How Do You Install An Invisible Dog Fence?

The installation of the invisible dog fence
Written by Mark Braeden

An invisible and wireless dog fence usually consists of an underground or a buried wire or system that detects where your dog is through the collar and sends the designated signal when it detects the dog has moved to pass its designated area. If we describe the whole process, it will take too much text. There are three core steps to install an invisible dog fence:

  1. Measure your backyard
  2. Choose a thick wire and get a power backup
  3. Bury the wire, test the dog collar and mark it

We would recommend watching this amazing video from “The Handyguys”, where they amazingly explained everything you need to know about wireless dog fence installation.

For mobile users or dog owners who do not have much time to replay videos. I will show you here how to install the invisible dog fence technology. You can just read this or better print this and highlight or encircle the text for easy reference.

Before we proceed to the invisible fence installation topic, there are 2 types of invisible dog fence. These are wired and wireless.

  • Wired: You will dig and bury the dog fence wire a bit underground on the area where you want your dog to stay. Depending on your lot shape, the good thing about the wired fence is you can adapt the wire to the lot’s shape. You can also tape the wire to the fence if you want less effort but the wires might be unstable and might be removed by animals or strong winds. Wires might be caught by a running mower.
  • Wireless: No actual fence will be installed. You will just put transmitters on your lawn. Convenient but transmitters might get lost or might not work in the long run because of the strong winds. Not adaptable to the area you really wanted to set the pet containment.

We handpicked and reviewed the best invisible dog fences in this article. Whether wired or not, here are the tips on how you install the invisible dog fence:

1. Measure your backyard

How long do you want your wire to be? How vast or how small is your dog freedom area? Draw a blueprint or just simply draw out your dog location area on a paper and plot where to put the wires or the transmitters.

You may consider buying twisted wires for your dog to cross over some areas without receiving some dog collar stimulation.

2. Choose a thick wire and get a power backup

No matter what brand of wire you buy, a lower gauge means thicker wire. As possible, get a professional quality or graded wire to make the dog security fence last longer and no additional time to dig and replace the wires again. Since you already know the measurements and basic perimeter of your outdoor dog playing area, you can estimate your wire being 1/3 acre = 500 ft. to 25 acres = 5000 ft. long.

During power surges due to lightning storms or power outage, a surge protector is a must-have to make your dog invisible fence surely last longer, Power surges will damage your transmitters and the product itself.

UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) is not only for desktop computer power backup use, but also for dog invisible fence too. Imagine when electricity’s out and your pooch is still outside, he might jump out and will not be back on time. Having UPS is a must to be able to secure and discipline your dog 24/7.

3. Bury the wire, test the dog collar and mark it

For wired invisible dog fence, dig the garden or trench using garden tools at least 3-5 inches deep, then bury the wire. Take note before burying the wire, test it using a strip test or any test kit coming with the product and test the product again after burying. If you do not have any test kit, get the dog collar and when you turn on the product, see if the collar blinks. If yes, it works. For better installation,  put the wires on a PVC pipe before burying it.

  • If you want to install the wire above the ground and on the fences, a thicker wire is needed to avoid electric shocks and burns.
  • For concrete ground, clean the joints with tolls or screwdrivers to remove the debris. Put the wire and seal the wire by caulking.
  • For driveways, a saw blade will make a good crack on the surface and you can install the wire there.
  • For wireless invisible dog fence, plant the transmitters on the ground or mount these to the walls.

After installing the wires or transmitters, put flags, signs or any markers where these are located so you will not have a hard time checking the wires again.

Investing in a dog fence is a sure convenient way to watch and guard your dog while doing your other important tasks. Make sure to check out a comparison of the best invisible dog fences on the market.

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