4 Most Innovative LED Dog Leashes For Your Dog in 2019

The selection of 5 best led collars on dogs of the list of 17 in our article.
Written by Mark Braeden

LED leash for your dog is not only a cool accessory. It comes really handy at night: you can easily identify where your pup is located + other people see him/her too! A lot of people mistake a dog leash as a restraint to dogs, but it serves an important purpose between the owner and his pet regarding training and obedience. Most places require dogs (by law), or even cats, to wear dog leashes in public places.

LED dog leashes (along with LED Collars) are getting more and more popular, especially when it’s dark. It’s basically dog leash with light. A dog leash’s primary purpose is to keep our pets near us. If used properly, it will help prevent our furry friends from running away or doing dangerous things without harming them. But before using, be sure to introduce it to your pets when they are not stressed and in a familiar environment. We compiled the list of the coolest dog LED Leashes on the market RIGHT NOW!

TOP-4 LED Dog Leashes in 2019

  1. Illumiseen LED Dog Leash
  2. Noxgear LightHound – Multicolored LED Leash
  3. Industries Premium LED Reflective Dog Leash
  4. Blazin’ Safety LED Dog Leash

Illumiseen LED Dog Leash

Illumiseen LED Dog Leash

Illumiseen LED Dog Leash comes in six colors and two sizes to cover dogs of all sizes. Visibility is important to keep our pets safe at all times. This brightly-lit dog leash is user-friendly, comfortable, and fully adjustable. The light setting can be easily adjusted from steady, rapid flashing to slow flashing. The metal clip makes it easier to lock and remove the leash, but keep it secure in place also. You can choose between 4 feet or 6 feet long dog leash. I am very happy with this product because my dog is the coolest dog in the park. We even convinced one neighbour to buy it for their pet too, and we see the bright light from half a mile away from their home.

You will be using rechargeable batteries in this cool dog leash. You get 5-hour illumination per an hour charge. The materials used are light-weight, sturdy and durable to last a lifetime! This LED dog leash is best paired with their LED dog collars too. There are several reports of damaged items, but the product comes with Lifetime Guarantee so the manufacturer happily replaced them with a good working product.

Illumiseen LED Dog Leash Quick Summary

Amazon Reviews4.5 out of 5
Main FeaturesThis LED leash using rechargeable batteries and comes with a lifetime warranty

Noxgear LightHound – Multicolored LED Leash

Noxgear LightHound – Multicolored LED Leash

This is not your typical dog harness because Noxgear LightHound illuminates all colors in one vest. It comes in eight bright solid colors: Red, Yellow, Magenta, Blue, Purple, Pink, Green, and Cyan; and six multicolors flashing in different modes. This cool dog leash can be operated in different modes like Disco Dog, Rainbow, Cool Comet, Rescue, Independence Day, and Photon Burst. These are special visibility modes that are scientifically studied to make your dog easily seen and as a warning to motorists too.

I love that the battery of Noxgear LightHound recharges quickly and lasts up to 12 hours illuminated per charge. Based on the Amazon reviews it is one of the best LED dog leashes available on the market. The dog harness is designed to be lightweight so it can be worn comfortably all year round. The manufacturer used military grade Cordura fabric and 3M reflective bias to make it highly durable and can withstand wear and tear. It comes with an adjustable clip to make it safe for the neck and chest of your pet. You don’t need to worry of chafing or rubbing against your dog’s skin.

When our dog leash got dirty, we just threw it in the washing machine with no fear. Noxgear LightHound is machine washable, and dirt is easily washed off it. I just don’t like that it is not a one-size fits most, but the manufacturer provided a size chart so you can choose the right size from S to XL. 

Noxgear LightHound LED Leash Quick Summary

Amazon Reviews4.7 out of 5
Main FeaturesIlluminates all colors in one vest. Different modes: Disco Dog, Rainbow, Cool Comet, Rescue, Independence Day, and Photon Burst. Washable.

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Industries Premium LED Reflective Dog Leash

Industries Premium LED Reflective Dog Leash

Photo Amazon.com

Pet Industries Premium LED Reflective Dog Leash is another proven and tested leash to keep dogs safe. Dog owners trust this leash because it is safe, simple and effective in giving our dog high visibility on the road 10x the normal distance with its Ultra-Bright Dual Optical Fiber strips. The adjustable electroplated steel clip makes it resistant to corrosion. Plus, the handles are double stitched padded making it comfortable and sturdy.

This LED dog leash comes with a USB cable that fully charges the leash in 1 hour. You can choose from six colors:  Red, Green, Blue, Pink, Orange, and Yellow. It might be a little stiff when new but once used well enough, it will be comfortable and not irritating to your dog. It can even be rolled up tight to fit in a jacket pocket.

The leash is about 4 feet in length which might be short for some dog owners, but it works great even for heavy and big dogs. This dog leash is made with a quick-dry nylon fabric that makes it protected from wear and tear. A lot of owners have testified that this is one of the most durable dog leashes they have ever used.

Industries Premium LED Dog Leash Quick Summary

Amazon Reviews4.2 out of 5
Main FeaturesResistant to corrosion,

Blazin’ Safety LED Dog Leash

Blazin' LED Dog Leash

Blazin’ LED dog leash will ensure that you and your dog will be visible within 350 yards distance. This will make sure that you will both be safe while in public places. The LED light comes in three settings: ON, Strobe, and Blink that comes in assorted colors(Blue, Red, Green, Black, Purple, and Pink). The color will look good on him too! Blazin’ Safety LED Dog Leash is only 1 inch wide made of high-tensile nylon material with the slimmest on/off technology. The handle is padded to avoid accidental burns. It also comes with steel swivels that eliminate wound-up tangles.

The trigger hook of this cool dog leash can easily connect to all standard collars and harnesses. You can use it for training and exercises of pups and big dogs. However, it does not work well for little puppies. The battery is rechargeable, and a full charge lasts over 8 hours. You can charge from any device using a USB charging port. One customer highlighted that the best feature of this product is 100% LIFETIME Guarantee with no questions asked. The company wants their customers always satisfied because they never want to disappoint.

Blazin’ Safety LED Dog Leash Quick Summary

Amazon Reviews4.4 out of 5
Main FeaturesThree modes: ON, Strobe, and Blink that comes in assorted colors (Blue, Red, Green, Black, Purple, and Pink)

Now that you have seen the best LED dog leashes available, I hope you get one to keep your dog safe, especially at night. You can even keep yourself safe while walking your dog whose visibility is up way better than normal distance. It is more than just a training tool. It keeps your dog trained and within arm’s length.

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