7 Best-Reviewed Dog Treadmills in 2019: for Small, Med and Large Dogs

Exercise plays a crucial role in extending the life of our canine companions and dog treadmills is a game changer in 2019. One of the best training you can offer your dog is a treadmill workout. If you are new to dog parenting, you may find it weird to see a dog running on a treadmill. But in fact, a dog treadmill workout is possible and comes with a lot of benefits. The importance of dog treadmill workout has increased over the years. Due to this, dog companies released their own versions of treadmills. To help you choose the best dog treadmill, we gathered all the best-reviewed treadmills of dog lovers. Look out because you might be able to find your own favourite!

Best-Reviewed Dog Treadmills in 2019

best dog treadmills 2019

Now, you already have a snippet of what treadmills are and how is it beneficial for your dog. If you already know the features to consider when buying a dog treadmill, then you might be already ready to choose one! According to dog treadmill reviews from clients, here are the best doggy treadmills!

  1. dogPACER LF 3.1 Folding Fitness Dog Treadmill
  2. GoPet PR730 Premium Dog Treadmill
  3. Small Dog PetZen DogTread Dog Treadmill, Up To 30 Pounds
  4. GoPet PR720F – Small-Medium Breed Dog Treadmill
  5. GoPet TreadWheel Dog Treadmill for Small Breeds
  6. GoPet Petrun PR700 Dog Treadmill Indoor Exercise
  7. GoPet PR725 Large Dog Breed Treadmill

Factors That You Should Consider When Buying a Dog Treadmill

One must have several factors to consider when buying an indoor dog treadmill. It is a way to prevent possible complications and even regretting buying the product!  Dog treadmills look similar to treadmills designed for humans. But as a matter of fact, a dog treadmill is completely different from a treadmill designed for us. Our furry friends move differently from us.

Just think of it… Why would there be available dog treadmills in the market if our four-legged friends can use our treadmills? Therefore, dog treadmills are specifically designed to meet the needs of our furry friends.

What’s the dog treadmills price? Dog treadmills can range from $525-$2800 depending on the features and size. Regardless of the style of the treadmill, you must look for several key features that make a dog treadmill worth the investment.

Here are the key features that I recommend that will ensure the best training with your best four-legged pal.

1. Track Length

The first factor that you have to consider is the length of the treadmill. Some manufacturers offer different sizes, there are large dog treadmills and there are small dog treadmills. However, there are also indoor treadmills for dogs that are universal in size.

The track length of a treadmill can impact the gate of your dog. If you are not sure on what size of treadmill you should buy, measure your dog in a fully extended position. Once you discovered the size of your dog, you should find a treadmill that is at least this size or bigger.

2. Incline Control

One of the most important features that you should look for in a dog treadmill is incline control. Being able to adjust the grade of the walking surface is useful for dogs that suffer from obesity, prone to hip dysplasia, those who are under physical rehabilitation or therapy.

3. Speed Control

Speed control is probably one of the main reasons why dog owners buy a motor-driven dog treadmill. Speed control enables the handler to set the speed of the treadmill in appropriate to the dog’s ability and situation.

If you’re new to the dog treadmill workout scene, then the most difficult part of it can be teaching your dog how to walk on the treadmill. Well, how will you teach your dog to walk on a treadmill? First, start with a slow speed to help get him/her to become acclimated to the treadmill. Eventually, it will result in faster speeds.

Higher speeds are also useful to hunting and competition dogs. It can be used for conditioning them in the off-season and building muscle tone.

4. Time and Distance Meter

It is very essential to see your dog’s progress. Just like us, to be able to achieve your dog’s fitness goals, measuring time and distance is significant. It allows you to see how long or how intense your dog has been running. You should never buy a treadmill that doesn’t display time and meter.

Also, we would highly recommend checking that video before checking the best dog treadmills of 2019.

1. dogPACER LF 3.1 Folding Fitness Dog Treadmill

dogPACER LF 3.1 Folding Fitness Dog Treadmill

The dogPACER Folding Fitness Dog Treadmill is one of the cheapest and most-loved  dog treadmills in the market. Earning 5/5 stars on Amazon, dogPACER offers you an impressive product at a low price.

The main reason why dog parents loved the dogPACER treadmill is that it comes with a much lower price than any other dog treadmills. But the best part is that you’ll surely be impressed with what you will get for the money!

At only $567.69, it’s now possible to own a feature-rich dog treadmill. You don’t have to worry about finding the right treadmill size because the dogPACER dog treadmill caters all dogs of all sizes.

The treadmill is made for dogs weighing from 1 to 179 lbs. As for the track length, it measures 71” x 16.5 which is long enough for any dog of any size.

Let’s face the truth- a lot could go wrong with treadmills in a year. Good thing, the dogPACER dog treadmill is backed up with a one year warranty. Furthermore, a lifetime warranty is provided for the frame. I loved how the product is a safe choice!

One major struggle for treadmills is the storage. But the dogPACER begs to differ as it is designed to fold easily, allowing you to store the treadmill anywhere in the house when not in use.

The treadmill also features three pre-programmed settings that you can choose from. These settings can be matched to your dog’s size and speed to allow for a more efficient training. Overall, the dogPACER is one of the best dog treadmills and a good choice for dog owners who want to try a dog treadmill workout.

Read our big review of DogPacer LF 3.1 or view the product on Amazon.

2. GoPet PR730 Premium Dog Treadmill

GoPet PR730 Premium Dog Treadmill

If you own a REALLY huge dog and a budget to reward him/her a treadmill, then this is for you! For dogs up to 265 pounds, the GoPet PR730 Premium Dog Treadmill is the best treadmill!

The GoPet PR730 has a track length of 98” x 25” that can accommodate dogs who are up to 59 inches in length. The treadmill’s overall size is 100” in length, 34” in width, and 20” in height.

The GoPet PR730’s primary attraction is its ability to accommodate even the largest breeds. It is built to be strong and sturdy enough for very large and active dogs that can last up to many years.

In addition to being really durable, this professionally-designed treadmill is equipped with a number of features that are incomparable to other units. The GoPet PR730 features a manual incline adjustment, one of the most important features a treadmill should have.

Furthermore, the GoPet PR730 allows the handler to have options with controlling his/her dog’s treadmill workout. Plus, the adjustments can be made manually or with the remote control included in the package. Despite the huge size, the treadmill is foldable for a convenient storage.

Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of customer reviews posted for the GoPet PR730 on Amazon. Taking in the price tag and capacity of the treadmill, it is considerinly for professional therapists and few numbers of dog owners.

Nevertheless, if you have a budget for the best treadmill for large dogs, then this is for you. I assure you, the GoPet PR730 Premium Dog Treadmill is the best investment for your large furry friend.


3. Small Dog PetZen DogTread Dog Treadmill, Up To 30 Pounds

PetZen Dog Treadmill review
Photo Amazon

If you’re looking for a uniquely-designed treadmill for your small canine companion, then you might consider the Small Dog PetZen DogTread. The manufacturer also sells various sizes so this might be your product if you want a more high-end treadmill than the dogPACER. PetZen is named as one of the best treadmills for small dogs.

Given that this treadmill is for small dogs, the track length measures 30 x 14 inches. Nevertheless, it is only 44 x20x21 inches in size and weighs 47 lbs. Therefore, the treadmill is very easy to store and saves more space.

One major advantage of the PetZen DogTread is that it is portable, making it much more compact and convenient. The treadmill is designed with transportation wheels that allows for an easier transportation and it can also be moved or stored in any location.

Moreover, the dog treadmill can easily be put up in a wall, store under the couch, or put inside the closet! Simply rest the treadmill on its nose securely then you can store it whenever you want.

The PetZen DogTread has an incline control that you can always control. You can choose it flat or an incline, making the training gets more intense! The best thing is that adjusting the incline can be done easily with no tools required.

In addition to the treadmill’s aesthetically pleasing design, it is sturdy and durable enough to lasts for years. The PetZen DogTread is easy-to-use, programmable, and is even equipped with a little treat bowl. You can not only control your dog’s treadmill workouts but make it more motivated.

Unfortunately, you can have a little trouble with the installation of the product. Clients were complaining that understanding the manual instructions were difficult because it was complex. Nevertheless, the customer service of PetZen dog treadmill is patient and kind enough to accommodate all kinds of questions. I’m still hoping that they could fix this problem! 

Read my big personal experience with PetZen here.

  • Amazon Review: 3.6/5


4. GoPet PR720F – Small-Medium Breed Dog Treadmill

PetRun PR720F Dog Treadmill

Another dog treadmill from GoPet made it to our list again! But this time, it is not for huge breeds but for your little to medium dogs. The GoPet PR720F is a treadmill that can accommodate dogs up to 132 lbs. I highly suggest this product if you think that your small pooch can still grow bigger and longer.

Just like the PR730, the GoPet PR720F is a high-end treadmill that is equipped with a lot of features. Priced at $900 on Amazon and $850 on its website, the GoPet PR720F is higher than other comparable dog treadmills. Nevertheless, GoPet’s quality and capability are incomparable!

This treadmill can be the perfect way to provide your beloved pooch an excellent addition to his/her training. The PR720F is equipped with a remote control that allows for easier control.

The PR720F features an adjustable speech program that can be controlled through the buttons in the treadmill or the remote control. The treadmill will begin with a slow saunter that gradually increases to help your dog in his/her training.

Moreover, the GoPet PR720 has an incline control that can be adjusted through the treadmill buttons or remote control. For motivation, the metal eyelet allows for your dog’s favorite toys to be attached in front of the treadmill. That’s the main reason why we included this to our list of the best dog treadmills.

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In an addition to its space-saving size, the treadmill is designed with transportation wheels that make it easier to store and move. Overall, the GoPet PR720 seems like the best dog treadmills for small to medium breeds. The only negative thing is that it is a huge investment.


5. GoPet TreadWheel Dog Treadmill for Small Breeds

GoPet TreadWheel Dog Treadmill for Small Breeds

Here’s another product from GoPet but instead of being a dog treadmill, it’s a treadwheel! If you find dog treadmill workouts weird, then you may find this weirder. Imagine a hamster running in its wheel but now, instead of a hamster, imagine your dog. Believe it or not, that’s the overall idea of this GoPet Treadwheel Toy-Small!

This is another doggie treadmill for small dogs but, it is an essentially sized up hamster wheel. The advantages of a TreadWheel over a more traditional treadmill are numerous. Nevertheless, the design could have some definite problems too.

The GoPet TreadWheel doesn’t need any power to function, which is a big advantage to us. It does not only allow us to save electricity, but it allows our dogs to exercise while we’re not at home.

Made of UV-resistant plastic, the GoPet Treadwheel can also be placed outside for extended periods of time. It features a durable cushion with a matte surface to protect your dog’s paws while using the wheel. The cushion will make your beloved pooch comfortable that will make them run longer.

Most importantly, you wouldn’t worry about your dog’s safety while using the GoPet Treadwheel. GoPet’s wheel is on an extremely stable platform that will keep the Treadwheel upright. Remember, the GoPet Treadwheel is only for dogs weighing up to 150 pounds!

The GoPet Treadwheel seems like a fun and unique idea in exercising our furry friends. It’s well-design, durable, and comes at a good price. But unfortunately, problems could occur because of the fact that some pups will refuse to use it.


6. GoPet Petrun PR700 Dog Treadmill Indoor Exercise (perfect for small puppies)

GoPet Petrun PR700 Dog Treadmill Indoor Exercise

If you’re looking for a treadmill that is exactly the size of your little pup, then this is for you. For dogs up to 44 pounds, the Go Pet Petrun PR700 is the best dog treadmill for little pups.

You will find the features of the GoPet Petrun PR700 similar to the other versions of GoPet’s treadmills. The only difference is that the PR700 is specifically designed for the way a small pup think and move. Plus, the PR700 is the cheapest of them all!

Made for small dogs, the Pr700 has the lowest running platform in all GoPet’s wide-range of treadmills. Your little pooch will find it easy to climb aboard, run, or walk without fear or nervousness.

To help in training your dog, the GoPet PR700 starts with a slow saunter that gradually increases as time passes by. For the speed control, the treadmill has push-button controls that provide a gradual increase and decrease in speed.

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The PR700 also features an incline control, where handlers could use to aid in the training of their dog. For a motivating exercise, your pup’s favorite toy can be attached to the Petrun PR700’s metal eyelet.

My favorite thing about GoPet’s wide-range of treadmills is that they are very well-made. All treadmills are professionally-designed to run smoothly and quietly, which make them a great investment!


7. GoPet PR725 – Large Dog Breed Treadmill

GoPet PR725 - Large Dog Breed Treadmill
Photo Amazon

If you think that we forgot your large canine companion, then you got it wrong. Introducing the GoPet’s best treadmill for large dogs, the PR725! With a price of $1,298 on Amazon it is equipped with features that make it worth its price.

Besides being the best treadmill for large dogs, the PR725 is also a great source of exercise for your overweight pal. It is sturdy and durable enough to accommodate dogs weighing up to 175 pounds.

Just like the other GoPet treadmills, the PR725 has speed and incline control. You can always adjust the treadmill’s speed if you want a sprinted walk or casual run. Furthermore, the control buttons can be used for incline control.

Similar to the PR730, the PR725 does not have a lot of customer reviews. There may not be a lot of clients testifying how great this product is but if you trusted other versions of GoPet treadmills, then the PR725 will not disappoint!


Best Dog Treadmills Comparison

Dog Treadmill Name


General Reviews


dogPACER LF 3.1 4.2/5 ON AMAZON

  • one of the cheapest on the market

  • designed to fold easily

GoPet PR730GoPet PR730 Premium Dog Treadmill 4.5/5 ON AMAZON

  • for dogs up to 265 pounds

  • manual incline adjustment

PetZen DogTreadPetZen Dog Treadmill review 3.6/5 ON AMAZON

  • specifically designed for small dogs

  • portable & compact

PetRun PR720FPetRun PR720F Dog Treadmill 4.1/5 ON AMAZON

  • equipped with a remote control

  • adjustable speech program

GoPet TreadWheelGoPet TreadWheel Dog Treadmill for Small Breeds 3.5/5 ON AMAZON

  • doesn’t need any power to function

  • UV-resistant plastic

GoPet Petrun PR700GoPet Petrun PR700 Dog Treadmill Indoor Exercise 3.8/5 ON AMAZON

  • specifically designed for a small pups

GoPet PR725GoPet PR725 - Large Dog Breed Treadmill 4.5/5 ON AMAZON

  • best treadmill for large dogs

  • speed and incline control

Conclusion on the Best-Reviewed Dog Treadmills

Finding the perfect dog treadmill for your beloved pooch is more difficult as it seems because you wouldn’t want to regret spending a lot of money. This is why we compiled all the favorite dog treadmills of dog parents and even professionals for you! Who’s more trustworthy than our co-dog parents?

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Author: Mark Braeden

Mark is the dog breeder for 16 years. Mark also has 4 dogs: Alaskan Malamute, Clumber Spaniel, Irish Terrier and Mutt. Mark also into latest technologies and he is trying all the latest dog gadgets on the market and sharing his experience.

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