Fi Collar VS Link AKC Smart Dog Collar

Fi dog collar VS Link AKC Smart collar
Written by Mark Braeden

The highly efficient devices for dog tracking and health monitoring are Fi dog collar and Link AKC. For sophistication and fashion, Link AKC might look better. It monitors the activity level, location, and health of your dog (it has pretty low reviews all over the internet though). For outdoor adventure and satellite dog tracking, Fi collar is a must-have for vacation and travel.

Our dog’s fitness and health are the main concerns when it comes to our dog’s life, but security has to be there too. We will now compare the two highly accurate dog activity and locator gadgets that are popular in the dog parenting market. Let’s do Fi Collar VS Link AKC comparison.

What are the differences between Fi smart collar and Link AKC? Let’s find out!

Main Features

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Activity and Fitness Tracking

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Pricing and Subscription Plans

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GPS Location Tracking Features

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Smartphone App

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The Winner: Fi Collar

Link AKC is so far very efficient in recording dog activity and because of this, it can help dog owners to detect what’s wrong with the dog’s mood and health. It can measure dog activity and the locating feature is accurate, however, Fi smart collar is more durable and has more features since it is an outdoor dog collar with a larger area of pet escape detection. Link AKC is really good for fitness-conscious but when it comes to dog monitoring usage, Fi’s features are more perfect for both dogs locating and activity tracking.

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