Best LED Dog Harnesses & Vests In 2023

Best LED vests for dogs
Written by Mark Braeden

One of the worst things that could happen is losing your dog in the dark wilderness or not immediately spotting them after a chase and LED dog harness is a life saver. Zesty as they are, dogs often wander off to various directions. Good thing is, there comes the trend of the lighted vest (harness) for dogs which increases the visibility of your pooches and keeps them safe at night or in dimmed areas. If you are not a fan of collars which is fastened tightly and directly pressures a dog’s neck, a harness will be more comfortable as the pressure is distributed on the entire body like the chest and back. Along with a leash, this aids in controlling your dog properly if it gets hyped after seeing another dog for instance. Moreover, a lighted dog jacket also signals an approaching vehicle of your fur baby’s presence. This is way better than just the usual reflective vest that only work when a car’s headlights, for example, shines on it. A LED dog harness powers up without the need for external source of light and only requires batteries that can be recharged. Want to know more? Read on to find out about the best dog vests and harnesses.

LED Dog Harnesses Quick Comparison

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Best LED Dog Harnesses For Dogs In 2023

1. Noxgear LightHound

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Noxgear LightHound LED dog harness is a #1 choice and ideal for dog owners who like an attention-getting vest for their dogs. For optimal visibility, the LightHound dog vest offers six multi-color flashing settings. It has built-in LED fiber optic flashing patterns that were designed with visual science in mind to provide excellent visibility from nightfall to dawn.

To give your dog the proper glow, the lights typically cycle between red, yellow, magenta, blue, purple, pink, green, or cyan hues. Even when the power runs out, LightHound employs the patented technology to keep your buddy ultra-bright and ultra-visible. This critical safety technology is exclusive to LightHound.

Dog with glowing LED dog harness from Noxgear

LightHound’s harness is also durable and sturdy as it is made of a single piece of CORDURA® nylon fabric, which is extraordinarily robust, lightest, breathable, and easy to clean, allowing your dog to wear it while roughhousing and getting muddy.

With high-strength stitching and reinforced stitching patterns, the LightHound vest is built to last. The LightHound’s leash ring webbing is linked to the Cordura cloth throughout the harness, making it comfortable for even the most powerful pullers.

This LED dog harness fits your canine friend from small to extra large sizes. The LightHound dog vest is ideal to use for night walks and low lighting pathways. We highly recommend getting it from the official website for a better price and warranty.


2. Domi LED Dog Harness

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Most dogs are usually at the peak of excitement especially if going outdoors for a walk, run, or hike. Whatever your adventure will be, it is essential to preserve your furry best friend’s safety but at the same time without hurting or choking it.
Dog with pink LED harness from Domi

With Domi LED dog harness’ no pull design, the pressure that emanates from every tug with your dog will be evenly allocated throughout your pooch’s body. This way, your dog will feel loosened up specifically in its chest girth and neck and thereby enjoy its activities. Having a battery life of up to 8 hours, this lighted dog vest can be seen for until 100 yards even during the darkest night. Lights can go ‘steady glowing’ or fast-flashing. Indeed, this harness can be depicted with the millennials’ famous expression, “This is totally lit!”

3. Illumiseen LED Dog Harness

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Perfect for all dog sizes ranging from XS to XL, Illumiseen light up dog safety vest is suitable whether for a rise-and-shine walk in the morning or a brisk evening walk.
Illumiseen dog safety vest with reflective strips and LED lights

It comes with the fluorescent and vibrant colour orange and stands out with 3 light modes referred to as ‘static’, ‘slow flashing’ and ‘rapid flashing’. Outdoor excursions are made more fun as this vest can be matched with Illumiseen’s LED collar and leash. What further sets Illumiseen’s product apart is that it is so durable that even intense weather conditions cannot defy it and there is no need to dispose of the battery as it is rechargeable from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

4. BSeen LED Dog Harness

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Just like how humans love donning clothes that are made of the softest cotton, dogs would also enjoy wearing a comfortable vest that simultaneously does not restrict its movements.

Dog is walking at night with blue light on Bseen LED harness
This is made possible by Bseen as it takes pride on the soft mesh of its LED dog harness. But do not be fooled by its squishy material because still maintains high durability and flexibility. Just like the previously-mentioned vests, Bseen also either offers a steady glow or a ‘blinking’ mode. A huge plus is its quick-to-release buckle. Truly, Bseen lives up to its name as your dog can be literally seen for long distances and pitch-black alleys.

5. Winsee Illuminated Dog Vest

Table could not be displayed. Technology has touched so many lives, including our dogs. As evident in Winsee dog vest, everything can just be controlled with a small and single button. Whether to toggle among 8 light colors such as chartreuse, cyan, purple, red, green, blue, violet and yellow or to initiate flashes and control their speed, Winsee dog LED vest is a must-have for dedicated dog owners like you who wants to maintain a furry companion’s visibility from all sides. What makes it more splendid is that it comes with a matching dog collar along with 2 D-rings and 4 quick-snap buckles for hassle-free adjustability. Additionally, it was crafted intricately with 3M reflective bias and military-grade fabric. For only 2-3 hours, this dog vest becomes fully charged and can last for more than 15 hours. With WINsee, it is definitely a WIN-WIN situation!

6. Blazin’ Led Dog Harness

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If you are a dog owner who has an average vision or even a poor eyesight, Blazin’ lighted dog jacket might be a proper match for you and your dog. How so? Purportedly, it is the brightest available dog vest emitting LED visibility for up to 300 yards.
Blazin’ Led Dog Harness with green color
Hence, even at a very far distance, you can still monitor your pooch clearly and thereby avoid traffic dangers as well. Fully equipped with Velcro straps, it features 4 independent light strips, 6 distinct blinking modes and 8 solid colors. Blazin’ dog harness is quite affordable too, as compared to other brands. Blazin’ might sound like the usual description of fire. However, unlike the fire that simply dies with water, this dog vest brand withstands rain exposure.

7. MelonTail Light Up Dog Harness

Table could not be displayed. If you are a dog parent who also wants a fashionable fur baby, the MelonTail light-up dog harness is one way to go. Armed with a bungee leash that looks like a stunning accessory along with wonderfully designed straps, MelonTail can make your dog seem stylish but at the same time safe and practically comfortable.
Husky wearing MelonTaiL Light Up Dog harness
If you and your pooch are having your walk under the scorching sun, there is nothing to worry about because the breathable material allows your dog to feel fresh and not absorb the heat. At night, its LED lights are to-the-rescue by making your furry companion thoroughly visible. If you are not yet convinced, know that MelonTail ensures its customers 100% satisfaction with this product and in fact offering a full refund in case of disapproval. What more can one ask for?

8. Olook LED Dog Harness

  • 7-in-1 (7 colors in 1 vest)
  • Removable and washable vest
  • Battery lasting reaching up to 30-50 hours

When someone says “Bring the safety gear”, the usual picture that forms in the mind are lots of equipment or gadgets that are burdensome to bring particularly if you are going on a trip. But with pooches, a ‘safety gear’ can pertain to only one thing and that is an Olook lighted vest (harness) for dogs. At first glance, it may be perceived as a mere vest to wear yet it astonishingly comes with 3 light modes (‘slow flash’, ‘long bright’, and ‘quick flash’), 4 LED fiber optics covers, and 6 illuminating colors namely orange , pink, blue, green, red, purple, and 1 cycle color. With 3 sizes to choose from, Olook harness is so breathable that it does not matter even if your dog is panting or perspiring too much. Such sweaty odor can be effortlessly removed by a speedy rinse.


A hiking trip, an outdoor walk, a daily jog, or a hunting spree—no matter what kind of exploration you and your dog are into, you can always get ready in a jiffy and warrant your pets’ safety with a LED dog vest (harness). As prevalently said, “Dogs are man’s best friends” and to protect them from harm and literally be a ‘companion for life’, dog owners should try their absolute best to keep their dogs within the parameters of their sight. With a dog parent’s unconditional love and LED harness, a dog’s life has never been brighter!

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