Flying Pig Grooming Dog Wash Station Big Review

Flying Pig dog wash station is made of stainless steel materials.
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After playtime in the backyard, you have to bring your dog to a bathtub or to a shower room. You might want to consider Flying Pig Grooming Dog Wash Station for these needs. It is an easy task but you have to walk together through the living room and the dining area before reaching the bathroom. Pawprints, dirt and dripping mud are now all over the place. Instead of only cleaning your dog, you have to clean other areas now. If your dog will just have a bath outdoor using a hose, the place will become messy and your dog will become wet and dirty again in a few minutes. Good thing, there is a dog grooming equipment called Flying Pig Grooming Dog Wash Station where you can let your dog walk on the ramp going to an organized and convenient dog wash station. Let me share my experience with this awesome bathing tool.

Quick insights for Flying Pig Grooming Dog Bath

  • stainless steel dog bath
  • 50 inches high, lightweight and portable
  • hold a large dog of 180-220 pounds or two smaller dogs
  • watertight
  • it has a dog hair trap that prevents blocking of the drain hole
  • amazing Amazon reviews (read here)

Flying Pig Grooming Dog Wash Station Review and Test

Benefits of Flying Pig Grooming Dog Bath

Flying Pig Grooming Dog Wash Station with the door opened,


The Flying Pig Grooming Dog Wash Station is designed to handle even the most challenging situations during bath time. With its versatility and compelling features, the stainless steel dog bath is listed as number one on different reviews. Bath time doesn’t always have to be stressful for you and your dog. Comfortable bathing is now possible with Flying Pig’s new and innovative technology!

The Flying Pig Grooming Dog Tub is 50 inches high. It is lightweight, portable, and easy to assemble because of the removable overhead. Upon receiving the package, the bathtub is not assembled so you will not have any trouble fitting it through any doors. All the necessary accessories are provided in the package, making the assembly hassle-free! The sprayer, faucet with cold and hot water hose, shampoo rack, hair trap, and one plumbing drain hose are all in the product.

With the tub’s relatively large size, it fits the size of any breed. It can hold a large dog of 180-220 pounds or two smaller dogs. The tub also comes with removable floor gates which you can put when you are done getting your dog inside the wash station. The floor grates can be adjusted to accommodate small and large dogs. The floor grates will also help keep your dog out of soiled or soapy water which makes bath time difficult.

This grooming bathtub is made of 16-gauge stainless steel that provides great sealing, solid durability, and easy maintenance. Did I mention that the tub is made with a rust-resistant material?

The dog bath station’s ramp folds away neatly under the body when not in use. Plus, the door is easy to open and has a safety lock. It is also watertight to keep the water in the tank, avoiding mess outside the tank.

The dog bath tub’s faucet and the shower hose together can release hot or cold water. It also features watertight seals. There’s a small tray attached for placing your dog’s shampoo, conditioner and soap. All bathing functions of your dog in one grooming bathtub!

This video gives you an idea of what is Flying Pig dog bath is all about:

This dog grooming bath tub is available in 2 types:

  • Left door/ right drain
  • Right door/ left drain

You can remove back-splash and side-splashes for greater versatility in washing your pet. One more thing, there is a restraining leash to keep your dog in the steel tub. Be careful not to splash the water directly to your dog’s face and other sensitive parts.

Flying Pig’s Grooming Dog Wash Station Versatility and Convenience

Flying Pig Grooming dog bath with the closed door.

Photo Amazon

The Flying Pig Grooming Stainless Steel Dog tub is available in 2 types. You can choose between the left door/ right drain or right door/ left drain. A much smaller and bigger version is also available, measuring 38” and 62” respectively. Moreover, Flying Pig also offers a 50” electric lift version, allowing for a more convenient dog bath. Offered in various versions, Flying Pig’s tubs cover grooming shop needs.

The Flying Pig dog wash station has so much room! Whenever my friend and her dog visits, we wash my dog and hers altogether. We were so glad that our dogs don’t feel trapped inside. Seeing our dogs enjoy their bath is the cutest thing ever! You wouldn’t need to invest for a lot more money for the larger version. A client has been using the wash station for very large breeds and didn’t encounter problems at all.

Flying Pig also allows you to remove backsplash and side-splashes for greater versatility in washing your pet. The removable backsplash and side-splashes have waterproof seals. This provides protection to the surrounding walls and area. One more thing, there is a restraining leash to keep playful dogs in the steel tub. The bath tool might be dangerous to small, playful dogs that can jump from the tub.

Remember to take extra precautions when using the stainless steel dog bath. Be careful not on splash the water directly to your dog’s face and other sensitive parts. Your dog’s negative experiences from bath time will make him fear bath time. The Flying Pig Grooming Stainless Steel Dog Wash Station won’t make that happen as it allows for a less stressful bath time.

A Stress-Free Dog Bath Time

Flying Pig Grooming dog tub drain trap for the dog's hair

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No more back aches, stiff backs, and sore knees with this dog bath! I always had problems with crouching beside an ordinary tub that my dog splash water out of. There was no easy bath time for my dog and me as I have to chase him whenever he runs away from the bath. Thus, he covers the entire room with soap, making it wet. Whenever I clean my dog outside, we always look like we’re playing tag. But those experiences were before I utilized the Flying Pig dog bathtub!

Another problem during bath time is the hair that covers my bath tub’s drain. Especially that my pooch is thick-coated, there are times that his hair is all over my tub. I still had to clean it after a stressful bath time. This is why I loved the Flying Pig Grooming stainless steel tub because it has a hair trap that prevents blocking of the drain hole. The bath tool is the best time-saver ever!

Why own a Flying Pig Grooming Dog Wash Station?

Shower attached to flying pig dog bath tub.

Whether you will own this stainless steel pet grooming bathtub or you will use it for pet care business, the equipment will help you save time and effort in lifting your dog to a bath tub. With enough space for your pet and the bathing accessories, you can clean your pet thoroughly since you do not have to walk and reach for your pet’s bath and towel needs. No things getting on your dog’s way means less accident for both of you. Less stress and more fun bonding with your dog!

Cons of Flying Pig Grooming Dog Wash Station

There are no technical issues with this dog bathtub, engineers worked perfectly. It’s no doubt why the station is considered as one of the best dog bathtub on the market of its kind. Besides of its high price, we didn’t seem to find too many disadvantages with its use.


The bad thing about Flying Pig Dog Wash Station is the price. Usually, the cost is about $1850 (check current price here at Amazon), but you got to understand, this dog wash station is very durable and extremely convenient. Next time, when you are in grooming salon just take a look at their baths. Most likely, it is going to be Flying Pig Grooming Dog Wash Station. This is a quality product worth the money you invested! 

If you are going to take a look at Amazon reviews, all clients are testifying that the Flying Pig Grooming Dog Wash Station is impressively durable. One client said that he first had issues with the package he received. Fortunately, the company’s customer service was kind and accommodating! The manager personally contacted the client himself to fix the defects. A great customer service for Flying Pig!

Next time, when you are in grooming salon just take a look at their baths. Most likely, it is going to be Flying Pig Grooming Dog Wash Station. Flying Pig products have been trusted by clients and experts ever since, gaining its much-deserved popularity over the years.

With the size of the bathtub, you should understand that it takes a lot of space if you live in a condo or apartment. If you prefer a much cheaper and smaller option for bathing your dog, we recommend the Waterpik PPR-252 Wand Pro Dog Shower. However, it does not offer the great convenience and versatility of the Flying Pig Grooming Dog Wash Station.

Flying Pig Grooming Dog Bath Feedback and Reviews

We analyzed different reviews of the Flying Pig’s stainless steel dog bath by experts and clients (you can read them here). As what I mentioned above, it was ranked number one among all water stations in different reviews. As what we have concluded, the customers were greatly satisfied with both the product and manufacturer.

Flying Pig was praised for its durability, quality, efficiency, design, and customer service! In my opinion, what made the clients love this product is all the available options and features that saves them from having to shop around for compatible parts. It truly saves time and effort.

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Fun ways to wash your dog

Flying pig bath for dogs has two ropes that helps to fix your dog that makes washing experience pleasant.

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The Flying Pig Grooming Professional Stainless Steel Dog Tub is a grooming tool in one! You would see the bathtub’s efficiency and performance well by using other dog items with it. The bathtub allows for multiple uses. This feature is the evidence of the impressive functionalities of this bathing tool.

You can put a dog blow dryer on the same room with the stainless grooming bath tub. Touching and hugging can make your dog feel comfortable. You can use your dog’s favorite toys in case you are having a hard time convincing him or her to walk on the ramp. In this way, you wouldn’t need to wrestle your dog into the tub.

The Flying Pig Dog Bath Summary

The Flying Pig Dog Wash Station is truly worth to buy. If you would compare it with other bath stations sold by other companies, it has a reasonable price. Verified purchasers love this sturdy and durable dog wash station because it made the bath time so much easy and convenient. Overall, this bathtub is an outstanding product produced by an excellent company. My dog and I greatly recommend this product!

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