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How To Stop Dog From Splashing In Water Bowl?

Dog is splashing the water bowl
Written by Mark Braeden

Have you ever wondered why your dogs spill and splash water from their bowls when drinking? You cannot expect it to fully submerge their snouts together with their nose into the water bowl just for them to be able to drink. Would you like to know how to stop dog from spilling water bowl? Read on for you to find out.

Why Do Dogs Splash In Their Water Bowls?

Dogs, unlike other animals like humans, cannot do a suction method in drinking water. Being a member of order carnivora, dogs have incomplete cheeks, which allow them to open their mouths wide but makes suction drinking impossible too. You cannot expect them to seal their mouth or to pout like what we can do to be able to drink. Because of this, our doggies actually have this habit of drinking water from their bowls in a messy way but this is the actually precise way for them to drink. Dogs are known to have wide and flexible tongues so instead of scooping the water using their tongues, their technique is actually to slap the water at high speed so that the splash of the water after it draws back would result to more amount of water in their mouth so that they could drink. The bigger you slap a body of water, the more splash it would create, right? Imagine a small child and a huge adult doing a cannonball jump into the pool, who do you think would create bigger splashes?

Water Going Against Gravity: Why dog Keeps Spilling Water Bowl?

This is how dogs do fluid dynamics to drink water and the same analogy goes for the drinking method of dogs. A group of scientists reported the results of their experiments on how dogs could be able to drink water on November 25, 2014, at the American Physical Society’s Division of Fluid Dynamics Meeting in San Francisco, California and showed that dogs need to move the water upward to create inertia and go against gravity to scoop the water vertically into their mouths. In a matter of less than a second, the slapping of water would result in a column made up of a large amount of water for them to drink. The result of this acceleration, around 5 times the gravity, causes the water to go upward that would go eventually into the mouth of your best friend. They need to create a huge “block” of water that would enter into their mouth caused by the slapping for them to be able to drink. Just imagine plunging wide tongue-shaped silicon into the water and it will form a huge splash vertically as fluid rise up. The width of the dog’s tongue and the speed of slapping the water causes the water to rise up into the dog’s mouth. The wider the tongue, just like dogs, with the width of their tongue varies on the size and breed, the more water it could get and the higher the water would “stick” unto it. Upon lifting the tongue, the water simply “sticks” into the tongue and rises up and your dog could already have a taste of water. Your dog would then curl the underside of his tongue to form a sort of ladle that would scoop the column water upwards into his mouth. It is simply like scooping the water but vertically. Your dog would naturally close his jaws for every splash of water that gets into his mouth.

The Solution? A No Spill Bowl

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However, because of the slapping motion and the water’s splash movements, it would be obvious that the drinking of water by your best friend is a little bit messy. Water will spill on the floor all around your dog and his water bowl. With the sloppy way of dogs in drinking water, it will surely be a splashy affair too. So, in order to prevent this messy scene all the time, the recommended answer about how to stop dog from spilling water bowl is for your dog to use no spill bowls when drinking. Fret no more and instantly turn your water-splashing pet into dripless drinker with these no spill bowls that are usually with lid on top of bowls but with a huge hole in the middle. Because of the lid, the drinking of your dogs would surely be splash proof, keeping your floor neat and clean too. Some are also designed with interior floating disks with the bowl of water underneath it, splash-free rim and anti-slip base that prevents the water from overflowing. Because of only a small amount of water coming out from the floating disk, it prevents your dog from splashing too much when drinking, adjusts the water flow and avoids wet hairs and ears too. Even if you bump into it, there would be minimal to no spill on your floors. These are also usually made out of durable plastic materials for long-lasting use and easy cleaning.


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