Flying Pig Grooming Professional Stainless Steel Dog Wash Station

After playtime in the backyard, you have to bring your dog to a bathtub or to a shower room. It is an easy task but you have to walk together through the living room and the dining area before reaching the bathroom. Paw prints, dirt and dripping mud are now all over the place. Instead of only cleaning your dog, you have to clean other areas now. If your dog will just have a bath outdoor using a hose, the place will become messy and your dog will become wet and dirty again in a few minutes. Good thing, there is a dog grooming equipment called Flying Pig Grooming Dog Wash Station where you can let your dog walk on the ramp going to an organized and convenient dog wash station.

Benefits of Flying Pig Grooming Dog Wash Station

Flying Pig Grooming Dog Wash Station

Flying Pig Grooming Dog Wash Station is 50 inches high and easy to assemble. The floor grates can be adjusted to accommodate small and large dogs. It can hold a large dog of 180-220 pounds or two smaller dogs. It comes with a removable floor gate so you can put it when you are done getting your dog inside the wash station. The grooming bath tub is made of 16-gauge stainless steel. The faucet and the shower hose together can release hot or cold water. It also features watertight seals. There’s a small tray attached for placing your dog’s shampoo, conditioner and soap. All bathing functions of your pet in one grooming bath tub!



This dog grooming bath tub is available in 2 types:

  • Left door/ right drain
  • Right door/ left drain

You can remove back-splash and side-splashes for greater versatility in washing your pet. One more thing, there is a restraining leash to keep your dog in the steel tub. Be careful not to splash the water directly to your dog’s face and other sensitive parts.

dog wash station stainless

Why own a Flying Pig Grooming Dog Wash Station?

Whether you will own this stainless steel pet grooming bathtub or you will use it for pet care business, the equipment will help you save time and effort in lifting your dog to a bath tub. With enough space for your pet and the bathing accessories, you can clean your pet thoroughly since you do not have to walk and reach for your pet’s bath and towel needs. No things getting on your dog’s way means less accident for both of you. Less stress and more fun bonding with your dog!

Cons of Flying Pig Grooming Dog Wash Station

There are no technical issues with this dog bathtub, engineers worked perfectly. The bad thing about Flying Pig Grooming Dog Wash Station is the price. Usually, the cost is about $1850 (check current price here at Amazon), but you got to understand, this dog wash station is very durable and extremely convenient. Next time, when you are in grooming salon just take a look at their baths. Most likely, it is going to be Flying Pig Grooming Dog Wash Station. You may consider a cheaper option called Waterpik PPR-252 Wand Pro Dog Shower.

It also takes a lot of space if you live in a condo.

Fun ways to wash your dog

You can put a dog blow dryer on the same room with the stainless grooming bath tub.  Touching and hugging can make your dog feel comfortable. You can use your dog’s favorite toys in case you are having a hard time convincing him or her to walk on the ramp. In this way, you wouldn’t need to wrestle your dog into the tub.

The Flying Pig Grooming Professional Stainless Steel Dog Tub is truly worth to buy. Verified purchasers love this sturdy and durable dog wash station because it made the bath time so much easy and convenient.

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Final Reviwoof

9.8 out of 10
Pros The floor grates can be adjusted, removable floor gate, shower hose can release hot or cold water, save time and effort Cons Expensive, takes a lot of space

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