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SportDOG 425 Review: Does It Worth It?

Sportdog 425 collar review.
Written by Mark Braeden

One of the best things to locate your dog and train it at the same time is using a training or hunting collar. The SportDOG 425 collar is one of the known collars in the market nowadays and in this article, we’ll know more about it, provide the expert review and see what do dog owners say about it.

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  • Wide Range
  • Can communicate to other 425 SportDOG models
  • Waterproof unit
  • Train up to 3 dogs
  • Easy to operate


  • Not readable dials on the transmitter in low light environment
  • Some users found beep sound is too low and almost unnoticeable
  • Charger system specialized plugs

The SportDOG 425 collar is an e collar or an electric collar that is sussed for training dogs in a big place like a yard or a field and for hunting with working dogs. It is made by the SportDOG Brand and has 4 cool collars in the series but we will just focus on two of them. These are the SportDOG425X and the SportDOG 425XS. These collars are perfect for those dog owners who want to train their dogs and correct some of their behavioral problems like excessive barking.

These two e collars both come with a transmitter and a receiver (similar to Garmin collars). The remote or the transmitter is the one being handled and manipulated by the dog owner. When the dog owner presses a button on the remote, it will send a signal to the receiver. The receiver or the collar is the one that is placed on the dog’s neck. Once a signal is received, the collar will do a simulation, either a vibration, a sound, or static electricity to your dog. In this way, your dog will be trained and will associate this with your own commands.

General Features of SportDOG 425

Sportdog 425x packaged in the brand new box.

How Many Dogs Can You Train?

It has an expandable system in which can support training up to 3 dogs with one remote.

Stimulation Levels

It has levels of static stimulation that can be up to 21 levels and other options in which you can train using vibration or sound. For the stimulation, the collar can receive four types of these which are the continuous, momentary, tone, and vibrate types. The tone and vibration types are standard and not adjustable. The continuous and nick or momentary types on the other hand are adjustable using the dial on the remote.


The SportDOG 425 collars come with lithium-ion batteries that are rechargeable and also have a low battery indicator.


The whole package comes with a remote, a collar, a charging adapter, standard and long contact points, a lanyard, a test light tool, an operating guide, and a manual.The remote or the transmitter is waterproof using the DRAYTEK technology and can be submerged in water up to 25 ft depth. This is perfect for you and your dog’s adventure in the wild and for wet weather conditions.

Technical Features

Sportdog 425 remote and training collar technical features.

These SportDOG e-collars have a maximum signal range of 500 yards but always remember that certain factors that can limit this range. These include the weather, terrain, and transmission that come from other devices. The collars are perfect for dogs weighing more than 8 pounds and with 5in. to 22in. neck diameter. The batteries for both the remote and the collar can last from 50 to 70 hours per charge and charge in just two hours.


Sportdog 425 collar

The product dimension for the collar is 2.60in. in length, 1.30in, for the width, and 1.23in. depth. It also has an on and off button that needs to be pressed momentarily for it to function. The contact points on the collar are responsible for delivering the static stimulation from the remote. The collar or the receiver is also waterproof and it also comes in matte texture. Both have indicator lights that turn on when any button is pressed on the transmitter and when a signal is received on the collar. These indicator lights are also for the low battery indicator feature.


Sportdog 425 transmitter

For the transmitter or the remote, the measurements are 5.30in. for the length, 1.70in. for the width, and 1in. for the depth. It has an intensity dial which is responsible for choosing multiple levels of stimulation delivered on the collar. It also has two buttons on the front part of the remote, which are for sending medium and low continuous static stimulation to the collar. The side button, on the other hand, is for delivering high continuous static stimulation. The charging jack must be covered if you want to use the remote in wet conditions as it can malfunction once in contact with water. The remote has also a built-in antenna for sending signals to the SportDOG collar.

SportDOG 425X and 425XS Comparison

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The SportDOG 425X and 425XS e collars are the lightest and smallest e collars offered by the SportDOG brand. With the features and capabilities that these two e collars offered, it is guaranteed that your money will be well-spent when you bought any of these. Check the level of stimulation fit for your dog first before doing your training or hunting, as your best paw companion’s safety should always be your number one concern and should be prioritized.

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SportDOG 425 Collar Review
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