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Re-WALK: New Innovative 100% Recycled Material Dog Leash

Noelle ReWALK Leash Red Kickstarter
Written by Mark Braeden

All-Women Start-Up Launched A Kickstarter Campaign To Raise Money For Recycled P.E.T. Products.

A start-up business operated by 100% women-owned, Noelle, Ashlynn, Cameron, and Maylee Mojica (mother and daughters), aims to introduce their innovative dog products created from recycled plastic bottles. They only have 42 days to raise $10.5K. With still over a month to go, it looks like they will raise more than the initial goal.

Walk, LLC is a start-up in Colorado. They launched their Kickstarter campaign last March 24, 2020. Their vision includes pets, outdoors and our planet’s safety. Noelle Mojica saw the death of their beloved dog as an opportunity to share and to give back in saving the planet. It made her little girls realize that there is nothing they can’t do. 

The campaign will allow them to raise enough money to launch their recycled dog products. Noelle Mojica, a mother of three and lead of this campaign, said during an interview:

We chose Kickstarter because of the community it has and how they rally around start-ups and new entrepreneurs. We knew that introducing our dog leashes made from recycled plastic bottles (the RE-WALK and ADDA-WALK leashes) on Kickstarter would give us the kick start we need to build our business in its infancy stage.

RE-WALK is one of their priced products that will be launched after the success of their Kickstarter campaign. It is a standard 6-foot long dog leash made from recycled plastic (polyethylene terephthalate or P.E.T.) bottles.

It offers a comfortable padded handle that lets you secure your pet around a tree, on a bench, or around your hands so you don’t need to spend your money on dog GPS collars. The handle can also act as a waste strap by simply attaching it to a slider buckle. The design was very innovative that they thought of including a waste-bag holder where you can attach WALK’s compostable trash bags. Furthermore, you can attach your dog’s duty poop bags on the buckle under the waste bag holder. It has a special feature called the “close call handle” for when you need to keep your pup closer to you. You can connect the Re-Walk with a small loop to the ADDA- WALK leash. You can connect both leashes to your dog’s collar to prevent twisting or leash tangling while in use. You can still use this leash along with LED collars.

People who choose to support their project can choose from 5 rewards. The first 250 supports can avail 48% off the retail price of the Re-Walk leash ($17.00 retail). Other promo offers include bundles like Re-Walk + Adda-Walk + 6-pack Duty Bags for $22.00 or 360-pc compostable bags for $20.00, which is 55% off savings from the retail price.

A very small portion of their funding will be allotted so the family can adopt another four-legged best friend. They are coordinating with rescue homes to donate some of their leashes to help foster programs in Denver.

If you want to know more about WALK’s projects and campaigns, visit their pitch here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/20656112/re-walk-a-dog-leash-made-from-recycled-plastic-by-walk



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