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Is Bissell BarkBath The Best Portable Dog Bath System?

Bissell Bark Bath review
Written by Mark Braeden

The Bissell BarkBath is an innovative portable bathing tool for dogs, that can be used both for indoor and outdoor. It’s extremely popular among dog owners, but it is really that good? Keep reading to find out!

FYI, This post was updated in Nov 2023, and some of the images are from the previous model. Just keep that in mind as you read.

Is Bissell BarkBath The Best Portable Dog Bath System?

Dogs usually prefer to skip bath time, but bathing plays an essential role in your dog’s well being. Every dog owner understands that bath time is the most challenging part of being a pet parent. To your pup, bathing doesn’t equate to getting all beautified. In fact, they even love their stinky smell!

Bath time doesn’t have to always stressful for you and your dog. With your proper care, the right temperature of the water, and a good shampoo, bath time will be a nice experience for both of you! However, the difficulty of bathing your dog will always be there, especially with large and thick-coated dogs. The Bissell BarkBath Portable Dog Bath System has helped me with my problem!

I am so excited to share my experience! I listed all the reasons why I loved Bissell BarkBath (check the current price here).

Bissell BARKBATH Dual Use Portable Dog Bath & Deep Cleaner, 2592 (3rd Gen),Grey

The first 2-in-1 Portable Dog Wash and Deep Cleaner. This portable all-in-one system can be used to wash your dog in any room of the house, anytime, with minimal mess AND can also be used to clean up the messes that your dog or other family members may leave behind on carpets, rugs and upholstery.

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Top Features of the Bissell BarkBath Dual Use Portable Dog Bath:

Let’s take a quick look at the top features. Then, I’ll go over them in more detail below.

  1. Portability and Convenience: The Bissell BarkBath’s portable design is a game-changer. With this device, you can bathe your pet anywhere, making it perfect for outdoor use or homes without a traditional tub.
  2. Efficient Cleaning System: The built-in nozzles and cleaning solution work together to efficiently remove dirt and odors from your dog’s coat.
  3. Water-conservation: The unique design minimizes water usage while maximizing cleaning power, ensuring a thorough bath without wasting water.
  4. Adjustable Settings: Customize the bathing experience with adjustable water flow and spray settings. This flexibility allows you to cater to your dog’s comfort level, whether they prefer a gentle mist or a more targeted spray for a deeper clean.
  5. Easy Cleanup: The Bissell BarkBath comes with a separate dirty water tank, keeping the used water separate from the clean water. This not only ensures a hygienic bath for your pet but also makes cleanup a breeze.

1. Offers Great Convenience

What I loved about the Bissell Bark Bath is it made bath time a less hassle for my dog and me. No more wrestling your dog into the bathtub or dealing with messy hose attachments.

The product has provided me a faster, easier, and less messy way of bathing my dog. With the Bissell Bark Bath, I was able to bathe my dog in any room in the house without leaving a mess!

So if you have a dog that is scared of the tub, then this product will be your remedy. To bathe my dog using the Bark Bath:

  • I hold the nozzle directly to my dog’s coat.
  • Press the trigger and gently stroke downwards my dog’s fur.
  • When done cleaning, I release the trigger and use drying strokes to suction up any moisture.
  • Lastly, I use the microfiber towel with a solution to hand clean delicate areas.

2. Thorough Cleaning Action

    With the traditional bathing procedure, I wasn’t assured that my dog is getting properly cleaned. Now, my dog loves how he feels after bath time! The Bissell Bark Bath is designed with special nozzles that get beneath the fur and down to the skin. The nozzles allow the water and shampoo solution to wash the skin while a soft suction pulls dirt and water away.

    The device makes my dog’s skin really damp. It’s a lot better than a full-on shower or hose that gets his fur soaking wet. The no-rinse shampoo formula in a Mulberry scent leaves my dog’s skin clean and fresh! It’s no doubt why my dog enjoys getting cleaned since then.

    3. Super Easy to Use

    The Bissell Bark Bath set up was very simple! Start off by placing the microfiber mat on the floor then put your tool on top of it.

    Afterward, fill the tank with warm water, pour in the shampoo, prime the pump, and then vacuum your dog clean.

    4. Saves Money, Time, and Water

    I am trying Bissell Bark Bath portable toll on my dog: results before and after.

    The Bissell Bark Bath only uses a fraction of the water that we would use before in a bathtub. A no-rinse shampoo, microfiber mat, and microfiber cloth are included in the package.

    With its effective full cleaning, it saves me a visit from the pet groomer! I loved that I can get my golden retriever completely clean just like a professional groomer for $149.

    5. Ideal for ALL Dogs

    The Bissell Bark Bath has been designed with adjustable spray nozzles that accommodate either lengths of fur. The nozzle design allows me to easily remove any hair that builds up on the surface of the tool.

    There is a design on the device that keeps hair out of the unit. Since then, clogged drains isn’t a problem anymore!

    For thick-coated dogs, it may take two tanks of water to finish the process. One tank is sufficient for short and medium-coated dogs.

    The Bissell BarkBath is very useful for dogs who are afraid of water, senior dogs, sensitive dogs, and dogs recovering from surgery.

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    6. Durable and Long-Lasting

    The best thing about the Bissell dog bath system is its extremely durable and has a high-quality. I have been using mine for almost six months and it works perfectly fine! Exactly like the first-time use!

    As I’ve read reviews from other customers, some testified that they have been using the system for years now and they still enjoy the convenience it gives!

    What’s Included in the Bissell Dog Bath System?

    Bissell Bark Bath comes with no rinse shampoo which was reviewed as the best cleaning tool for many dogs.

    BarkBath Portable Dog Bathing Unit

    The portable bath system allows you to bath your dog anywhere and anytime, without any mess. It weighs 9.5oz and only uses 48 ounces of water, which makes it not too heavy, so it is very portable. The product dimensions are (L x W x H) 17.25 x 8.25 x 12.50 inches.

    No Rinse Shampoo (Fresh and Clean with light mulberry scent)

    There is a no-rinse shampoo included in the package, the Fresh and Clean version. No Rinse Shampoo is designed for the Bissell dog bath system that contains only the essential ingredients to provide a clean and fresh coat.

    Microfiber Mat

    A microfiber mat is included in the package that you could place under the Bark Bath machine. You can also place this under your dog during the bath to help catch any water droplets that may come off your dog.

    Microfiber cloth for Face and Paws

    To complete your pooch’s bathing experience, use the cloth to clean your paws, face, and areas behind the ears. It is a great help to absorb any residual water that may remain on your dog after bathing.

    Cons & Issues You May Experience With Bissell Bark Bath System

    While the innovative product seems like a great idea, Bissell BarkBath also has its disadvantages.

    • Learning Curve: Some users may find a slight learning curve in the beginning, especially if they are accustomed to traditional bathing methods.
    • Limited Water Capacity: The portable design comes with a trade-off. While it’s perfect for quick baths, the water tank’s capacity may be limiting for larger dogs or multiple pets.
    • Proprietary Shampoo: Bissell recommends only using their shampoo with the BarkBath. Could you use others and get away with it? Probably, but it may wreck your machine.
    • It’s noisy. It sounds similar to an average vacuum cleaner.
    • Some dogs hate it: While the product lived up to its promise, whether it’s worth it or not really depends on your dog. Some dogs refuse to cooperate!

    Bissell BarkBath Shampoo

    For me, the shampoo issue is biggest disadvantage of the product. Bissell warns that any other shampoo could harm the machine, or cause it to not work anymore. According to Bissell, ordinary dog shampoos could clog the lines.

    The bottle that comes with it is only 16 ounces. Sure, that sounds like a good amount, but if you’re bathing a mastiff or other XL breed, it’ll go fast. Then you’re stuck paying whatever they feel like charging that day to get more.

    Nevertheless, the no-rinse shampoo smells really great! It has a light scent that I am in love with but does not overwhelm my dog.

    I am currently using the “Clean and Fresh” shampoo with a light mulberry scent. The good thing with Bissell’s shampoo is they sell different varieties to suit each dog. They offer a fragrance-free version and one that is strong enough to eliminate bad odor.

    The Bissell shampoo is a bit pricey but it is worth the price! My dog who has a sensitive skin did not itch from the formula. It is very nice to lather and easy to rinse.

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    If your dog is scared of the sound, the device has a long hose so you can place it farther from your dog.

    Bissell also offers a video demonstration that will show you how to train your furry friend if he/she is anxious about the noise. The video was really informative, it was a big help for me!

    To make your dog get used to the dog bath, incorporate positive things into the product. It is just like introducing your little pup to bath for the first time, but easier! You would want to give your canine companion a lot of love and treats as he/she slowly adjust to the Bissell bark bath. This way, your dog will eventually love the dog bath!

    Not Ideal for Outdoor Use

    The device is a very handy tool for grooming and is indeed a time-saver. However, it needs to be plugged into an outlet, so it is not ideal for outside use. If you don’t have an outlet outside or nearby your yard, then you have to say goodbye to outdoor baths. Nevertheless, you won’t need to bathe your dog outdoor anymore because the Bissell dog bath does not leave any mess.

    Bathing outside also is not ideal for some as it can make your dog feel cold and uncomfortable. You would just have to miss fun outdoor baths during the summer. Well, with our busy schedule and the weather, outdoor baths with your dog aren’t the usual thing that we do. You could always set up an exciting outdoor bath without the use of Bissell dog bath when you feel like to!

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    The Bissell BarkBath Portable Dog Bath Final Summary

    The Bissell Bark Bath Portable Dog Bath System provide a different approach to bathing your dog. Since the day I heard of this product, I was quick to embrace the idea of a mess-free and fun bath time. It did live up to its promise! I encountered slightly negative inconveniences with the product, but it does not affect its overall performance. My retriever and I highly recommend this product.

    Check the price and more reviews for Bissell Bark Bath here on Amazon.

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