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Fitbark 2 Review: Is It The Best Dog Activity Tracker?

Fitbark dog fitness tracker in black color.
Written by Mark Braeden

Fitbark 2 is a device designed for dog owners who are into being fit and healthy who wants to watch out for their dog’s health as well because this device monitors your dog’s daily activity and sleeping pattern, and you can connect this to your Google Fit or Apple HealthKit or Fitbit devices which, in my opinion, is a very convenient way to monitor both you and your pup’s fitness data. It’s un upgraded original Fitbark model (check the Fitbark and Fitbark 2 differences here).  We prepared this Fitbark 2 Review for you to get a deep dive into what this device brings out for all the health buffs out there who also have dogs to care for. Many people say that Fitbark is one of the best dog fitbits on the market.

Main Features of Fitbark 2

  • Monitor everything your dogs does regarding sleep and activities 24/7
  • Battery lasts up to 6 months
  • Can connect to Fitbit, Apple HealthKit, Google Fit
  • 3D accelerometer feature helps in tracking the movements of your dogs more accurately
  • Waterproof and shockproof

Pros and Cons of Fitbark 2


  • Perfect health monitoring device for your dog
  • Accurate in tracking your dog’s movements
  • Monitor all your dog’s activities 24/7
  • No monthly subscription needed
  • Excellent battery life (up to 6 months)


  • Designed to be used with one dog at a time
  • No GPS tracker

How does Fitbark 2 work, when do you need it, and who is it for?

Fitbark 2 works just like a human Fitbit so you basically know what features your dog might benefit from here. For the health enthusiasts out there who are using those types of devices and want the same thing for their dog, this is the perfect device you would want them to have.

So Fitbark 2, the Dog Activity & Sleep Monitor, will collect data about your dog’s sleeping pattern and daily dose of activities minute-by-minute and produce insights about their behavior and overall health.

It is important to take note that this device does not serve as a dog tracker but only as a health monitoring device. This company designed Fitbark 2 to focus more on animal welfare therefore adding any GPS feature might overpower the relevance of the main purpose of why this device was made.

You need Fitbark 2 whether or not your dog is healthy because you might want to know what goes on about their day in a form of organized information about their health, behavior, stress right through your phone.

Fitbark 2 Tech Specifications


The design of a Fitbark 2 module is patterned after the shape of a dog bone with a bit of ruggedness in it, fit for an outdoorsy image. The device itself is made out of polycarbonate which makes the device more durable and long-lasting, and even resistant against dog bites. So you won’t have to worry in case your dog makes it as its target chew toy for a while.

Fitbark 2 is a very lightweight device weighing only 10 grams and measuring 1.6 x 1.1 x 0.5 inches, which makes it perfect for bigger and even smaller pups.

Battery Life

The battery power of Fitbark 2 lasts a whopping amount of 6 months which is perfect for such a simple health monitoring device, and no need to worry about charging it over and over again, and using it for a long play time.


Fitbark 2 is IP67 rated therefore it is waterproof and tough against harsh weather conditions. The IP67 rating allows for a duration of 30 minutes to be submerged underwater (max. 1 meter). So whether your pup loves playing in puddles of water or while raining, you don’t need to worry as the device is safe and perfectly built for such conditions.

Memory, Sync and Connectivity

The device can save up to 100 days of recorded data by the minute. Fitbark 2 features Bluetooth 4.0 with sync ranging up to 30 ft or 9 m. It also allows you to connect to a Fitbark Base Station Wifi and other Android and iOS devices.

Fitbark 2 General Features

Monitor Sleep And Activities 24/7

This is the main feature that Fitbark 2 especially offers you. The device tracks every activity and movement your dog does by the minute. It also records your pup’s quality of sleep, calories burned, distance travelled, and their health and behavior in general.

3D Accelerometer

Fitbark 2 features a technology called 3D accelerometer that helps in tracking your dog’s activities and movements more accurately than other competing brands.

Watch Out For Medical Issues

Fitbark 2 also has the ability to monitor your changes in your dog’s sleeping habits and behavior. And through this, it will be able to give you an insight regarding any issues with anxiety, mobility, and skin problems.


Fitbark 2 has a downloadable app compatible for both Android and iOS devices. The app not only gives you a full summary of your dog’s daily activities and also sleep cycle information, but also provides you health insights that you can observe if there are any changes in their habits and behavior and also share with their vets whenever needed.

The app also allows you to set goals for your pets regarding their daily activity. There are 3 default goals for your pups: average, active, olympian. But the app allows you to customize the settings of the activity goals so you don’t have to worry if your pets can’t keep up with the default goals of the app. Always remember that every pup is different!

Fitbark 2 Vs. Competitors

Before purchasing Fitbark 2 make sure to check the comparisons with its competitors:

Is It Worth It To Purchase Fitbark 2?

We think it is worth the purchase because of the health and fitness data and insights it can give you and the vet about your pup. It will help you learn more about their habits and behavior and any changes therein to be able to get a grasp of what to do in order to address any problems that may arise from such changes.


This device promotes health and wellness both for you and your dog. It monitors your dog’s daily activities and sleeps pattern which in return provides insights into what needs to be fixed or changed in their daily activities to improve not only their physical but also their mental health. The price is extremely reasonable too (check the current price here). However, I’d personally prefer to pay more and have a device like Fi dog collar, because it provides more features.

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  • Mark Braeden

    Mark is a Boston University graduate and former electrical engineer. In 2017, he decided to combine his tech knowledge with his love for dogs. He spent a year familiarizing himself with the latest GPS tracking collars, invisible fences, and other hot pet gadgets before he wrote his first product review. After selling Technobark, Mark remained a writer and consultant but spends more time on his other passion now: raising and training his growing family of dogs.

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