Best No Spill Dog Water Bowls in 2023

Best No Spill Dog Water Bowls in 2019
Written by Mark Braeden

Looking for the best no spill dog water bowls? Our team has tested over 100 splash-free dog water bowls and we are excited to share our insights. Some dog owners may think that an ordinary bowl is enough to hold water and it is ridiculous to spend money on a special dog water bowl. However, animal experts suggest that using a no spill dog water bowl is as essential as using a dog feeding bowl. These can have a variety of functions and numerous versions too. As a result, many may find it confusing to find the perfect dog water bowl. It’s a great travel gadget for long road trips.

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However, dog water bowls can make a big mess, especially for sloppy drinkers! As a matter of fact, messy drinking is a habit of our canine companions! But don’t worry, there is a variety of dog bowls that can help to avoid the mess from drinking. This guide will be your helping hand to find the best splash-proof dog water bowl for sloppy drinkers!

What is a No-spill dog bowl?

Do you have a dog that spills water everywhere when it drinks? Then you need to know about no-spill dog bowls. These bowls aim to have a less messy experience for your dog when they are drinking by preventing any liquid spill from their container. How do these bowls do that function? Well, it depends on their designs. Some have lids, some have narrow openings, while some have a combination of these designs. There are a lot of no-spill dog bowls in the market today. And as dog owners, we should check if the item is worth its price and does the job.

Different Types of No-spill Dog Bowls

Now that you know what no-spill dog bowls are, we will talk about the different types of np-spill dog bowls that are marketed nowadays. 

Splash-proof Bowls

Dog and car are using Road Refresher no spill dog water bowl

These bowls are just like regular dog bowls with an awning circumferencing the edge of the bowl. The main function of the awning is to at least prevent or stop splashes of liquid from our dog’s drinking or when your dog nudges the bowl. The disadvantage of this is that it cannot stop the splash if your dog is determined on being a messy drinker and will nudge the bowl hard.

Spill-proof Bowls

Explanation on how splash proof dog water bowls work
These kinds of dog bowls usually have lids and have three parts. No water will be spilled out of this bowl even if your dog will flip it with its ergonomic design and functionality. 


Splash catchers are like mats or any surface besides the floor on which your dog’s bowl is put on. As the name suggests, they catch all the spilled liquid and food from your dog’s food and drink bowl, preventing your floor to get wet and stained. These catchers can be sold separately or in a kit including the dog’s food and water bowls.

Do No-Spill Dog Bowls Work?

To answer the question factly, yes, they do work. But they do not eliminate entirely the incidents like wet floors and carpets, but they reduce the water or liquid spilled on your floor. Others say that no-spill dog bowls did not work for them. But most of the time, that happens when you buy the wrong type of bowls for your dog. You need to research first which type of no-spill dog bowl is perfect for your dog and its breed before spending money on it. Also, no no-spill dog bowls will be effective for a dog that is misbehaving and is determined to be a messy drinker and make your floors wet.

Does My Dog Need a No-Spill Dog Bowl?

No-spill dog bowls can be a need depending on what type of dog your pup is. Below are some items that must be applicable to your dog for you to answer the question if your dog needs a no-spill dog bowl.

Long Ears and Beard

If your dog’s breed has these two characteristics, then yes, you definitely need a spill-proof dog bowl. If their ears and beard are dunked in the water while they are drinking, the next thing that’ll probably happen is that your dog will shake its head – spraying the water all around the place.

Feet on the Water

You need to buy a no-spill dog bowl if your dog has a habit of dipping its feet on the water in its drinking bowl. Whether they are overheating or it is just really their way of being playful, having your dog’s feet in its water is such a nasty thing to see. Not only that there’ll be wet paw marks everywhere, but also because it is unhygienic.

Messy Drinker

This is the main reason why you need to have these bowls. Aside from that, if your dog is a gulper, you also need to have no-spill dog bowls.

TOP-10 Splash-Proof Dog Water Bowls in 2021

We have tested over 100 different no spill dog bowls and made Technobark’s TOP-10:

  1. UPSKY
  2. Indipets
  3. Pet Supply
  4. Kurgo Splash
  5. Petmate
  6. Prestige Road Refresher
  7. Crate Road
  8. Road Refresher
  9. Heininger PortablePET
  10. Golden Wolf Less-Mess

Let’s begin…

  1. UPSKY No Spill Dog Water Bowl

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Main features

  • perfect fast drinkers
  • travel-friendly
  • over 1000 stunning reviews

Here’s a no spill dog water bowl that won’t let you down (and it’s definitely my best personal choice), and even though it costs a little extra, it has numerous key features that make it worth a try. You can be assured to own one of the best non-spill dog water bowls in the market!

My golden retriever is drinking from UPSKY non-spill dog water bowl
One of the best features of this UPSKY no mess dog water bowl is the floating design that gives a lot of benefits! First, it slows down the drinking speed of your dog to prevent him/her from choking. This bowl is the perfect solution to fast drinkers! Now, you wouldn’t have to worry about leaving the water bowl beside your dog as the water is also contained.

The bowl’s waterproof edge strip and floating disk dual design effectively prevent the water from spilling and splashing! This feature makes the bowl travel-friendly as it prevents water from overflowing in a bumpy road. This means that proper hydration for your dog is ensured all the time!

Moreover, the floating disk design also prevents pet fur from getting wet while drinking. Dry floors and lesser mess are now achievable with the UPSKY Dog Water Bowl! The product’s features make it one of the best dog water bowls in the market.

  1. Indipets Stainless Steel Spill Proof Dog Water Bowl

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Main features

  • stainless Steel
  • splash-free and spill-proof
  • amazing reviews

If you’re looking for a non-plastic option, then you might want to consider the Indipets splash-free dog water bowl. Made from high-quality stainless steel, this dog bowl is safe, durable, and scratch-free! Priced at about $10, this dog water bowl is a great choice for either water or food bowls.

The bowl further benefits from the non-skid rubber base to keep it in place while your canine is eating or drinking. Not only is it splash-free but spill-proof as well! This is great for our furry friends who love to create a huge mess by splashing water out of their bowls.

Indipets’ no spill dog water bowl also does a great job in preventing messy drinking. The curved lip design and wide base catch the waves that your dog create when drinking and redirect it into the bowl. However, make sure to get the appropriate size of the bowl for your dog and know the correct water line to fill in too. Once you did this, the bowl will do its job!

When talking about easy cleaning, this spill-proof dog water bowl is dishwasher safe as well as easy to clean by hand. It is also completely safe for your beloved pooch! Per the manufacturer, stainless steel material is lead and calcium-free, food grade, hygienic, and bacteria-free.

Given the low price point of the bowl, the Indipets Stainless Steel Dog Water Bowl is certainly worth a shot.

  1. Pet Supply Imports Anti-Splash Waterhole Dog Bowl

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Main features

  • snap-on lid
  • BPA-free plastic
  • cheap price

In this list, our first pick would be this Pet Supply Imports’ Waterhole Dog Bowl from the USA. One of the key features of this bowl is the concept itself. This bowl features a snap-on lid that will help to keep the water contained as your dog drinks. As a result, no more messy floors for you and more hydration for your dog!

To ensure your dog’s safety, the bowl is made of high impact plastic that is BPA-free. Because of its material, the bowl is also dishwasher safe for a hassle-free cleaning after use! Although, it’s equally easy to clean by hand.

Constructed with sturdy plastic, the dog bowl is durable for travel. The bowl is not only splash-proof but non-spill too! It is very handy for travel or trips to the park as the lid cover is tight to ensure that the water wouldn’t spill all over the place.

The Pet Supply Dog Water Bowl comes in two colours- beige and light blue. It can hold up to 6 cups or 48 oz of water for ample hydration! This bowl is most ideal for hairy breeds as the intelligent design keeps their beards drier.

I just hope that Pet Supply would make a larger version to hold much water for larger breeds. All in all, Pet Supply’s portable dog water bowl is one of the best versions in the market!

  1. Kurgo Splash Free Travel Dog Bowl

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Main features

  • perfect for road trips
  • unique wedge design that perfectly stays on the car seat
  • cheap price

Our next selection is a spill-proof dog water bowl originally designed for car travels, which is the Kurgo. Kurgo is known for making excellent pet products, and their travel non spill dog bowl is a great choice for either food or water bowls. We also included this water bowl to our Ultimate Checklist for Road Trips with Dogs.

Kurgo understands that it is essential to keep your beloved pooch hydrated while on the road, however, it’s not convenient to stop. As a result, this splash-free dog water bowl by Kurgo was made. It has a unique wedge design feature that ensures that the bowl lies flat on the car seat. Moreover, the bowl’s high sides ensure that the water will not spill out of the bowl while moving.

Made with food-grade silicone, the Kurgo Travel Dog Bowl is one of the sturdiest in the market. It allows for easy cleaning as it is dishwasher safe and can hold up to 24 oz of water. The most exciting part is that it comes with a lifetime warranty! As an Amazon Choice, this dog water bowl is highly-rated and well-priced as it boasts 4.3 out of 5 stars (as on June 19, 2019).

  1. Petmate No Spill Dog Bowl

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Main features

  • unique non-spill design
  • recommended for travel by dog experts
  • cheap price

This no-spill dog water bowl has a similar design with the Pet Supply Imports, but cheaper. Also constructed with sturdy plastic, the Petmate No Spill Bowl comes with a unique non-spill design which ensures cleaner floors and lesser mess!

Similar to the Kurgo Splash Free Travel Dog Bowl, the Petmate is also highly recommended for travel by dog lovers and experts! Cars are bumpy enough but try to grab a full Petmate water bowl and place it in the backseat with your dog. You’ll be amazed that it will not leak a drop of water!

However, the Petmate water bowl is made of sturdy and hard plastic. Unlike Kurgo, which is made of silicone, it is not collapsible nor flexible since Kurgo is originally made for travelling. Nevertheless, both offer the same benefits!

  1. Prestige Road Refresher Non-Spill Dog Water Bowl

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Here’s another travel dog water bowl in the list. Probably one of the best in the list, the Prestige Road Refresher Non-Spill Water Bowl comes with many features. One of the most reviewed anti-spill dog water bowls on Amazon, it has been a favourite of many.

You can purchase the dog bowl in a variety of sizes, and each one is budget-friendly, so it’s an affordable option. It also comes with different colour options- blue, cream, pink, and green.

The bowl is made from heat resistant, toughened polypropylene, which means it’s sturdy enough for long-lasting use. It can also be easily taken apart and clicks back together again, allowing for easier cleaning.

  1. Crate Road Travel No-Spill & No Mess Dog Water Bowl

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Main features

  • ideal for travel
  • made of BPA free plastic
  • great reviews (check here)

Here’s another option that is similar to the Pet Supply dog water bowl for travelling. With the same design and plastic material, this bowl does exactly the same- to prevent spills and splashes.

This splash-proof dog water bowl is also ideal for travel. If your dog likes to travel with you, especially in long distances, then you might want to consider this option. It will prevent your dog to track water from it with his long ears and feet. You’ll be ensured that it will leave no mess at all!

Additionally, the bowl is made of BPA free plastic and dishwasher safe! It is so easy to clean even by hand! However, the difficulty lies in removing the lid. You’ll have to use an opener to completely take off the lid. I hope the manufacturer will solve this issue and add a grip for easier opening.

Nevertheless, this no drip dog water bowl is highly recommended by many! It does not only offer great features but can also be purchased at a cheap price!

  1. Road Refresher No Spill Dog Bowl

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Main features

  • patented design
  • you can use it during boat rides
  • amazing reviews

The Prestige line produces outstanding dog products, and this no-spill dog bowl from them is the second in the list. Even we were amazed at the line of products Prestige has to offer because these are exactly what we need! Say goodbye to water bowl slobber and messy floors!

This Road Refresher water dog bowl is ideal for your house, car, RVs, and even a boat. No matter how much bumpy it gets, the bowl will not make a huge mess! Now, your dog can bring hi


s portable dog water bowl anywhere and get proper hydration all the time.

What’s more, the patented floating plate design keep your beloved pooch from drinking too much to prevent him/her from puking. The unique feature as well as keeps the bowl from sopping up excess slobber.

This Road Refresher water dog bowl also comes in a variety of sizes. Because it works exactly as it was advertised, the bowl has earned numerous excellent reviews from happy clients!

  1. Heininger PortablePET Waterboy No Mess Water Bowl For Dogs

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Main features

  • up to 3 quarts of water refill
  • integrated carry handle
  • cheap price (check on Amazon)

You may find this water bowl/water container having the most unique design in the list. If you’re looking for a large water container with a built-in bowl that does not leak, then this is for you. The Heininger PortablePET Waterboy Travel Water Bowl is one of the best options for those who love to travel with their canine companions.

What makes Waterboy unique from all the dog water bowls in this list is it’s a container, allowing for up to 3 quarts of water refill! If you’re planning for a road trip or out of town trips with your dog, then this is for you! This bowl makes travelling with your canine very convenient while keeping them hydrated all throughout!

Gold retriever pup is drinking water from Heininger PortablePET water bowl in the car

It’s very unique design is also worth noting. When not in use, it can be stood upright for storage and just lay it flat for use. It has also an integrated carry handle, which makes it the perfect companion for travel!

Because the manufacturer found out that many pets have figured out to get more water into the bowl by standing on the reservoir, they solved this issue themselves. You wouldn’t have to worry about overflowing water because the bowl only allows water to flow while your dog drinks!

The Waterboy Travel Dog Bowl is a great investment for keeping your dog well-hydrated on the go!

    1. Golden Wolf Less-Mess Dog Bowl

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Main features

  • BPA-free plastic
  • easy to clean
  • great price

This Golden Wolf Less-Mess Pet Bowl is last dripless dog water bowl in the list, but definitely not the least! This multifunctional dog bowl is a combination of a food and water bowl that comes with two colours to choose from- pink and blue.

Just like the other dog bowls in this list, the Golden Wolf Less-Mess Pet Bowl has a specialized floating disk to prevent your dog from drinking too fast and keeps water fresh from rust and dirt.

Unlike those water bowls with lids, this bowl is easy to assemble and use. Cleaning this bowl wouldn’t be a headache as it’s three parts are BPA free and dishwasher safe. It’s also very easy to clean by hand by washing with warm water.

Overall, the Golden Wolf Less-Mess Pet Bowl is one of the best options in the market! Priced at $19.99, Golden Wolf provides a satisfaction guarantee offering 30-day money back guarantee and one-year free replacement warranty.

Final Advice On Dripless Dog Water Bowls

Your dog’s hydration is one of the most essential things to consider for his/her overall health and lifestyle. It is important to provide sufficient water to keep your dog hydrated all the time! To help you with these, these are the top 10 best dog water bowls in the market that are used by many dog owners.

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