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How I Travelled With SitStayGo Travel Dog Bowls and Water Bottle

SitStayGo Multipurpose Food and Water Dog Travel Bowls
Written by Mark Braeden

My dogs’ hydration has always been my priority. However, carrying both a water bottle and bowl is a hassle to me, especially for short walks. As a result, I historically forget to pack water for my dogs- whether we’re just out for a walk or head to a long trip. This usually means heading to a convenience store for overpriced water bottle and panic buying a water bowl.

Are you looking for a product that provides an easy way to hydrate your pup outside the house? It may sound impossible but believe me or not- I found the exact product you need! The SitStayGo dog leash has provided me the most convenient way possible! As a dog parent, I am so excited to share my experience with this product.

What is the SitStayGo Dog Leash?

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Whether you’re taking your furry friend out for a walk or a jog, you only want to have a few things in hand: water, his favorite treats, your wallet, and keys. The SitStayGo dog leash carries it all! The dog leash is a 4-in-1 innovative product that works as a dog leash, water bottle, bowl, and feeding tray!

Under the comfortable, well-designed handle of the nylon dog leash, there is a built-in 10-ounces dog water bottle and two stackable bowls. You can use the two travel bowls in many different ways! You can store and serve a portion of food, treats or personal items such as cash, credit cards, keys, and ID.

Your furry friend will never get thirsty and hungry again while you hike, walk, run, or travel together. The dog leash is a perfect product for dog parents who tend to forget dog essentials when going out. It is especially ideal for pet parents that like to take their pooch everywhere. Be ready for everything in a walk with SitStayGo!

What’s Included in SitStayGo?

The SitStayGo dog leash comes with the following:

  • Leash handle
  • Nylon pet leash
  • Two stackable travel bowls
  • Built-in water bottle
  • User Guide

SitStayGo Dog Leash: Pros

Water Dog Travel Bowl

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Helps Travel With Ease

The SitStayGo is a multifunctional dog accessory that functions as a dog leash, a 10 oz water bottle, a water tray, and a feeding tray. I felt like this product has been designed to help me and my dogs travel with ease! Since then, I don’t forget to pack water for my dogs. My dogs stay better hydrated these days, which extends our adventures!

Before I bought the SitStayGo leash, I would have to put the dog food in a plastic container, bring my dogs’ bowls and a water bottle. It was a hassle for me and was a long process. I even forget some things that I packed. But now, the product eased my worries. A waste bag dispenser can be attached to the leash as well!

A 4-in-1 Product

Under the pet leash, there are two detachable bowls that can be used in many different ways. The SitStayGo is not only a dog leash, but it is also used to store water and food. For shorter walks, I only bring the water bowl for the attached water bottle. For longer trips, I add the second bowl to store and serve food.

I take one of my dogs on hikes, and they are sometimes long. The SitStayGo dog leash is the perfect tool for the trips! I even store my cards, keys, and money in the second bowl. That’s not all; I also use the bowls as an alternative to my dogs’ normal bowls. Truly a money-saver!

100% Safe For Dogs

I don’t like my dog drinking from dirty bowls at the park or from fountains. This is why I loved the water canteen of the product, as it keeps the water fresh and clean. It keeps the water clean from slobber, and you can only pour it when your dog wants a drink. I noticed that the lid of the canteen develops a sweet ergonomic handle for the dog leash, a plus for me!

The SitStayGo storage is made of food grade plastic, BPA-free, that is completely non-toxic. These solutions help me to produce healthy water for my dog and reduce water waste.

Ideal for ALL Dogs

Before buying a product, I read reviews and feedback from verified clients. I want to make sure if the product is ideal for all dogs because I am an owner of two. What attracted me to buy the SitStayGo dog leash are the clients that testified that the product is sturdy enough for dogs of all sizes. I’m currently using the leash alternatively for my Boston terrier and golden retriever.

Durable and Long-lasting

I’ve seen other travel bowls, but they all had poor designs. The SitStayGo dog leash is well-built and well-designed. Cheap and common dog leashes are usually flimsy, this product is the opposite. It is made with a heavy-duty shell and a ripstop nylon leash, making it durable.

Regardless of dog breed and size, it is ideal for you and your dog. I’m already planning to order a second SitStayGo so I can walk my dogs both at the same time. I have been using my first order for three months now, and it’s all good as new.

Furthermore, the handle of the leash is internally reinforced with rust proof steel. The leash anchor is part of the reinforced handle to be attached unto the leash. I loved how the leash isn’t affected with any tug or pull of my dogs. However, I do not see the SitStayGo dog leash strong enough to handle extremely large and strong dogs.

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Easy to Clean

Cleaning your SitStayGo bowls and water canteen wouldn’t be a problem! It’s built with a plastic that is dishwasher safe. The parts are completely detachable, allowing for a more thorough clean. I am more convinced that my dogs are safe with this product.

Leak Proof

Poorly made water containers are not leak proof, which is a huge problem. To be honest, when I found the SitStayGo leash for the first time, I doubted it’s capability. I was hesitant to buy the product because innovative products are usually poorly made. I thought that the leash’s water container leaks but I was wrong!

The SitStayGo is leak proof that made me more impressed. The product exceeded my expectations. Even if upside down, there will be no leakage because of its watertight rubber seal. I love the idea, and I am quite happy with this. I am even planning to buy another one so my two dogs would own one.

Pet Feeding Solution

Feeding your dog outside is no longer a problem with the SitStayGo dog leash. With the product, your dog own his tableware by himself. Your dog will no longer eat from the ground! It will also release your hands from feeding. Outside healthy feeding is now possible!

Sealed and Airtight

Other dog food containers that I bought before is not sealed or airtight. I was glad to find out that the SitStayGo claims to differ! I wouldn’t have to worry about leftover food during camping anymore. The product’s uniquely designed airtight lid convert the bowls from a feeding bowl to a storage container!

A Well-Hydrated Pup

Your dog’s hydration is just as important as his healthy diet. Getting enough hydration is part of your dog’s healthy lifestyle. However, most dog owners tend to overlook its importance. Some do not notice that their furry friend lacks hydration and it can be a problem.

Just like us, our dogs needs to be well-hydrated to function well. Dogs will require different quantities of water per day depending on their size. While you may have given you pooch enough water at home, keeping him hydrated outside can be tough. Especially when the weather is warm.

The SitStayGo is going to be your remedy. I assure you, you would never forget to give your pooch water when you’re outside. I guess it’s because you must always hold the container in hand!

SitStayGo Dog Leash: How To Use

SitStayGo water Travel Bowls

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Using the SitStatGo dog leash is pretty simple, just like setting up any other food containers. All you have to do is fill the water canteen with 10 ounces of water and load one of the removable bowls with your dog’s favorite food or treats. You can also fill it with personal items or only bring one bowl, depending on your trip. The top of the stackable bowls are threaded and screwed into each other without much effort. Afterwards, your little picnic with your beloved pooch is now achievable!

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SitStayGo Dog Leash: Cons

As the famous saying goes, “nobody is perfect.” It goes the same for products. Even the most innovative product has its cons. The cons listed below are based on my own experience with the SitStayGo dog leash. Therefore, not all clients have encountered the same, and you may or may not experience the same things too!


While the SitStayGo dog leash offers great convenience, it can be heavy for me when it is fully stored. Whenever I utilize the two bowls and water bottle, I feel like it’s too heavy to bring in hand. Therefore, getting the SitStayGo dog leash fully stored is not ideal for jogs or long runs. So if you and your furry friend is planning to run outside, you can just use one of the bowls to reduce the weight.

Always Need to be Held

Another slightly negative thing about the product is it needs to be held all the time when you are walking with your pooch. It is an inconvenience for me especially if I’m going to buy something, pat my dog, or during long runs. Clenching the fists during running is a bad running habit because it creates a tension that decreases running speed and efficiency. Thus, it will make you tired.

Best Used for Small to Medium Dogs

Even if the SitStayGo travel bowl with leash can be used for any dog, I feel like it’s best used for small to medium pups. I am only using the SitStayGo dog leash for my small and medium pooch. I am not sure if the leash portion is sturdy enough to hold up very large and strong dogs that might pull while walking. Especially that the leash is connected to the travel bowls. There are other stronger leashes available in the market for large and strong dogs.

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Limited Storage Capacity

Another reason why the SitStayGo dog leash is not ideal for large dogs is because of the limited food and water it can carry. Unlike other travel food containers, the SitStayGo has a limited storage capacity. Therefore, only bringing the SitStayGo dog leash during travels or long trips is not ideal. I suggest to bring extra food and water contained in other containers to be assured that you have enough food and water supply.

The SitStayGo Travel Dog Bowls and Water Bottle with Leash is an innovative approach of storing dog food and water. Even when my fur babies are outside, I am assured that they are well-hydrated. Now our adventures are more convenient, last more hours and more fun! If you and your furry friend love adventures, consider the product as the best option for the both of you. Check more reviews and price on Amazon.

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