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Kurgo Camera Mount Dog Harness: GoPro For Dogs? Real Review.

dog harness with camera mount kurgo
Written by Mark Braeden

Have you ever wanted to see your dog’s daily life from his point-of-view? Recording your pup’s adventures or life at home may have crossed your mind. Especially today, videos of dogs mounted with action cameras are circulating the internet. With a proper action camera and camera mount for dog, it is possible for you to follow the current trend. Kurgo Camera Mount Dog Harness will satisfy your needs.

Let’s say that you already have the perfect action camera. However, you may be confused about choosing the ideal camera mount for your dog. With the great variety of camera mounts available in the marketplace, I settled on the Kurgo Action Camera Dog Harness. The product contains all the features that I was looking for, and I’m so excited to share my experience so far!

Kurgo Camera Mount Dog Harness Pros

  1. Prioritizes your Dog’s Comfort

When buying high-end products for my dog, I tend to search for the product that focuses on my pup’s comfort. My dog’s comfort has always been vital for me. I wouldn’t want to see my dog showing signs of uneasiness and pain because of the product I bought for him. Good thing, the Kurgo Action Camera Dog Harness has excellent features that prioritize my dog’s comfort.

This action camera dog harness creates a perfect fit for my 2-year-old husky. It presents five adjustment points that allow me to create the perfect fit for my dog. Plus, the plates have padding underneath to ensure comfort. My husky wears it without issue, and there is no rubbing, chafing, and sores.

  1. Easy To Put In

I didn’t encounter any trouble in putting the Kurgo harness on my dog. It is not difficult, especially if you’ve worked with different harnesses before. First-time users may encounter inconvenience, especially that the clips that secure the harness are around your dog’s belly. It is not too much trouble, and your dog will eventually adjust to it.

  1. Offers GREAT Stability

Some clients complain that the video footage is very shaky. But what do you expect? If you are going to mount a camera to your dog who will walk and run a lot, it’s going to be shaky. This comes with all dog harnesses. It’s an accurate representation that my dog is playful and loves to explore.

If you’re looking for a steadier harness, I suggest that you should utilize the front mount. I have a habit of reading feedbacks before buying a product. Clients have testified that the front mount is steadier than the back mount. I prefer to utilize the back mount because I enjoy watching my husky’s adorable ears while he is playing.

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  1. Secures Camera

Kurgo Camera Mount Dog Harness gopro

A low-quality dog harness will give you a headache by not securing the camera. I have mounted my camera on my dog using the Kurgo harness and utilized it for outdoor activities. My camera did not slip off my dog’s back or chest at all. Some people are misled when they assume that the camera is directly mounted to the harness.

A lot of clients complained that the dog harness doesn’t work on a GoPro. I am a GoPro user myself, and it works perfectly fine. Make sure you know how to use the product for the best experience. The Kurgo dog harness has two large metal plates where you first need to attach your camera. I discovered that the flat plate went on with the breastplate, and the curved plate went on with the back plate.

  1. Excellent Video Results

I had lots of fun with the Kurgo camera mount dog Harness. I was a little worried at first because I thought that my dog’s head would completely obstruct the view. That wasn’t the case at all, as I was able to see what my dog was up to properly. When mounted at the back, your dog’s head is included in the video. It wasn’t a distraction at all, as it allows me to see my dog’s perspective!

  1. Fits ALL Dog Sizes

Ill-fitting dog harnesses come with a lot of dangers for your dog. If harnesses are not properly fitted to a dog, it can cause discomfort if it is too tight or cause rubbing if it is too loose. In worse cases, there is a potential for a chest injury. Thus, your pooch can slip out of it during a walk.

One of the best things about the Kurgo harness is it is available for dogs of all sizes. You can avail it in small, medium, large, and x-large. This way, ill-fitting harnesses won’t be a worry at all. Make sure to choose the appropriate one for your dog so you wouldn’t encounter any problems at all.I bought the medium for my husky, and it fits perfectly fine.

Here are the following sizes:

  • Small – fits small pups weighing 10-25 pounds
  • Medium – suitable for dogs that weigh 25-50 pounds
  • Large – ideal for dogs weighing 50-80 pounds
  • X-Large – can fit a dog that weighs 80-110 pounds

For more information regarding the size, you can check out the size chart. Unfortunately, the x-large harness is currently not available on Amazon. Don’t be troubled because many trusted online platforms are also selling the product!

  1. Incredibly Lightweight

The most common problem among most dog harness is the weight, which can be too heavy. Add up the weight of the action camera; this will make your dog extremely tired. Fortunately, the Kurgo action camera dog harness gave me a peace of mind! The harness is incredibly lightweight, and I am assured that my dog is completely safe with it.

Every available size of the Kurgo dog harness is designed to make your beloved pooch comfortable together with the weight of the camera. Here are the following weights for each size of harness:

  • Small – 7.04 oz (specifically for small dogs)
  • Medium – 7.6 oz
  • Large – 10.4 oz
  • X-Large – 13 oz
  1. A High-Quality Harness

Kurgo camera mount dog harness has a wonderful construction that looks very durable and sturdy. The construction of the harness is similar to any Kurgo harness- the quality is excellent. Even at the first look, you could instantly see that it is very well-built. The plates are made from aluminum, not from cheap plastic as I have seen from other harnesses.

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Using The Kurgo Action Camera Dog Harness: Tips and Tricks

Kurgo Camera Mount Dog Harness

Ensuring the proper fit for your dog is the perfect way to achieve the best experience with a dog harness. If it’s your first time to use a dog harness, be at ease because I’ve got you covered! As a dog parent, I understand the worry of every dog owner when trying out a product for their beloved pooch for the first time.

Because whether you are considering to utilize any dog harness for the first time, or had already used one before, there are plenty of things to take into consideration. Keep in mind that the risk and benefits of utilizing a dog harness depend on your proper care. Here are the tips and tricks, as stated in www.petmd.com , to ensure a positive experience when wearing the Kurgo camera mount dog harness.

  • Do not let your dog wear the harness for a long time or more than 12 hours.
  • Do not let your pup sleep with the harness on. Sleeping in the harness is risky, it could get caught on something and become a choking hazard.
  • You should not leave a wet harness on your pooch for a long period of time. It will cause skin infections.
  • Always check for skin rashes and infections. Do not forget to monitor hidden areas, including armpits and under the chest area.
  • To ensure that the harness is not ill-fitted, which is the most vital part, put two fingers between the harness and your dog. If you were able to fit two fingers snugly, then the harness perfectly fits your dog. If not, do not let your dog wear the harness because it could cause significant implications. Changing the harness would save you more from few visits to the vet. Unfortunately, I’m not sure if Kurgo replaces harnesses bought in the wrong size.
  • Dog harnesses are often tricky to put on, especially for first-time users. You can ease the process by rewarding your dog for displaying a calm behavior. If the trick will become your habit, putting the harness will start to be easy for the both of you.

Kurgo Action Camera Dog Harness: Cons

The tips stated above concerns your dog’s health while using the Kurgo dog harness. From this point, I will cover the tips and tricks of using the Kurgo dog harness itself. The tips can be used for the overall performance of the product.

The following are the common complaints by clients of Kurgo action camera dog harness, followed by the ways to solve it. We studied all negative reviews on Amazon and came up with alternatives and solutions. So if you encountered the same difficulties, just in case, you would know how to fix it.

  • When using the harness, do not leave standard dog tags on. You will hear the sound of the clanking tags from the chest plate mount, which is hugely bothering.
  • Even if you’re sure of your dog’s size, their neck size might be too broad or skinny for their size. If you’re still having difficulties with the fit of the harness, you should modify the front straps to get it sufficiently tight. These straps are the ones that go around your dog’s neck.
  • The top edge of the Aluminum plates on the neck is sharp enough. The harness can be attached on a leash, just like a regular harness. So if we are pulling on a leash, I would be concerned about doing damage to our dog’s throats. As much as possible, do not use the harness with a leash. You could also put some padding across the top of the chest plate to protect your dog’s neck.
  • The harness is easy to attach to a GoPro, but it does not come with mounts in place. You should be aware that the individual camera adhesive attachments are not included in the package. You need to use adhesive mounts on the front and back plates.
  • Putting the Kurgo action camera harness may be tough for some dogs. The clips that secure the harness are on the back strap around your dog’s belly. This means that you have to put your dog’s head through the circle of the nylon to put it on. It could be trouble for some dogs, especially for those who have large heads. You will have to resize the harness every time you put it on or take it off. Not a deal-breaker, but an inconvenience. Do not worry, Kurgo will work on the design flaw!
  • If utilized on a hairy dog, you can see a lot of hair when mounted on both chest and back area. If used on a pooch that has upright ears, his/her ears will be visible. It’s not a problem at all! Wouldn’t you love to see your pup’s adorable ears? The video outputs will really look like your dog’s point of view!

Final Summary

Kurgo camera mount dog harness is perfect for a dog parent that aims to watch his/her pup’s view of the world. We are incredibly pleased with this product, and I haven’t encountered trouble. Plus, my dog looks good on it! Remember: to get the best experience, choose the most appropriate size for your dog and follow the instructions carefully. Over-all this is an excellent product!

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