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Paws2Go Dog Doorbell Review: An Alternative in Puppy Potty Training

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Written by Mark Braeden

Puppy potty training is, by far, one of the most daunting tasks for new dog owners. We all know the struggle of trying to anticipate their needs to avoid dealing with scratched-up doors, constant barking, and (worst of all) accidents. Wouldn’t it be so much easier if we had a simple solution, like a dog doorbell that Fido could simply ring when he needs to go out?

Well, guess what? There IS such a solution! It’s called Paws2Go. This innovative wireless dog doorbell system is designed to simplify and revolutionize the potty training process. Below, we’ll also explore how this ingenious device can effortlessly improve your pet’s behavior and turn potty training into a stress-free experience. Say goodbye to unwanted accidents and embrace a harmonious household where communication between you and your four-legged friend reaches new heights. Let’s delve into how this innovative wireless dog doorbell can transform potty training, improve your pet’s behavior, and make the process stress-free.

Transform Potty Training with Paws2Go: The Ultimate Wireless Dog Doorbell Solution

Unlike cats with automated litter boxes, dogs present a unique challenge in potty training. While litter boxes might work for some dogs, they’re often too large and clumsy for most. Puppy pads and indoor options aren’t ideal for long-term use either. Training your puppy to differentiate acceptable potty locations, signal when they need to go, and hold it long enough to reach the right spot is crucial.

Puppy pads and other indoor options really aren’t ideal, either. I mean, if you live on the 10th floor of your apartment building and you have a pup that can’t hold it until you can get outside, then they’re an okay solution. But definitely not something you want to rely on long-term. Besides, accidents can happen even if you have an indoor dog potty.

So, ideally, you really need to focus on training your puppy to:

  1.  learn the difference between acceptable and unacceptable potty locations;
  2.  learn how to let you know when he needs to go;
  3. and last but not least, learn how to hold his bladder or bowel long enough to make it to that acceptable location

That said, most experts suggest that asking our pet dogs and puppies to “hold it” might not be such a good idea, especially if we are not able to follow a strict schedule for when to let them out. So really, steps 1 and 2 are the most important!

I recently received and tried out an innovative new dog-training doorbell product called Paws2Go. Let me share my experience and explain why it will help with those two vital puppy potty training steps.

 What is Paws2Go?

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Paws2Go is like having a secret code between you and your furry friend, a communication wizard that employs cutting-edge proximity and touch sensing technology. Imagine this: your dog, with a simple paw or nose touch, activates this magical mountable pad. What happens next? Your phone lights up with a joyful notification, like a cheerful message from your pup saying, “Hey, it’s time to go out, human!”

Paws2Go Product Dimension and Description


The Paws2Go is quite bulky for its design because it was engineered to be tough enough for big 100-pound dogs or smaller toy dogs. We live in a multi-pet, multi-dog household with a huge German Shepherd and a small Japanese Spitz, and we found that the Paws2Go works perfectly for both of them.

It is 5.8 inches in length and 5.8 in width and about an inch thick. It weighs close to half a pound. It is powered by three triple A batteries, which come along with the pack and aside from the touch-activated surface, it also features a light indicator telling you that it has been activated, a wall mounting option at the back, a mic for recording, and a small speaker. (More on these later)

How does the Paws2Go work?

As I said above, the Paws2Go dog doorbell gives your pet a way to communicate with you regarding his needs. While it might sound cumbersome at first, all you have to do is teach your dogs and puppies to paw at it or touch it with their nose to signal that they want to go outside for their “bathroom needs.” The mic and the small speaker at the back are a great incentive because you can record positive reinforcements like “good boy” or “good girl” when your pets paw at it. This way they are reminded that it is a good thing to use the Paws2Go when they want to go outside for poo and pee time. As an owner, you need to download the app which is compatible with Android and iOS, and that is all you need.

I spent two days teaching my 4 y.o. dog how to use it. It was fun and pretty easy. However, he is very well-trained.

For beginners, you might want to use treats and snacks to entice the dogs and puppies to use them at first, then slowly wean them off the treats once they figured it out what is the purpose of the Paws2Go device.

What is good about the Paws2Go?

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What is great about the Paws2Go is that it has no moving parts which lessens the tension for us pet owners of thinking, “What if my pet will get stuck to it or will be hurt by it?” And since its touch sensor is activated, similar to smart dog doors, and not via a “push button” even smaller pets and puppies will not have a hard time activating it. Most competing brands, if not all use mechanical and spring loaded switches to activate their system, Paws2Go uses a touch sensor.

The LED lights illuminate all the sides and are also fun and useful additions, I thought at first it was just a novelty design to look, well… “cute” until I received a notification message from the Paws2Go app at 2 am in the morning and I had to walk around the dark house. The Paws2Go LED light was bright enough to let me know where my little spitz was yet dark enough not to hurt my “just woke up” squinty eyes.

Also, as far as we know, only the Paws2Go offers the personalized playback message option. Other similar devices use bells or sounds, but the Paws2Go allows up to 10 seconds of a recorded message to reassure our furry pets that what they are doing is correct. Another first in its technology is the mobile app service that is free to download and use. The Paws2Go uses Bluetooth to send notification messages to any nearby mobile device that has the installed app.

Little pieces of engineering nuggets like the clear plastic-looking top piece that covers the majority of the face of the Paws2Go was actually engineered using UV-resistant plastic so that the top clear piece would not yellow or discolor over time like those cheap plastic buckets or handles that we often see in kitchen stores. The same plastic is also made with very heavy-duty and durable overlay material that is velvet matte finished to make sure that it is scratch resistant and will not hurt our furry pet’s paws. The overall plastic casing was also designed to be stepped on and abused and is guaranteed not to break under reasonably heavyweight or hard usage.

What needs to improve with the Paws2Go?

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For all our praises that we sing of the Paws2Go, it does come with its own misgivings or things that we want the developer to possibly look at in the future to improve the overall experience with the Paws2Go. First of all the not-so-obvious problem that needs to be addressed is actually a by-product of the Paws2Go function. When do we know that our pet dogs and puppies want back in? Wouldn’t it be amazing if we had a similar system or a counterpart system for the Paws2Go that our dogs can knock, paw or nose to let us know that they have done their business and are now ready to come back in?

Obviously, we can wait on them but some of the dogs especially the puppies take a long time to do their thing. And waiting for them just defeats the purpose of having a system that helps you communicate better with your pets. Plus, I think the Paws2Go system that would let us know if our furry family members want to come back inside is a little bit more useful than the existing Paws2Go. Because not only does it account for our pets wanting to come back in, it can also help our pets who have been accidentally left out and want back inside.

Lastly, I would like to see a different Paws2Go color in terms of casing and LED light indicators. It might be something small but with such a simple and perfect system, a little personalization in terms of color and light indicator really pushes it a long way.

The final verdict on the Paws2Go?

If it is still not painfully obvious by now, we are crazy over the Paws2Go. It is affordable, easy to train our dogs and puppies, very practical and you have a feeling of silent pride whenever your dogs would let you know that they want to do their business. Not only is it effective, but it is also quite a conversation piece with guests. Learn more about this innovative dog doorbell device at Paws2Go Official Website.


  • Mark Braeden

    Mark is a Boston University graduate and former electrical engineer. In 2017, he decided to combine his tech knowledge with his love for dogs. He spent a year familiarizing himself with the latest GPS tracking collars, invisible fences, and other hot pet gadgets before he wrote his first product review. After selling Technobark, Mark remained a writer and consultant but spends more time on his other passion now: raising and training his growing family of dogs.

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