Dog Treadmills FAQ: Everything You Need To Know Before Purchasing

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Written by Mark Braeden

It is known that running outside engages your dog’s mind and senses that indoor exercise cannot give. Mental stimulation and environmental engagement are just as important as getting exercise. But let’s face it- there will always be certain times and situations that make it impossible to get outside. This is when an indoor dog treadmills enter the scene. 

Can dogs walk on treadmills?

Before we get in-depth about dog treadmills, let us first eliminate the myth that dogs can’t walk on treadmills because it will just instil fear and phobia. In reality, dogs enjoy treadmills as much as their humans. 

Our canine friends can be trained to use a treadmill. However, your dog’s enjoyment largely depends on the training and experience he gets in it. For instance, if you are simply pushing him every day to finish training, then he probably won’t enjoy his training. However, if your dog gets rewarded every time he is done with training, the outcome is much different.

How to get a scared dog on a treadmill?

Training your dog to use a treadmill will require a lot of patience and perseverance. Always be careful not to push him too hard when getting started as he might immediately develop a fear of the treadmill. Be careful because if your beloved pooch immediately installs fear and develops a dislike to the treadmill, then he may never get comfortable enough and enjoy using it. 

To help a scared dog to walk on a treadmill, start training by getting him to get used to the treadmill by standing on it while turned off. Always remember to incorporate positive things to the treadmill so he will not develop more fear in using it. Every time your dog accomplishes something, reward his good performance by giving his/her favourite treats.

Some dogs will immediately get right up on the belt. Others will be extremely resistant. If your dog is reluctant about hopping aboard, step on and off the machine with him first. Repeat this practice, give him treats and praise each time he gets off until he gets interested and comfortable enough in getting on and off the treadmill himself. 

Getting your dog comfortable enough with the treadmill may take a while but it’s the most important step. You wouldn’t want your beloved pooch to incorporate a negative experience to the treadmill! Once your dog gets comfortable, turn the treadmill on and bring him close. Let him observe the moving treadmill before putting him on it.

After getting your dog to run on the treadmill, finally put him on his leash. Remember to start at a very slow pace with no incline, and do not forget the praises and treats! While holding your dog’s leash, stand next to him as if you’re walking in the park. You can stand in front of the treadmill while holding the leash and encourage your dog to walk towards you.

Initially walk on the treadmill with your dog until he gets comfortable and accustomed to using the treadmill. Always make sure to keep your dog leashed or harnessed while running on the treadmill to ensure that he stays centered on the moving belt. 

How long should a dog run on a treadmill?

For first-timers, begin treadmill training slowly with a duration of 30-seconds to 1-minute. This will get your dog accustomed to the treadmill and not think of it as equipment for punishment. When he gets comfortable enough, free to upgrade the training to five to ten minutes session until he can do 20 or 30 minutes of training per day. Treadmill training will certainly not be easy, but it’s worth it in the end! 

Are treadmills good for dogs?

There a lot of benefits that treadmill training provides for our furry friends. We don’t always have the time and effort every day to take our dogs for a run and get sufficient exercise. However, if this happens too often, it may cause behavioural problems, obesity, serious diseases, and lack of mental simulation.

These are the reasons why dog treadmills are built- to provide a piece of equipment for indoor exercise and mental simulation. Treadmills are extremely during really cold winter days and hot summer days. It is also a good fit for canines who need to burn a lot of energy or for highly active dogs. 

If a mature dog isn’t provided opportunities to express their physical need to exercise, it can result to soft tissue and joint injuries. That’s where treadmill training should be considered by the owner. Treadmills can also be a handy tool for preparation for shows and competitions. Lastly, it can correct behavioral problems caused by boredom to divert your dog’s attention.

How long to put a dog on a treadmill?

Your dog may use the treadmill for 5 to 20 minutes on a daily session as a regular exercise, taking interval breaks. The sessions given to your canine should depend on his endurance level. Senior and older dogs may only run on a treadmill for 2 to 5 minutes and may need rest periods. You will also want to consult your veterinarian about what length of time is appropriate for your dog to run on a treadmill.

Are dog treadmills illegal?

There are a lot of false myths going around with the use of dog treadmills, and one of these is that dog treadmills are considered illegal. But don’t worry because dog treadmills are legal and free to use, as long as it is used for the purpose of responsibly exercising your dog. The myths went around due to illegal dog activities that use treadmills for training poor canines. Still, do not forget to consult your veterinarian first to know if your dog is a fit for treadmill training!

Can a dog use a human treadmill?

It’s a common question why can’t owners just use the same treadmill they use to exercise at home for their dogs. In fact, you actually can but there’s a huge difference between a dog treadmill and a human treadmill. The treadmills differ in size, shape, controls, speed, noise, and track for safety reasons. 

While some dog owners use their standard treadmills to exercise their dogs, we don’t advise doing it for many reasons. Dog treadmills are specifically designed for our furry friends, so their safety and comfort will always be ensured. Besides, a dog treadmill would be a good investment for your furry friend! Just think about the benefits it will give to you and your dog.

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