PetFON Vs. Tractive

PetFON vs Tractive
Written by Jen Ruiz

Letting your dog walk freely will make a difference in his mental and physical well-being. We can walk them to some parks unleashed, but we unconsciously get our eyes off from them in a few minutes. Instead of getting into a panic and let this happen someday, we have to get a tracker now for our pooch. So far for real-time tracking of our adventurous pups, these two dog trackers will be the answer. If you only want one for your only dog, this PetFON vs. Tractive post will help you to decide.

Main Features

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Both dog GPS trackers are real-time dog locators. They both have great wireless technologies to cater to the dog parent’s needs. Geofence, Radar and Glonass technology from PetFON, and Virtual Fence, Interactive map and Augmented Reality from Tractive. Setting and customizing safe and dangerous zones are the first steps in getting four-legged friends safe.


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Activity and Fitness Tracking

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GPS Location Tracking Features

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Smartphone App

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Pricing and Subscription Plans

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The Winner: PetFON

PetFON has more features regarding locating your dog. You can track your pup further because it can track a range up to 3.5 miles, meaning you don’t have to be near your dog’s vicinity to detect the exact location. In case the GPS cannot reach your pooch, you can still track him because of the Radar technology. You can also view the map and the PetFON app can track up to 3 dogs. You can enjoy the full features once you purchase this dog gadget. Check th

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