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Aquapaw Dog Bathing Glove Review: Worth Buying or Not?

Aquapaw dog bathing glove review
Written by Tillie Bailey

Are you having a terrible time during your dog’s bath time? Aquapaw dog bathing glove can be your lifesaver. We included Aquapaw to our list the best bathing tools for dogs. Every dog owners’ main goal is to give a positive experience of bath time to their fur babies so they won’t feel stressed and develop a fear of being bathed. Our dogs may love water and enjoy lakes, rivers, and even the garden sprinkler but there is always something about bath time that gives them dread. They are not the only ones who encounter difficulties during bath time; it is also the toughest activity dog owners face. 

Aquapaw Dog Bathing Glove
Quick Review

Amazon Reviews4.6 out of 5 (over 150 reviews)
Technobark Review9.8 out of 10
Who is the dog gadget for? For dog owner who wants to shower their dog

We often worry about not getting them completely cleaned especially with thickly-furred dogs. It is essential for my Chow Chow to maintain his appearance, but bath time is a no for him. As a dog owner, I have to make sure that he gets adequately cleaned from his outer to inner coat and standard showers don’t seem to help me with that. I had trouble with finding a perfect dog indoor shower that can help me with my problem. Good thing, I found this Aquapaw dog bathing glove that became my ultimate problem-solver. I’ll tell you why my dog and I loved this product.

Aquapaw Dog Bathing Glove Pros

Aquapaw dog bathing glove hose

Photo Amazon.com

1. Stress-reliever

Bath time is now trouble-free for me and my dog with this dog indoor shower! Aquapaw dog bathing glove is not just a shower; it’s a combination of sprayer-scrubber with a flexible 8ft. hose that can operate with the use of only one hand so you’d always have the other hand to comfort your dog during bath time.

It helped eliminate stress and time during bath time and even made it fun! My dog likes to run away from my grip when I’m washing him up, but with the use of Aquapaw dog shower, I can now hold him while cleaning. One client said that their two puppies cringe at the sight of the water coming out of the shower. But when they used this product, their puppies were less anxious during bath time!

2. Magic Wand Cleaner

Do you also have a thick-furred dog that is very hard to clean? Worry no more, this dog shower will be your magic wand! It helped me drench my dog’s undercoat and really get the shampoo onto his skin. A client said that it accomplished a lot more than a standard shower did.

The Aquapaw dog bathing glove allows me to get the water and shampoo get close to my dog’s undercoat. Now, he’s so much cleaner and not so much like the smell of shampoo. After using the Aquapaw dog shower, my dog looks very clean, and his coat looks softer, unlike before. It seems like we went to the groomer!

3. Gentle and Calming

My dog and I both agree that bath time is generally upsetting. Before getting inside the bathroom, we would have a little game of chase. During bath time, he will eventually try to escape from my grip and run away. I was worried that I was causing his anxieties.

I didn’t know what to do to prioritize my dog’s comfort during bath time while also keeping him clean. I was somewhat skeptical with purchasing the Aquapaw Pet Shower because all the dog showers I’ve tried before didn’t help me at all. Nevertheless, I was very hopeful that this product works as intended. Luckily, it has exceeded all my expectations!

The Aquapaw pet shower gave my dog a more comfortable bath time since the water is closer to his body and easier to control. Because the shower is also a scrubber, my dog feels like he is getting a massage! Having the tool attached in my hand was more like petting my dog, rather than having to hold a shower in my hand, and him getting afraid of the shower.

Now, my dog stays calm because the shower gives him the sensation that I’m petting him. It also makes him more relaxed because the scrubber was absolutely massaging. Thanks to Aquapaw, there’s no more anxious dog and stressed pet owner!

4. Uncomplicated Set-up

Aquapaw dog bathing glove setup

The most common problem I encounter with usual dog showers is the installation process. Because of my experience, I was somewhat skeptical with purchasing the Aquapaw pet shower. Luckily, the Aquapaw pet bathing tool begs to differ! The installation process was uncomplicated and only took me a few minutes, with no tools required!

For outdoor use, I only grabbed the adapter, screwed it onto the hose, and connected it to the Aquapaw hose. At only three steps, my dog and I can already enjoy a fun outdoor bath!

Installing the Aquapaw dog shower indoor has more steps than outdoor installation. The first step is threading the diverter adapter onto the shower diverter. Next is I removed the shower head and wrapped pipe threads with the included teflon tape three times.

After wrapping the teflon tape, screw the shower adapter onto the pipe snugly but not too tight. Lastly, screw the shower head back until it’s snug, attach the aquapaw quick connect hose, and flip the switch. I was very delighted to see that the Aquapaw was very easy to connect to the diverter, it clicked within a second!

I can’t emphasize enough how much I appreciate that all the necessary things to install the shower are included in the package. I don’t have to run to the hardware or find a tool while installing. I read the feedback of a client saying that he was impressed because the set included everything necessary to establish the unit in their home shower including a y-valve and Teflon tape. It shows that Aquapaw prioritizes their customer service!

This video might help you as well:    

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5. For Indoor and Outdoor Use

The Aquapaw dog shower is not the first dog bathing tool I tried. I used many dog showers before, and none of them are as versatile as the Aquapaw dog bathing tool. Some of the dog showers I purchased before have the same price as the Aquapaw dog shower but can only be used indoors. The best part about Aquapaw dog bathing glove is that you can’t only wash your dog indoor, you can also choose the best spot outside by cleaning him using a garden hose!

That’s not all; you don’t have to worry about connecting your Aquapaw with your shower or hose because adaptors are included in every Aquapaw Pet Shower. There is a separate adapter for a standard shower and another adapter for your garden hose. The shower adapter is designed to fit behind every shower head and is also compatible with multiple handheld shower attachments.

6. Money Saver

You’ll pay extra dollars with Aquapaw compared to other similar products but it will help you save money by saving water and saving trips to the groomer! My main problem with using the standard shower and garden hose is the running water. Because I am holding my dog while comforting him during bath time, I’m unable to turn the faucet off when not in use. Sometimes, bath time would suddenly turn into a game of chase, resulting in me leaving the water running.

I wonder how much water I unintentionally wasted before using the Aquapaw Bathing tool. Now, I can quickly turn the shower off when not in use even while comforting my dog. No more guilty dog parent and wasted water this time!

The Aquapaw pet sprayer will make your dog feels like he is in a grooming salon! My dog enjoyed the shower since the first use. The Aquapaw provides a professional-quality wash, so we have already eliminated the trips to the groomer. The product is truly worth every penny!

7. Lifetime Warranty

When buying products, especially online, I always look for the products backed up with a warranty. I’ve always had problems with my previously-owned dog showers because they are not backed up with a warranty. Hence, the showers ended up in the trash after malfunctioning.

Even after my experience, I was still eager to look for a dog shower that will truly help me with bathing my dog. Fortunately, I found the Aquapaw Pet Shower Sprayer and Scrubber in-One that is backed up with a lifetime warranty! Yes, you saw it right! This product comes with a lifetime warranty, and that explains why it has a reasonable price.

You won’t have to worry about buying another product if it has been damaged, the manufacturer will instantly replace it with original parts provided it has not been abused, purposely damaged, or repaired by someone else. One client had a similar experience with mine. She said that she was glad she paid extra dollars for the product because she bought similar products that didn’t work well unlike Aquapaw.

8. Money Back Guarantee

Aquapaw guarantees that our dogs will tolerate bath time more when bathed using the Aquapaw Pet Sprayer Shower and Scrubber in one. If one client is not satisfied with the dog shower, Aquapaw will accept product return and will send a full refund. All you have to do is visit their website, enter your order information, describe the reason for your return, print the pre-paid shipping label, and drop off at any USPS location. It’s that easy with no questions asked!

This is one of the reasons why I purchased the Aquapaw Pet Bathing Tool. I was hesitating at first, but when I read that it has a money back guarantee, I immediately ordered online! This product is certainly a safe choice!

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Cons of Aquapaw Dog Bathing Tool

The Aquapaw Pet Shower Sprayer may seem a perfect tool, but it also has its cons. For this section, I reviewed numerous feedbacks from different clients to find the most common problems they have encountered with the product. Together with my experience, the cons listed below are only the usual difficulties we experienced with using the Aquapaw Dog Bathing Tool. Any problem you may find or encounter can be a result of misuse and carelessness.

Take note that a product’s use and durability still depends on how you use it. It is a crucial step to follow the instructions strictly follow the company’s instructions and have a proper installation. Nevertheless, do not worry too much because Aquapaw’s customer support is always available and your product is backed up with a lifetime warranty!

Inconvenient Use

Unlike other dog showers, you can’t use the Aquapaw dog shower and your regular shower head at the same time. If the Aquapaw bathing tool is installed in the shower, you can only use the dog shower. It is only a slight inconvenience for me but can be a problem to others. Nevertheless, it will also help us to save water!

Small Water Leakage

Another inconvenience that some clients encountered is that when they click to turn the tool off, water sprays all over from the connector by the shower head. When the tool is on, it sprays as well but not with the same force. The issue can be because of the fit of the shower’s wall mount.

Unfortunately, not all wall mounts are equally made. Therefore, the diverter can roughly fit some shower mounts that can result in small water leakage. The diverter is designed to be compatible with many shower mounts. I’m sure that Aquapaw is aware of this problem since a Teflon tape is included in the package.

Aquapaw Review Summary

Aquapaw understands that bath time shouldn’t be an unpleasant experience for you and your dog. It was made for every dog and their owners. With your comfort, proper preparation, and a good dog indoor shower like Aquapaw Pet Shower Sprayer and Scrubber in-One; your dog may feel safe in the tub and bath time won’t be tough for the both of you. Overall, it is a great product to use! Price is available on Amazon

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    Tillie graduated with honours from University of California as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 2008, and is a member of American Veterinary Medical Association. He stays up-to-date on the latest innovations in dog technologies and shares her thoughts and experience on that topic.

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