Inubox: Innovative And Most Intelligent Dog Toilet in 2019

Inubox dog toiler
Written by Mark Braeden

Dogs need to go outside at least 3 to 5 times a day according to the Humane Society of the US. Holding on for too long or frequently often leads to an increased risk in bladder, kidney and internal urinary tract infections according to the American Kennel Club. All of these along with the importance of pet sanitation especially when it comes to their waste is very, very important for both pet owners and our dogs. Proper pet waste sanitation is important because it affects our cats and dog’s health as well as the general sanitation of our home. There are a plethora of pet products out there that support dog and cat’s sanitation by teaching them how to use their litter boxes properly, to self-cleaning cat litter boxes and so on and so forth.

Inubox dog toiler

Newtons Box, a startup company based in Austin, Texas dedicated to designing and creating end-to-end products for the industrial and consumer markets recently announced that they have developed the world’s most intelligent dog toilet call Inubox.

The Newtons Box company introduced the world to the Inubox through the announcement and initiation of its new Kickstarter campaign aimed at getting enough backers to fund the full production of their newest innovation.

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The Inubox is an intelligent, fully automated indoor dog toilet which can detect if and when your dogs are using or is done using the device. Unlike any other automated toilets, the Inubox identifies, processes and cleans pet wastes independently and hygienically, and promotes toilet-training for pets by releasing a treat for each successful use.

The patented Inubox process for waste elimination and cleaning is 100 percent eco-friendly and it is designed to prevent bad odors both for solid and liquid waste. It has been dog tested and dog approved.

It is perfect indoors and dog parents can pair it the Inubox with their smartphones for easier monitoring. Perfect for pets who stay at home or dog parents who are always at work most time of the day. The Inubox is also convenient for dog owners who have difficulty in scheduling dog walks for their dogs or those that live in areas where the weather can be an issue.

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The Inubox’s main features include a sleek modern design making it look more like a new age home décor and would fit right in with any furniture and appliance, without looking like a litter box. Guest and visitors would never notice the difference between any of your home decorations and the Inubox. It has a quarter inch aluminium frame, galvanize steel parts and components, a deep Banak wood finish for its panelings, sleek hydrophonic covering and non-stick surface.

It also features more than 20 high end, and high tech sensors for weight, ultrasound and thermal sensors that analyze and detects your dog’s toilet activities so the Inubox knows when a dog is nearby, if a dog is using the system, if the dog is done and its cleaning time, and when to reset the whole system for the next user. All the sensors all help to make sure that the Inubox device does not start the cleaning process if a dog is on it.

The Newton Inubox also features hydrophonic technology, in short, its materials are liquid and solid repelant. Hydrophonic technology covers the main platform, internal mechanisms, including the cleaning and disposal components to make sure that it is hygienic and safe for our pets. It also features a non-stick surface so that self-cleaning and sanitation is easy. Just like any other automated device, Newtons Box advice that you give the system a wipe down once or twice a month, other than that the system itself will let you know if it needs anything else to operate.

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Quick setup with your phone and the system also makes the Inubox a mobile accessible, highly sanitary, automated toilet machine for pets. Through the phone app, you can also see the levels for the supplies needed, to remind you when to maintain or refill the system’s consumables. The 3.2-inch resistive touch screen makes pairing and uses very easy and versatile.

Inubox is designed for small and medium dogs, but it is heavy duty enough to resist even most biting or scratching dogs. The device is covered in a powder coating finish over a sturdy metal exterior, making it tough and resistant to scratch and bites.

The device also has a fragrance dispenser to dispel any lingering smell of dog waste that might be left in the air. The manufacturers also advice that you use the litter that comes along with the system. There is no assurance of the same quality of operations if you use other brands which have not been tested with the Inubox.sand bin inubox

Operation of the system is quick and straight forward. All solid and liquid dog wastes pass through hoses and directed towards a sand bin and then forwarded to a closed plastic bag. With the use of their mobile app, you can direct the system to remove waste and ready it for disposable, the end result is a sealed and detached bag ready for dumping. The whole operation takes more or less 8 minutes all in all. Plus the quit operations and sleek looking design do not scare the dogs, unlike other automated toilets.

Inubox is perfect for indoor potty training, dogs with elderly companions, arthritic or incontinent dogs, dogs and owners living in extreme weather conditions, unexpected emergencies, offices that are dog-friendly and owners with mobility issues that keep service dogs.

Keeps your home clean and takes care of your dog, help make sure that innovative products like the Inubox make it to mass production and out into the market.

After Newtons Box’s amazing performance during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, they are now ready to receive supporters and backers in Kickstarter. They are expecting to start shipping from November 2019.

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