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Puppo: Innovative Personalized Dog Food Review

Written by Mark Braeden

Every pet parent or dog owner would tell you without you asking how unique their pet dogs are.

Most serious dog owner or pet parents would even go as far as telling you unique personalities, behavior, and traits of each of their own member of their furry pet family.

I know because I am like that. I own a pack of dogs and a couple of cats. I can tell with extreme confidence how each of my pets is different and how they are also the same with each other.

In reality, all our dogs and our pets have their own unique way with which they go about with their lives, and how they live. And each dog’s unique trait, behavior, and personality extends to their diet.

I and my family have long stopped believing the myth that all dog food and kibbles are alike. Some kibbles might be loaded with protein and good for bigger dogs, while some might not address special needs or health issues that some of our dogs would need.

Owning a huge pack of four dogs, this has been a problem with me and our little furry family. But we found a convenient and easy answer. Puppo Personalized Dog Food.

What is Puppo Personalized Dog Food?

Puppo Personalized Dog Food is a personalized and tailored kibble or dog food for our dogs that is based on a nutritional plan, prepared by the expert’s base on our dog’s needs.

It is made of real protein or real meat and no fillers. Our dogs also get their own blend of fiber, vitamins, and minerals, with no room for fillers and other junks.

It is delivered to your home, using a smart auto-delivery system. This system that Puppo Personalized Dog Food uses ensures that you will not have a stockpile of unused or uneaten dog food in your home.

Puppo Personalized Dog Food also employs personalized packaging where you get to see your dog’s face, name, and other important details like the contents of his food, and why he needs that type of specific mix.

It has been a great way for me to organize my feeding time and food for my furry kids. Plus they are easy to reach at https://puppo.com.

Why do I need to use Puppo Personalized Dog Food?

You might ask, why do I need to use Puppo Personalized Dog Food? Well, it might seem like just another gimmick, but trust me, if you take your dog’s health seriously and you take their welfare responsibly, you need Puppo Personalized Dog Food in your pet grooming life.

  1. Puppo Personalized Dog Food is prepared by real experts and qualified pet nutritionists. This ensures that all our food are prepared by experts and gives me confidence that I am giving what is best for my family. Puppo also provides pet nutritionists on staff and on standby to answer any and all of our questions, which is another boost in confidence.
  2. Puppo Personalized Dog Food is made from quality wholesome natural ingredients plus vitamins and minerals with real meat or protein as the main ingredient. My dogs would not touch anything that is not protein base so this is perfect for our fur family.
  3. Puppo Personalized Dog Food takes into consideration the physical factors of your dog in formulating their food for them. This includes our dog’s age to have a balanced mix for your dog’s energy needs, our dog’s size to factor in additional nutrients like antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, and other things that would protect the heart and joints of different sizes of dogs, mouth size so we can consider how big the kibbles are for different sizes of dogs.
  4. Puppo Personalized Dog Food also takes into consideration special needs like problems with dog’s gaits, the shine, and sheen of their coats, as well as hair fall and other special nutritional and behavioral needs.
  5. Allergies and other sensitivities. Puppo Personalized Dog Food also takes into consideration allergies and other sensitivities, or just plain preference of your pups and dogs. Some dogs can be sensitive or allergic to some types of foods, while others have known allergies. Two of my dogs are allergic to soy and wheat, so I made sure to include that so Puppo dog nutritionists that prepare my dog’s food could avoid them in the ingredients, and might look for different ways to provide for substitutions for them.
  6. Weight gain! Fat shame alert… Not really, but whether we like it or not we really need to take into consideration what our dog’s healthy weight should be. We have had experiences where we need to manage a few extra pounds for our dogs and it is tough for everyone in the family. Diets need to be limited, food consumption has to be watched, owners and pet parents need to deal with the sad puppy dog whimpers and hungry eyes and not give in to the idea of giving in. Puppo Personalized Dog Food helps ensure that our pets get the right balance of nutrients and calories, taking into consideration also our pet’s activity levels so that we know that they are maintaining a healthy level of food intake and energy output.
  7. Simply put, Puppo Personalized Dog Food is tasty and delicious, as well as nutritious. Try it just once and you will see, dogs simply love it. Heck, we even found out that you can request Puppo Personalized Dog Food to factor protein flavors in the formulation like chicken, lamb, beef, salmon, turkey or duck. Even your most entitled pups can take their own pick.

Overall evaluation of the Puppo Personalized Dog Food

 To be honest, the only thing that put me off with Puppo Personalized Dog Food is the price. But that is not even that big of a deal, I am just a loss for words and I am trying to nitpick something that I could easily not like about Puppo Personalized Dog Food.

The price might be a bit higher, but we are getting personalized and expert blended dog food for our fur family. If we take that into account, a little extra buck for an added bang is not that bad.

I and my fur family are extremely happy with Puppo Personalized Dog Food.


  • Mark Braeden

    Mark is a Boston University graduate and former electrical engineer. In 2017, he decided to combine his tech knowledge with his love for dogs. He spent a year familiarizing himself with the latest GPS tracking collars, invisible fences, and other hot pet gadgets before he wrote his first product review. After selling Technobark, Mark remained a writer and consultant but spends more time on his other passion now: raising and training his growing family of dogs.

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