iDogmate Ball Launcher Review

If you live with a large dog, your apartment always seems crowded. Large breeds like Mastiffs can weigh over 70 lbs and hounds have crazy energy levels. What do hounds like to do more than anything else? Run! Run like you wouldn’t believe. Their energy level is amazing but also hard to manage. Activate his hunter instincts and go to the park or your backyard. For someone working crazy hours, it’s hard to provide them with all the exercise they so desperately need, so it might be a good idea to try a different approach. When you are going to get an automatic dog toy these days, one of the probably best dog toys in the market is an automatic ball launcher. If your dog loves chasing balls and if you can train him to return it on his own-he will have fun for hours on end.

How iDogmate dog ball launcher works

iDogmate Ball Launcher ReviewHere is what the iDogmate Ball launcher offers. Inside the box you will find a remote control, three balls, a charger and of course, the launcher. The launcher looks like a big cube with a wide funnel on top, designed for dogs to put the balls back easily. It looks sturdy although it’s very light for a gadget of that size. It can be plugged into a power source or run on batteries which is convenient if you are going to have fun playing with your mastiff outside. It automatically turns off to save power. With the remote control, you can just lazily press the button if you get tired and your dog still loves to play.

Now, the launcher has five distance settings- 10, 20, 40 and 50 feet and a random setting. If you decide to use it indoors go for the 10 ft. setting first. After all, you want to entertain your dog, not to wreck the house. When you plug it in, put the three felted balls in the funnel and watch the magic happen. The automatic ball launcher has the capacity to shoot up to 1000 balls when fully charged. It works smoothly, it’s quiet and your dog will love it! With the dual design, the weight is distributed both on your arms.

If you try it outside, for example in your backyard or the dog park, you will be pleasantly surprised once again. The battery holds throughout the training session and similar to interactive toys it will keep your dog busy for a couple more hours. That’s when you will discover the charm of the random setting. If your dogs are clever, they will figure out where they need to stand to catch the ball very quickly and their whole hard exercise idea is lost. Random distance makes them attentive, since they can never know where the ball will land. It will be so much fun watching them play while you actually get to finish some work. It is definitely a good investment for your lovable canine friend! Take your game of fetch at a new level! Your dog should enjoy this non-stop fun game that will sharpen his or her senses.

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iDogmate Ball Launcher Review
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