9 Best Dog Cameras With Treat Dispensing Feature

Written by Mark Braeden

Dog parents would always think of dozens of ways to monitor their beloved furballs all the time. Personally, there’s nothing I love more than watching my dogs play around the house. Given their prominent roles in our lives, leaving our furry friends at home for any length of time can be hard. Treat dispensing camera for dogs would sound unbelievable about 10 years ago. Not in 2020!

Fortunately, there is an increasing number of dog cameras that are now available to help monitor your pooches possible. There’s no better time than now to get an interactive dog camera since there’s a lot of good options on the market. However, choosing the best one for your furry friend might be a daunting task. To help, I looked for the internet’s favourite dog treat dispensing machines, broke them down based on their features, and tried them myself.

Best Remote Dog Treat Dispensers With Camera This Year

Best Treat Dispensing Cameras for Dogs

What is a dog treat camera and how to use them?

Camera with the treat-tossing feature is one of the top dog gadgets of 2020. This is the camera when you can watch your dog 24/7 via the app with built-in treat dispenser so you can interact with your pup. Before getting into the reviews of specific gadgets, it’s important to know first the use of a treat-dispensing machine. There are two types of cameras:

  • dog cameras
  • typical security cameras.

Both allow you to watch over your dogs while you’re away from home. However, that’s the only thing that security cameras do. They don’t do anything to improve your relationship with your dog or interact with them while you’re away.

On the other hand, pet cameras allow you to monitor your dogs and interact with them remotely with a treat dispenser. Remote dog treat dispensers have features that are specifically designed for dog parenting. These cameras have the ability to dispense treats and/or allow pet owners to interact with their dogs through voice or video chat.

What are the benefits of a petcam that gives treats?

Owning a dog treat cam lets you have greater peace of mind while you’re away from your furry friend. Being able to check and see how your dog is doing can relieve stress on your part while it can relieve anxiety on their part as well. Since you have access to your home, you always have an idea of what your dog has been up to during the day.

Additionally, you can train your dog not to bark at the mailman, chew on the stuffed toys, eat the trash, and more with the treat dispensing camera. Correct your dog’s habits without being present by sharing a treat or through voice command. The benefits of a petcam that gives treats will not only let dog owners monitor their beloved furballs but also improve their relationship with them.

Now that you have enough information about different dog cameras, you’re now ready to choose the best treat dispensing camera for your beloved pooch!

Best Dog Cameras With Treat Dispenser Reviews

Furbo Dog Camera That Gives Treats

furbo camera review

Picture by Furbo Camera


First, in our list is the Furbo Dog Camera will surprise you with what it can do. The huge variety of features offered by this remote dog camera and treat dispenser is the reason why it is in our list of the best treat dispensing cameras for dogs.

Furbo Main Features

  • Treat-dispensing feature developed specifically for dogs
  • Night vision mode
  • Alert you when it detects movement via Furbo app
  • It detects when your dog is facing the camera
  • Great reviews: check on Amazon

Equipped with an impressive 1080p HD resolution with night vision mode, two-way microphone for two-way communication, treat-tossing feature, the Furbo Dog Camera makes an excellent dog gadget.

The Furbo is one of the only treat-dispensing cameras developed specifically for dogs. Having tested multiple security cams, the Furbo is one of the high-quality designed units I’ve seen. Its height provides adequate room in storing my dogs’ favourite treats and tall enough to have a good view of my dogs.

This high-tech dog monitor that gives treats has real-time smart alerts that send push notifications to your mobile phone when it detects movements, people, and dog selfies. First, Furbo will alert you when it detects movement from your dog like jumping or chewing on furniture. In addition, Furbo will also help you to identify separation anxiety through patterns of constant pacing and licking feet.

Second, Furbo will let you know when a person comes into view. Any person will be detected whether it’s an intruder, a dog walker, or your partner. Lastly, Furbo detects when your dog is facing the camera to let you know that he misses you. It is one of my favourite features as I can also take photos of cute selfies of my pups!

The 1080p HD has a built-in 4x zoom feature to get a close-up view of your dogs and know what they are up to. The wide-angle lens of the camera also provides a pretty good view of the room, just make sure that you placed the device in a good view. There’s also a night-vision mode, which works equally well.

Generally, the Furbo makes great video quality and treat dispensing into an attractive, high-tech dog gadget.

Read our full review on Furbo Camera here.

Check more information on Amazon.

Petcube Treat Dispenser Dog Camera

petcube-dog camera dispensing treat

For all the best features dog cameras have to offer, the Petcube Bites pet treat launcher camera was an easy top choice. It is a high-definition camera provides both live and recorded video, as well as two-way audio and a treat dispenser. However, it doesn’t come cheap.

Petcube Main Features

  • Treat dispenser has automatic treating feature
  • 138° wide-angle view
  • Night vision
  • Good review on Amazon: check reviews and price

The Petcube Bites was created by a dog owner himself that was looking for a solution for his dog’s anxiety. As a result, he and his team developed a product that helps dog owners improve their relationship with their dogs with the use of technology. Later on, the prototype Petcube was born.

Serving the pet industry since 2013, the Petcube Bites allows you to stay connected to your dog wherever you are. This treat throwing dog camera records 1080 pixel HD videos with its 138-degree wide-angle camera. If your pooch is up to something, it allows you to see up close with 3x zoom. Additionally, this pet video camera that dispenses treats has a night vision feature that allows you to clearly see your pooch at night.

You can view a live feed video through the Petcube app, the last four hours are always stored, with no subscription required. The automatic video recordings of your dog’s activity are triggered by sound and motion. You can also opt for a PetCube subscription that lets you record footage 24/7. Additionally, you will get smart alerts for barking, meowing, pets, and people!

What I love about the Petcube Bites dog camera is that it doesn’t just dispense treats, it flings them! This feature allows me to play with my dogs while I’m away! I can either fling treats at varying distances or schedule automatic treat throwing!

petcube camera phone app

This dog camera treat giver can hold up to 100 small, round, and dry treats so you never run out of them! You can even give family members access to the dog cam so they can play with your dog too. All family members can chat with your dogs with Petcube’s clear two-way audio!

Finally, the Petcube Bites boasts an easy set-up process. Simply assemble the dog camera, fill it in with treats, connect to your mobile phone, and then you’re now ready to go! This treat-dispensing machine with videocam is a game-changer for both of you and your dog if your budget is flexible.

Check more information on Amazon.

DOGNESS Treat Dispenser with Camera

Dogness Dog-Treat Dispenser with Camera

Ease your dog’s anxiety and let him know that you’re there with the DOGNESS. This moderately priced has everything you need- from a fun treat tossing to two-way audio!

DOGNESS Main Features

  • Full HD camera with night vision
  • It shows when the treat dispenser is empty
  • Good price on Amazon: check the price

This dog camera that gives treats is so much fun to do more than just peeking in on a live video feed. After learning what the Dogness treat-dispensing camera can do, my dogs learned to rush over to the device whenever they hear my voice!

The two-way audio feature makes it feel like I’m spending time with my dogs, even when I’m far from home. I have a little pup that is very vocal and social. She always barks in response whenever I talk through the microphone.

Good thing that the Dogness has a night vision feature, I can open the app and see what my dogs are doing regardless of what time it is. Sometimes, lighting is a challenge with some webcams and security cameras. But the night vision of Dogness is sharp and clear enough that lets me spot my dogs, even if its dark.

Additionally, the Dogness pet treat launcher camera records in 720p HD resolution. Even if your house is in a low-light timeframe, you can still see clearly to pick up movement. It also has a wide-angle view that allows you to have a full view of your room!

Another great feature of the Dogness pet treat dispenser is the ability to record a voice message and play it at the scheduled time. I use the feature to automatically call them to eat whenever I’m away or busy at the moment. Moreover, there is the ability to control the portion size of treats to prevent my dogs from eating too much.

loading treat to Dogness Smart Cam Treater

The capacity of DOGNESS is 6.5 pounds of dry dog treats. A flashing red light will be administered when there is no treat left to always make sure that it never runs out of treats.

The Dogness Dog Treat Dispenser has a very simple set-up process. You don’t even need to assemble the device! Simply plug into a power outlet using its USB cord, download the app on your phone, then finally connect to your home Wi-Fi.

Lastly, this camera that dispenses dog treats is made of materials that are very safe for dog use. One of the materials used is a natural bamboo that is used as a cover. Overall, the Dogness Pet Treat Dispenser is a great product for all dog owners.

Check more information on Amazon.

SKYMEE SM-02 Dog Treat Camera Dispenser

SKYMEE SM-02 Dog Camera Treat Dispenser

Next up on our best treat dispensing cameras for dogs is the SKYMEE SM-02. This dog videocamera with treats may cost a little more than the ordinary, but has all the features that you need in a dog monitor that gives treats!

SKYMEE SM-02 Main Features

  • The camera is able to toss treats with size 0.6cm-1.1cm
  • Night vision
  • Two-way audio
  • Good price and review on Amazon: check on Amazon

The Skymee remote dog treat dispenser with the camera doesn’t just toss treats- it flicks them! This fun animation lets you stimulate your pup who is at home alone that can easily become bored and destructive. Simply flick your dog’s favourite treats and play with it. Let your beloved pooch chase the treats to stay active and excited.

This treat-dispensing camera can hold up to 100 small and round treats so you never run out of them! However, you can only put dry treats in the device since it cannot be assured the device will work with wet treats.

The Skymee comes with a two-way audio system so you can talk to your dog anywhere and anytime. The microphone will also pick up any noises, such as barking, crying, and whining. You will be able to reassure your dog, soothe anxiety his anxiety, and prevent mischievous behaviour using your voice.

It’s also worth noting that this remote dog camera and treat dispenser has a motion detection feature. When the camera detects any anxiety behaviour from your dog, it will send you a message through its app. This way, you can immediately respond to any emergency. Even if you miss the push message, you can view what has happened in the app.

However, the Skymee dog camera doesn’t have audio detection so barking won’t be picked up by the machine. This feature would be a great help, I hope that Skymee would develop the feature in the future. To summarize, I believe that the Skymee SM-02 Dog Treat Camera Dispenser has a reasonable price that has features vital for dog cameras.

Check more information on Amazon.

Pawbo Life Dog Camera and Treat Dispenser

Pawbo Life Dog Camera

Keep your dog in good company with the Pawbo Life that is a good all-around camera for any dog. This dog treat camera does it all: supports audio, streams video, tosses treats, plays laser tag, and even control other Pawbo accessories.

Pawbo Main Features

  • 130° wide-angle lens
  • The instant social sharing feature
  • Built-in laser game + treat dispenser
  • Affordable price: check on Amazon

First and foremost, the Pawbo Life allows you to watch 720 pixel HD video from your mobile phone, zooming in as much as 4x. Pawbo allows you to record videos and take pictures as well that will be stored on your phone. There’s also an instant sharing feature that allows you to post cute dog photos on social media!

The 720p video doesn’t have a high-quality definition of some other pet camera treat feeders. However, do not worry because it has a 130-wide viewing angle. With that the wide and zoom feature, you’ll be able to see what your dog is up to in almost any part of the room.

When it comes to playtime, the Pawbo Life gives you a lot of options. The camera has a two-way talk feature to cheer up a lonely pooch and reprimand a mischievous behavior. It even plays a ringtone to get your dog’s attention!

We cannot avoid some days where we need to be away from home all the time. As a result, we, dog owners, are always worried if our dogs are getting enough exercise and mental stimulation. What makes the Pawbo Life dog camera unique is that you can chime it for a laser game. Pawbo gives you the ability to control a built-in laser from the Pawbo app. You can also put it on automatic to keep your furry friends entertained all the time.

Finally, the Pawbo Life can connect up to eight users. This way, the whole family can check in on the dogs throughout the day! This dog camera treat giver has an impressive set of features- all for a reasonable price.

Check more information on Amazon.

Petzi Treat Cam

If you’re looking for an affordable dog camera with treat tossing feature that lets you talk to your pet and give them treats, then the Petzi Treat Cam is the perfect product for you. With its cheap price, you will get the simplest yet a high-quality camera.

Petzi Treat Cam Main Features

  • Petzi treat launcher
  • 100-degree viewing angle
  • Social media instant share
  • The most affordable price: check on Amazon

petzi dog camera is giving treats

The Petzi Treat Camera supports real-time video sharing and can be used for taking pictures as well. Take as many cute photos of your pooch at the tap of a button by the app then save it or share on your favourite social media site!

The Petzi Treat Cam is also designed to be either placed on a tabletop or mounted to the wall so you can get a good view of the whole room. Additionally, the 100-degree viewing angle lets you have a good look at your furry friends. The device is made easy to mount, so installation should not be a brainer when setting up your camera.

But while you can talk to your dog through the Petzi, communication doesn’t go both ways. It has one-way audio and doesn’t have a recording option, so this pet camera is not the best for monitoring mischievous pets. It has a night vision though, so you can see your pooch in a dark environment.

Even if its a much simpler device from others, as you might guess from its name, the Petzi Treat Cam also dispenses treats. It’s important to put the right size of treats in the device, and make sure that it is dry. Or else, the treats might get stuck. Overall, the Petzi Treat Cam is a simple option for greeting your furry friends and serving up some treats.

Check more information on Amazon.

SKYMEE Dog Camera With Treat Dispenser

SKYMEE Dog Camera Treat Dispenser

If you’re looking for a moderately-priced pet camera that dispenses treats but has enough features for interacting with your pooch while away from home, then this one’s for you! The SKYMEE works in much the same way as other pet treat shooters.

SKYMEE Main Features

  • Happy Treat Dispenser
  • 1080-pixel HD video
  • LED night vision
  • Amazing Amazon Reviews: read reviews

The SKYMEE Dog Camera streams 1080-pixel HD video, which is much better than the 720-pixel that you’ll find in similar products that have the same price. It also has a 4x zoom option and infrared LED night vision. I was able to check clearly what my pups do in the dark, and zoom in to see what they’re up to!

Furthermore, this treat throwing dog camera allows me to hear what’s going on at home and send voice messages as well! The two-way microphone feature lets me train and monitor my dog at the same time.

Additionally, Skymee users will be sent sound and motion notifications on their mobile phones whenever their pups are active. Fortunately, it’s both sound and motion detection for Skymee because some similar products lack the features.

One of my favorite features of the Skymee Dog Camera is that it allows me to share photos and videos of my dogs’ adorable moments and instantly post it on social media. With Skymee, you can take photos and videos on your phone or quickly share them in different social media apps with one push of a button.

It’s simple to dispense treats with the push of a button in the Skymee app that is installed on my mobile phone. The opening for treats is relatively small so only small, round, and dry treats work very well. The device dispenses a few treats at a time, which is a great feature for me as an owner of multiple dogs.

Overall, the features of the SKYMEE dog facetime treat dispenser make it a solid option if you want a camera with a lot of features that let you interact with your furry friends while away from home.

Check more information on Amazon.


Dog cameras give you a powerful eye at home when you’re not around. When upgraded to treat dispensing dog cameras, it allows you to interact with your beloved pooch and monitor him at the same time! With the great number of dog treat cameras available, we made the list shorter so you will surely own what you’re looking for.

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