Wopet Camera Review

Treat tossing feature on Wopet dog camera
Written by Mark Braeden

Feeding our dog is nothing that requires so much effort from us, but sometimes we do not have enough time because we have work, go to the bank, buy groceries, something that takes the time from us. As I don’t like “Nime” to wait for hours until I get home or ask someone to give her food I got the WOpet TitBit which by the way was one of the best  treat dispensing camera in the market and I have to say I am not disappointed with it, is a very cool dispenser and thanks to the Wopet camera I am not nervous anymore to know if the dog is making something at home that could hurt her or something, in this article I will talk about this great product and what makes it amazing.

Wopet Camera Features

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Video and Audio Quality And Sharing

Wopet titbit camera video quality on the smartphone

The Wopet dog camera takes videos at 1080P HD, which is good enough resolution for the camera, it also lets you talk with your dog with the app as well as making videos and sharing them with your friends, the videos are saved as I said in HD and the audio is pretty well. Something very cool about this camera is the night vision, sometimes you are about to sleep and the dog starts barking or you hear sounds and you want to know what is going on with your dog, Nime never barks so I am kind of scares when she does and the night vision of the Wopet camera let me perfectly know what is going on with her, although most of the time is just the sound of other dogs what makes her bark but I like o be sure. 

Treat Tossing Feature, Compatibility And Capacity

The Wopet treat tossing camera saves your day when you can not make it home at the time, you can just open the app and give some treats to your friend, it has a capacity for two cups of treats at the time, which is enough to give something to your dog while you go home, the treats must be around one centimeter big for the Wopet treat tossing camera to work properly. In case you are at home and you just want to watch your dog catch some treats you also can do it by pushing the manual button in the front. In the beginning, I thought it was unnecessary if you can do it from the app but once I forgot where my phone was and I could not use it, but it had the button right in the front part (you can always toss the treat with your hand but it’s just not the same).

Design And Placement

The Wopet pet camera has a good design, the lid takes a bit of work to take off but that’s good for not letting Nime figure out how to get some treats out of the camera. It is also not so heavy so that is good for changing it to other places, but not so good if you want to let it on the floor because the dog could hit it and take it down, which is not a big problem but still if you want to see your dog and the Wopet fells you will not be able to. The Wopet has four suction cups around the bottom so you can use it over a little table or surface, which is great because it is very easy to use and does not let something sticky on the surface where you set it if you want to mount it to the wall it also has two holes so you can do it easily and unmount it easily as well. 

Wopet Vs. Dog Cameras

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I would dare to say the Wopet TitBit is one of the best treat cameras in the market, it is also at a lower price than others and it’s pretty good. My Dog liked it a lot and knowing that all those noises at night come from your dog is pretty cool. Sometimes there is so much noise and it seems like someone got into the house and when I see the camera is just Nime playing with her bowl or running around. So, in conclusion, I would definitely recommend it, it is a great device and I loved it. Check the current price here.

Wopet Camera Review

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