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Top-6 Innovative Dog Start-ups To Watch in 2018

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Written by Mark Braeden

Felcana – Intelligent Pet Care

Photo felcana.com

Founded by veterinarians, Felcana uniquely combines state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, machine learning and veterinary expertise to help predict, simplify and treat over 90% of health issues for dogs and cats. Controlled via a mobile app, Felcana’s Digital Pet Healthcare Platform integrates robust data that tracks and monitors activity and behavioural patterns, helping owners to understand what is ‘normal’ for their pet and vets to make more accurate and timely diagnoses.

Based in Somerset House in Central London, Felcana leads in digital veterinary innovation. Recognised as a top 10 European Pet Technology start-up, Felcana recently confirmed a 4-year collaboration with the Royal Veterinary College, the largest veterinary school in the world. Not only is this exciting initiative essential to improving innovative veterinary technology, which will lead to more accurate diagnoses, but it is also intended to result in an improvement in the welfare of animals in the future.

Felcana has built a highly expert team of data scientists, engineers, designers, sales and marketers from Dyson, TomTom, Bain & Company, Imperial College and leading veterinary schools. After weeks of preparation, Felcana this week announced that they have launched on leading equity platform, Seedrs, to support the continued development and rollout of the their Digital Pet Health Platform. – Emily

More information on Felcana website.

Pawprint – The Official Pet Medical Record


Photo getpawprint.com

Pawprint app will get your pet’s official medical records from any vet. You can use them as proof of vaccination with groomers, hotels, and more. It consists of 3 simple steps:

  1. Enter you and your pet’s info for the last time
  2. Fetching the records while you play fetch
  3. See a digital copy of your records and share with service providers

This is what Emily Dong, Founder at Pawprint is saying:

As a pet parent, I’m constantly being asked to show proof of vaccination and the most frustrating thing is not having access to it or finding that my copy is outdated. Pawprint is the only service that allows gives you access to your pet’s records from any veterinary hospital. We find that many pets are not up to date on their shots or preventative care – not because their owners are avoiding the vet, but rather that they are just unaware. The thing that keeps us going every day is empowering pet parents to take control of their pet’s health with access to information.

Bristly – DIY Dog Toothbrush & Chew Toy for Dental Health


On June 21, 2018, Los Angeles-based pet startup Bristly today unveiled plans to make its disruptive canine toothbrushing stick available to the general public and put it into mass production. Periodontal disease is the near-silent ailment plaguing human’s best friend. Prevalence estimates suggest as many as 84% of dogs by the age of three suffer from it. If left untreated it can cause heart and lung diseases, systemic diseases of kidneys and the liver, diabetes complications, and even cancer.

Bristly marks a change in the way we address and prevent oral health problems in our dogs. Designed with their anatomy and behaviors in mind, the brushing stick enables daily removal of plaque and bacteria without the hard-won toothbrushing battle so familiar to many dog parents.

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Doggie Cone – Dog Treat Revolution


Photo Amazon

The Doggie Cone is an amazing new product for creating and serving frozen treats to your dog, without the mess. Made from an extremely durable, food-safe polymer, Doggie Cone can be used over and over again. So instead of spending a small fortune on raw hide bones and treats each week, make your own treats that they’ll love even more.

Doggie Cone provides a unique and delicious experience, keeping your dog occupied and hydrated while curbing their urge to chew by soothing their gums.

PortionPro Rx – Innovative Pet Feeder


Photo portionprorx.com

The PortionPro Rx is the most effective automated pet feeder for controlling both portions as well as access to food. In a home with more than one pet, it’s stressful to make sure the right pet gets the right amount of the right food — especially with your busy lifestyle. The PortionPro Rx is the unique, intelligent stress-free feeding solution that uses RFID technology to prevent food-stealing between pets, while controlling meal portions. It can make life easier and less worrisome when it comes to feeding pets with different dietary needs.

It’s designed for the multi-pet home where food “stealing” is a common, frustrating problem that can also lead to pet obesity (and all the diseases associated with that). It also portion-controls and automatically delivers meals. Vets and pet owners have raved about it because it solves the problem so many people face, and makes life a lot easier for them. They are assured their pets are properly fed, the right amount, without the problems of food stealing and having to manually separate pets.

Wooldog – in love with wool


Photo Wooldogstore.com

WOOLDOG is a brand which offers hand-knitted clothes which are created of real wool. This valuable material is well-known for its characteristics: it is elastic, anti-allergic and unbelievably soft. It also was a TOP Dog Startup 2017 by Inc. Magazine.

Dogs just love wool clothes, and they show it. And it is the most important thing for us – their owners.

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