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Varram: Smart Robot To Help Maintain Dogs Mental and Physical Health

varram inteligance robot
Written by Mark Braeden

More than a hundred million dogs and cats are overweight base on a 2017 pet population survey by the American Pet Products Association (APPA). That’s more than 50 percent of dogs and nearly 60% of cats that suffer from being overweight or obese. Pets with obesity are at increased risk for developing serious weight-related disorders such as diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, kidney disease, cancer, and more.

Varram System Co, Ltd., a company based in Norwalk, California has developed an innovative smart dog robot powered by artificial intelligence to keep up with your pets’ mental and physical health. We included it in our list of the best innovative smart dog toys.

varram-smart robot

Photo Varram

Varram hopes that they can start production of the artificial intelligence (AI) powered robot after completing its newly launched Indiegogo InDemand campaign.

The fundraising campaign was designed to push the mass production of Varram’s smart robot.

The Varram Fitness robot was developed as a pet fitness robot to help address the issue of obesity and late mental development in pets, most especially in cats and in dogs. Not only is the AI-powered smart fitness robot interactive, but it also keeps your dogs physically active as well as reducing the risk of depression and lethargy in your pet families.

The build it artificial intelligence or AI technology instantly recognizes and keeps a database of your pet’s behavior making sure that the smart robot will be able to adjust and detect each cat or dog’s behavior and mood. Pressure-sensitive touch sensors also detect your pet’s attitude, even to the point of detecting where and when they will be given a snack or treats.

varram corgi

Photo Varram

Varram’s AI-powered robot was designed to empower pet owners to take care of their pet’s mental and physical health even if they are not around through scheduled physical activity and mental exercise time. These activities are made more rewarding because Varram’s smart robot is designed to carry and dispense treats.

Prospective owners of the Varram smart robot must first download the Varram app. Here you can control your Varram smart robot remotely, set automatic routines and you can even schedule pet activities by connecting through Bluetooth. Aside from automatic routines and schedules, you can also manage and dictate play periods, how much the smart robot has been tossed, sleep time for your pets, as well as the control activity routines.

The Varram smart robot is sturdy and is made from FDA-standard polycarbonate material. Tough enough to be played on by the biggest of tomcats and the most over-enthusiastic puppy. It is fall-proof and water-resistant.

It has advanced positioning sensors that allow it to navigate any space and runs for up to 10 hours on light batteries. Those powerful sensors recognize obstacles and objects making sure that it would not get stuck or be jammed anywhere, especially in small spaces.

The Varram mobile app is available for Android and iOS users.

The Varram smart robot also has a unique feature that helps you interact with friends or loved ones who have the same size, shape, age, breed, and temperament of pets. You can set this by programming the smart robot base on your pet’s personality.

varram inteligance robot

Photo Varram

“At VARRAM we have 10 years developing robots, and we spent over 2 years working on the VARRAM Pet Fitness Robot. We designed our robot to be safe and used a shape that pets like, which is also strong enough to handle being chewed or gnawed” according to Global Marketing Deputy General Manager Bee-Oh Kim.

Varram smart robots can add enjoyable hours of endless interactive fun with your pets, especially for owners of active dogs and cats.

Whether you are just enjoying your cats and dogs by giving them something to play with or on the lookout for their mental and physical health, the future of pet interactive game and play is here with the Varram Fitness Robots for your cats and dogs.

Varram also said that they will provide a massive 28% discounted price with each purchase of the Varram smart robot in the future.

To have more information about the product as well pre-order can be done from the Indiegogo campaign Varram page.


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