, we thinks he is playing with another dog even if it is just standing on one side of the room. It is easy to trick them into thinking that they have someone who engages with them.

Hotdoll for Dogs is Easy to Clean and Maintain

Most dog toys are difficult to clean but hotdoll is so easy and fast to clean. You can use normal water and soap that is safe to use on silicon and plastic when cleaning it. Make sure to clean the hotdoll for dogs regularly so you don’t expose your pet to accumulated dirt.

More Than Just A Toy for Dog to Hump


Toy for Dog to Hump


Hotdoll for dogs is more than just a toy or friendly companion. It is actually a sex doll for dogs. Plenty of our pets experience strong sexual urges as they age and it is important that they release these urges or they might suffer from serious anxiousness or pain if left unconsidered. Dogs showing signs of sexual urges involve humping on your legs, furniture, and stuffed toys.

A sex doll for dogs seems humorous at first but you have to consider that these sexual urges are more than just a physical thing for your pet. It involves behavioral changes you should consider to avoid frustration, anxiety, and pain to your dog.

Therapeutic Benefits

Dogs who have tried this toy for dog to hump have shown therapeutic effects to their owners. The dogs appear to be calmer, less territorial, less anxious, and less aggressive to others. These signs are positive traits that indicate your dog is not stressed.

Designed by the Experts

Hotdoll is ergonomically designed by veterinarians so all male dogs will be accommodated and considered. Neutered dogs still feel and experience sexual urges as per owners’ reports and they have the need to release these urges.

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Removable Cone

The hotdoll is designed with a removable cone which makes it easier to clean and maintain. It gets less messy this way also. I know it is awful to deal with dog messes but the removable silicon cone makes the job so much easier for us.

Color Options

Hotdoll for dogs comes available in two colors: black and white. You can choose the one you like when you order. Both are easy to clean and maintain.

Overall, the hotdoll is a good product. But I would recommend that you include your vet in the decision to buy the product and make sure your pet is not suffering from other sickness that causes them to hump all the time. Probably, your dog doesn’t a toy to hump, but I’m sure that plenty of vets would agree to use this product given that your pet is healthy and well.

A lot of people find hotdoll as weird and disturbing but as a dog lover and dog owner, it did more good for my pet. It would highly recommend it to other people if they come looking for one. It’s available for $200.

If you think the Hotdoll is not acceptable for your dog, you may consider interactive dog toy. Make sure to check our list of the Best Interactive Dog Toys.

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