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iDogmate Ball Launcher Review: A Great Little Fetch Machine for Small Spaces

Today, I’m thrilled to dive into the pawsitively exciting world of automatic ball launchers with the iDogmate Ball Launcher. If you’re anything like me, playing fetch with your furry friend is a cherished bonding experience. But let’s face it, our arms have limitations, and sometimes our energetic pups just can’t get enough of that fetching fun. That’s where the iDogmate Ball Launcher comes to the rescue, promising endless hours of play…


PetSpy 1100 Premium Training Dog Collar Review

Photo Have you ever felt like a failure for not having a trained dog? Well, I know how that felt like, but everything changed when I purchased the Premium Training Dog Collar PetSpy 1100. It…


Pethree Remote Controlled Dog Training Collar Review

Photo Amazon Correcting dog behavior requires patience and understanding. Though love is really a tough thing to do but this must be done to shape your beloved pet’s behavior. Positive reinforcement is a good way to…

Petsafe dog trainer review

PetSafe Yard Remote Dog Trainer Review

Your adorable dog is turning into monster pet these days. Barking nonstop even at night, jumping over the fences, does not obey your commands, biting things and other unpleasant behaviors can become worst if left untrained. Teach your dog and…