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How to Refill Citronella Bark Collar

Spray collar needs to be refilled on that dog.
Written by Mark Braeden

We know how much you love your dogs and while the natural course of things is for them to bark and jump at random things, the reality still remains that your neighbourhood might be interrupted with your dog’s constant barking. Citronella scent is known from discouraging your dogs from barking and making other unwanted behaviours. The spraying method is a simple way to distract your dogs. There are citronella scent dog bark collars out in the market that sprays a gentle amount of citronella scent for your dogs to prevent their unwanted behaviour. The collar works in a way that when your dog barks, the collar detects the bark through a microphone and will spray the citronella. However, since there is no unlimited supply of citronella scent in the collar, citronella scent refills are available in the market.

Safety First

Bark collar cans and their refills are usually aerosol types. These aerosol cans are explosive if exposed in extreme heat at around 45 degrees Celsius or higher. Hence, these cans should not be exposed to direct sunlight or be stored in extreme heat environments. Same with extreme heat, extreme cold could also explode the cans so do not store these cans in extreme cold as well.

6 Steps To Refill Citronella Bark Collar

  1. To refill the citronella scent dog bark collar, remove first the collar from your dog’s neck
  2. Make sure that it is an off position or that it is turned off
  3. On a flat surface, lie down the citronella scent dog bark collar, with the refill port turned upwards. This would help your put pressure on the refill can to put the citronella liquid on the collar.
  4. Check and make sure that the refill port is clean and free from dirt and debris to prevent leakage when doing the refill.
  5. Hold down firmly for 15 seconds and release.
  6. If you think there is still space for more citronella, press down for another 10 seconds, then release again. Just make sure that you do not overfill the device and if the spray leaks out while refilling, you might need to press harder to complete the seal.

There are also citronella scent dog bark collars that are in cartridge type. Same with the instructions in refilling cartridges using aerosol cans, make sure that the collar is turned off. The bark collar with cartridge types are easier to refill since all you have to do is find the compartment for the empty cartridge, which is usually located at the bottom part of the collar then press, slide and pull back on the tab to release the refill cartridge door. Once you have removed the said cartridge, simply replace it with a refill cartridge after removing the nozzle cover from the new cartridge and position it in the same way the empty cartridge was removed. Simply close the cartridge door and the bark dog collar is ready to be used. There would be no occasion for these cartridge types to leak while refilling the citronella scent dog bark collars, unlike with aerosol can types. The cartridges are also recyclable so talking about saving Mother Earth, right?

PetSafe Spray Refill change

Now that you have already refilled the citronella scent dog bark collar, before putting it back on your dog’s neck, it is best to test the device first. Upon turning the device on, holding the unit about 3 to 4 inches from your face, point the spray nozzle away from you and blow into the microphone to see if the refill was a success.

When putting back the collar, make sure that the neck of your dog is clean and the fit is comfortable for your pet, usually around two fingers loose. Try to reposition also the collar once in a while to ease your dog’s comfort. Also, make sure the nozzle is upright and pointing towards the dog’s snout. While the spray is not harmful, dissipates quickly and is safe for both humans and pets, citronella is a foreign substance for your dogs, this may cause skin irritation if there would be leaks in the dog collar so do not shave your dog’s hair as it may cause for further irritation from the citronella.

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