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PetsPEMF Review: How Can it Improve Your Dog’s Health?

Petspemf PEMF mat for pets review
Written by Gary Nealon

Do you have an aging dog?  Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy could add years to their life and more life to their years. Today, we’re doing a deep dive into everything you need to know about this innovative pet technology. We’ll look at the potential health benefits, important things to consider, and more. We’ll even hear directly from Petspemf, the makers of a pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) device made just for dogs and cats, in our exclusive interview! We have SO much ground to cover, so let’s jump right in, starting with a bit of background on PEMF.

Just two quick notes before we get started:

  • This post includes affiliate links. If you buy anything through these links, Technobark earns a small commission at no extra cost to you.
  • Nothing in this post is meant as medical advice. Please talk to your vet before making any changes to your dog’s health regimen.

What is PEMF, exactly?

PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy. It’s a cutting-edge technology that can have remarkable benefits for both humans and pets.

So, what exactly does PEMF do? Well, our bodies (including those of our furry friends) are made up of cells that generate electrical impulses. These electrical signals play an important role in maintaining our health. However, sometimes these signals can become imbalanced or disrupted due to injury, illness, or even just through everyday life activities.

This is where PEMF technology comes in. These devices deliver low-frequency electromagnetic pulses deep into the body’s cells, tissue, and even organs, which may help restore balance to those out-of-whack electrical impulses.

Check out the video below for a quick overview of how Petspemf uses those pulses to help improve your dog’s life:

Benefits of PEMF for pets

Now, once again, I need to remind you that this is not medical advice, nor am I making any guarantees here. All dogs are different. However, based on research, studies, and anecdotal evidence, PEMF can help dogs in many different ways, including:

We’ll dig into the benefits of PEMF for dogs a bit more in our interview with the company below. You can also check out the treatment guide for professionals for a more in-depth overview.

For now, though, let’s shift gears a bit and check out my Petspemf review. After all, that’s why you’re here, right?

PetsPEMF Review: How Can it Improve Your Dog's Health?

Petspemf Features at a Glance

Before I share my thoughts, let me just give you a quick rundown of Petspemf and the different sizes available.

  • 25 Guass Intensity
  • Precise application AND full-body device
  • Rechargeable battery
  • 3 programs
  • Safe to use all day long
  • Made from pet-friendly material
  • FDA-approved to treat non-union fractures, post-op pain, and osteoarthritis (in humans)
  • Includes access to the Petspemf Community on Facebook


Small13in x 17.5in x 0.8inCheck Price
Large 27.5in x 17.5in x 0.8inCheck Price

Shop Now on the official Petspemf website

PetsPemf Review: Is it Worth Trying With Your Dog?

I personally have been using a PEMF mat for several years, so when I saw that they were making them for pets, I was immediately intrigued. I know the health benefits for humans and have definitely seen an impact when I have had injuries. My 19-year-old dog is starting to have a hard time getting up and down, and I knew PEMF could help.

However, my own PEMF mat is a commercial-grade mat, which isn’t really ideal for a dog. So my main questions/concerns with a pet version were:

  • a) the strength of the magnetic pulse (my version can feel uncomfortable at high levels)
  • b) the softness of the mat itself (mine is pretty firm).

When I got the PEMF mat, I was really impressed with the softness factor, and also the ease of setup. It can be set up right out of the box with a simple wire connection.

I tested it out with my senior pup as well as a couple of dogs from the neighborhood to give me a better idea of how different dogs respond to it.

Obviously, I can’t tell you exactly what all of the dogs thought of the Petspemf mat. It’s not like they can actually tell me, “Gary, this is awesome! I feel so much better!”

I can tell you, though, that they all really seemed to enjoy laying on it! They didn’t even get startled or scared when the pulse came on (which is something I was worried about). In fact, they actually looked like they were smiling!

Discover the incredible benefits of PEMF therapy for your furry friend! Read our PetsPEMF Pad review and learn how it can improve your dog's health naturally.

Now that you have a pretty good rundown of what PEMF is and what my furry testers thought of the Petspemf mat, let’s hear from the company itself.

Exclusive Interview with Petspemf

Even though I know a good amount about PEMF from using it for myself, I still had quite a few questions regarding the pet version. I also tried to think ahead to questions that you as a reader (and potential newbie to PEMF) may have. In case it’s not obvious, my questions are in bold text.

I noticed that up until your product launched, most PEMF pet brands were geared more toward veterinarians. What made you decide to create a more consumer-friendly version of the technology? 

PEMF used to be exclusively available in clinics for humans and animals. However, our goal was to make PEMF accessible and affordable to everyone, including pets and individuals, by bringing it into our homes. We believe that every living being deserves the opportunity to achieve optimal health.

What is the main difference between Petspemf and one of those more expensive “professional-grade” mats?

PEMF products vary in terms of their design, shape, number of programs, frequencies, and intensity. Typically, a professional-grade PEMF system will include an adjustable intensity setting that can be adjusted to low, medium, or high levels.

However, Petspemf only provides low-intensity stimulation. Another distinguishing factor between different PEMF devices is the shape of the pulse they emit. For example, Petspemf uses a trapezoidal pulse, while other devices may use a sine wave or sawtooth pulse shape, etc.

A dog with arthritis getting natural pain relief from a PEMF mat for pets.

What makes Petspemf stand out from other brands selling consumer-friendly pet PEMF mats?

We are one of the most pet-friendly brands, making every product catered towards pet use. Our products feature covers that are antibacterial, anti-odor, waterproof, and scratch-resistant, which protect the foam and coils from damage. The design is easy to use and clean, making it a hassle-free experience for both pets and their owners. Petspemf is dedicated to providing the most user-friendly experience possible.

 One of the things that I noticed on the comparison chart is that PetsPEMF mats have “25 Gauss” versus the competition with only up to 1 Guass. Can you explain what that means? 

The intensity of a magnetic field is measured in Gauss, a unit of measurement that can also be expressed in Teslas, another unit of magnetic flux density. Electromagnetic field systems emit frequencies with varying levels of power or intensity, which can be categorized as low, medium, or high depending on the generator’s power.

Research on PEMF has mostly been conducted within the micro and milli-Tesla range, which is why our Petspemf products utilize a low-intensity setting of 2.5 mT or 25 Gauss.

How does the mat work? 

The Pad is made out of 5-6 copper coils and a generator or a battery that creates the magnetic field. 

The magnetic field’s strength is highest at the coils, but its intensity decreases exponentially, allowing it to remain effective even several inches from the coil’s center. Pulsed electromagnetic fields can impact the cellular activity of both soft and hard tissue and restore balance to physiological processes within the organism.

Brindle dog laying on a Petspemf mat

Is there a difference between the cat vs. the dog mat aside from size? Could someone with a toy breed dog (such as a chihuahua) buy the cat mat, or is that not recommended?

Both Pads have the same internal structure, with the only variation being their size. One is designed with dimensions more popular for dogs, and the other for cats. However, either Pad can be utilized by either pet.

Say a customer buys a mat and her dog refuses to lay on it. What would you recommend doing to entice her pooch?

It’s recommended to associate the use of the Pad with positive experiences such as treats or feeding time or the presence of a special toy. Placing the Pad underneath their bed or a cozy blanket, or even a t-shirt can be helpful.

You can also begin a program and gradually place the Pad over your pet if they can tolerate it. While every animal is unique, most pets are immediately drawn to the Pad.

Two senior dogs using the Petspemf PEMF mat

Is PEMF safe for all dogs?

Yes, one of PEMF’s first uses was to treat racehorses for non-union fractures. Non-invasive, non-thermal PEMF technologies now have a long history of clinical use, delivering over 3,000,000 treatments without registering any side or adverse effects.

We are bringing PEMF therapy for dogs, cats and other animals out of the clinics and into our homes to help them live their longest, happiest lives.

What should owners know before trying it with their pets?

It’s important to know which animals are unsuitable for using the Petspemf Pad. For safety reasons, the Petspemf Pad should not be used near animals or people with implants such as pacemakers, non-MRI-safe IUDs, cochlear implants, or mechanical heart valves.

If you’re a pet owner with any of these devices, it’s recommended to maintain a distance of at least 30 cm or 12 inches from the Petspemf Pad while it’s in use.

What types of symptoms and/or conditions can Petspemf help relieve?

Today, PEMF technology is used to treat post-operative pain, edema, osteoarthritis, anxiety, depression, chronic wounds, arthritis, and many other conditions in pets. It has been shown to improve joint mobility and reduce pain and inflammation associated with arthritis in dogs.

It can also help to increase blood flow and oxygenation to the affected area, which can promote healing and reduce pain. The increasing amount of clinical evidence from all around the world supports the fact that PEMF therapy is beneficial for use in both human and animal use.

Petspemf Pad has three programs for pain relief, stress relief, and accelerated healing.

  • For Pain Relief, the recommended daily regime is 30 minutes and the therapy should last until needed. The pad can be positioned over the affected site or the animal can lie on it, and use it as a PEMF bed.
  • For Accelerated healing, the recommended daily regime is 30 minutes and the therapy should last until needed. The pad can be positioned over the wound or affected site, or the animal can pay on it.
  • For Stress Relief, the recommended daily regime is a maximum of 3 times for 20 minutes and the therapy should last 1-2 weeks. The pad can be positioned on the plexus, the whole body, or the head of the animal, or the animal can lie on it.

How long should dogs stay on the mat to reap the greatest benefits?

PEMF as therapy doesn’t have side effects and cannot be overused. With that being said, usually, the animals show how much they want to be on the Pad. The suggested durations for the programs are the minimum durations you need in order to see the effects of the Petspemf Pad.

Is the Petspemf mat worth buying?

So, is the Petspemf worth trying with your pooch? Based on my own experience with PEMF as well as how all of my neighborhood dogs reacted, I say yes, absolutely.

Shop Now on the official Petspemf website!


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