FitBark VS FitBark 2: What Is The Major Difference?

Differences between Fitbark and Fitbark 2 models
Written by Mark Braeden

Many dog lovers out there are curious about what the differences are between FitBark and FitBark 2, and some are left confused as to which one of them would be better to buy for their dogs. That is why we made this FitBark VS FitBark 2 comparison to help you gauge the similarities and differences between the two.

To give you an idea, both FitBark and FitBark 2 are one of the best dog activity monitoring devices that give you real-time updates and the whole picture of your pet’s day to day activities and health details. But there are certain improvements that you might notice the latest version has.

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Activity / Fitness Tracker

Dog activity feature in Fitbark and Fitbark 2

One of the stronger points of FitBark and FitBark 2 over other pet monitoring devices is their focus on tracking the health and fitness activities of your dogs. The monitor activity and sleep 24/7 feature of these devices monitor your pet’s activities such as the distance travelled when walking or running, the calories burned during those exercises, and the quality of sleep.

These devices also do a great job in monitoring their health such as their stress and anxiety, mobility, and if your pets suffer from any skin disease, they can also monitor it through changes in their behaviour and sleeping habits. This is a great way to get an idea and keep an eye on your dog’s overall health and even other health issues by sending you weekly health reports.

3D Accelerometer

This feature of these devices is being used by vet schools and other research institutions all over the world. This addition to both devices helps in accurately tracking the movements of your pet.

GPS Location Tracking Feature

Unfortunately, both FitBark and FitBark 2 do not have a dog GPS tracking feature but they have developed a new product called FitBark GPS in which they incorporated this feature to fit the needs of the demands of other potential users.


Both of these devices have an IPx7 waterproof rating which means that both FitBark and FitBark 2 can be immersed deeper than 1 meter underwater for a duration of 30 minutes. Just always make sure that the caps are properly and tightly closed and you don’t have to worry anymore in case it gets wet.
Free Apps & Bluetooth

Their smartphone app shows a summary of the details about your dog’s activity index, sleep score, steps walked, and average general health. You have the option to see these details either in a daily or weekly view. The app also lets you see how your pet is doing while being cared for by pet-sitters or dog walkers. The app also has a top dog board feature which lets you compare or maybe have a friendly and healthy competition with other pet lovers out there. You can also share important data of your pets with your friends or family and veterinarians. One more thing is that this app lets you set up an ideal goal vs other similar dogs with regards to their health and lifestyle.

The Bluetooth ability is a great advantage of FitBark and FitBark 2 because the way this works is that these devices can transmit and sync data without sacrificing their battery life. Another advantage of these gadgets is that you can sync them with Fitbit, Google Fit, or Apple Healthkit, which is a great way to get exercise and watch out for your progress together with your pup.



Design differences Fitbark vs Fitbark 2

While both FitBark and FitBark 2 are shaped like dog bones, they are made using different types of materials, and they have different ways to be attached to collars.

FitBark is made of ABS plastic, fashioning a rugged design, which is a strong type of plastic albeit cheaper from others. This unit is available in different colours such as black, green, pink, red, blue. Take note that this model uses elastic bands to be able to be attached to a collar.

The housing of FitBark 2 is made of polycarbonate, also fashioning a rugged design, which makes it more durable than FitBark especially both on land and underwater. This device comes out in black finish but offers covers and are available in different interestingly named colours: bossy diva fuchsia, a life of the party blue, royal purple, passionate lover red, FitBarker blue aqua, romantic snuggler pink, a partner in crime black, a bundle of energy orange, free spirit green, rockstar grey, happy sunshine yellow, and peanut butter monster brown. Take note that this model uses zip ties to be attached to a collar.

Just take note that the covers are for aesthetic purposes only; therefore, they are optional and cannot be replaced under warranty. They are soft covers therefore they are prone to damage due to bites, but they are comfortable for your dog and are also washable. Your FitBark 2 does not need such covers for it to work.

Both of them have display LEDs that function a bit differently. For the FitBark, if the LED is flashing, it means that the unit is pairing; if the LED is sold, it means that it is charging; if there is no LED light, it means that the device is fully charged. For the FitBark 2, if the LED is flashing rapidly, it means that it is pairing; if the LED light is flashing once every ten seconds, it means that it is charging; if the LED light is solid, it means that it is fully charged.


These two devices are both lightweight. While Fitbark has a dimension of 1.6 x 1.1 x 0.4 inches and weighs about 8 grams, Fitbark, on the other hand, has a dimension of 1.6 x 1.1 x 0.5 inches and weighs about 10 grams.

Both of these devices can fit with most collars. FitBark can fit with collars that are 1.18 inches or less in width, while FitBark 2 can fit with collars that are 1.5 inches in diameter.

The Verdict

While both work wherever you are around the world and do not require any subscription plans, between these two, FitBark 2 is obviously the better choice because it is the upgraded version of FitBark. Its memory can store data for up to 100 days while the previous version can only store data for 28 days. The material used is much stronger, and the battery lasts much longer (6 months) compared to the previous one (14 days). This model is a perfect health and fitness monitoring device for your pets. Check the price and latest reviews for FitBark 2 here.

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