Fi Collar VS Findster Duo+

We are going to compare Fi VS Findster Duo+ dog GPS trackers for you guys to see which one has a greater vantage point than the other.

Main Features

Fi Collar

  • GPS tracking. Fi utilizes a group of satellites to amplify the accuracy and speed of its tracking ability. It can impressively track at the around 7-foot radius in open skies. 
  • LTE-M network. This device is the first-ever product to use an LTE-M network to connect with GPS info. This technology consumes low power but reaches very long distances for communication. This network can reach up to 30% farther than other networks like 3G. 4G, 5G. And LTE. 
  • Escape detection. Fi sends instant notification the instance your dog runs beyond your designated safe zone. 
  • Smart power management. Fi is integrated with low power WiFi which lets you connect to your WiFi to be able to save battery plus, it also improves its accuracy. 
  • Fi can also be considered as a smart device because it can automatically connect to your WiFi or Bluetooth like its charging base or your phone; this is also to help maximize its battery life and save energy. 
  • Improved battery performance. Fi features four dog modes with the purpose of saving battery life. 
    1. Dog @ home only (WiFi mode) – up to 3 months
    2. Walks outside the home (WiFi & cellular/GPS) – up to 2 months; refreshes every 2 to 5 minutes
    3. Active dogs (GPS only; NO WiFi) – up to 3 weeks; also refreshes every 2 to 5 minutes
    4. Lost Dog Mode – lasts up to 2 days with 1 refresh per minute
  • LED light. This device has a built-in LED light perfect for dark or low vis environments.

Findster Duo+

  • Findster Duo + prides itself on being the only GPS tracking device that gives a real-time tracking experience for you and your dogs. 
  • This brand offers a 24/7 Findster Care membership with a 30-day free trial. It will give you 24/7 access to Findster’s vet team to care for your beloved pup. 
  • This device comes with an app that tracks the progress and achievements of your pets when doing some activities via their Findster Duo + History feature. 
  • Findster lets you track up to three dogs. 
  • Findster also does not require cellular coverage for it to work, therefore you need not pay any monthly fees to use their module. This is thanks to their MAZE tech which enables the two modules (one for you and the other for your pup) to wirelessly communicate for up to a 4.8 km radius. 
  • Adaptive battery performance. Three modes:
    1. Hiking Day Mode – lasts for 12 hours with GPS always on
    2. Regular Walk Mode – lasts up to 3 days with GPS on
    3. Safe at Home Mode – lasts up to 7 days with GPS always off

GPS Tracking Features

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Activity and Fitness Tracker

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Pricing and Subscription

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Smartphone App

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Now the better device between these two is still the Fi for us. Now you may ask, why is Fi better when Findster is already free and offers similar features? Our humble opinion is that Fi has better tracking quality due to the latest technology they are using, the LTE-M network, for better precision and accuracy to locate your pups. The battery life of Fi is evidently longer-lasting and makes it more efficient than Findster Duo +. This alone made us firmly choose Fi instead.

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