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Pawgoes: Revolutionizing Pet Comfort with Innovative, Eco-Friendly Beds

Written by Nicole Etolen

Pet care is about to get a groundbreaking new innovation with the introduction of Pawgoes, a multifunctional, multi-layer memory foam bed designed for dogs and cats currently in funding on Kickstarter. Keep reading to learn more!

Pawgoes is Revolutionizing Pet Comfort with Innovative, Eco-Friendly Beds

Pawgoes aims to redefine comfort for our furry friends, offering a unique blend of technology, eco-consciousness, and unparalleled comfort.

For too long, dog beds have largely ignored the specific needs that different pets have based on their stages of life, size, and health conditions. Recognizing this gap, the team behind Pawgoes embarked on a two-year journey filled with design iterations and technological advancements to create a dog bed that addresses these needs head-on.

Pawgoes stands out with its high-quality, multi-density memory foam, which provides optimal support and comfort for pets, alleviating stress on joints and bones. This feature is particularly beneficial for senior pups and those recovering from surgery, offering a soft sleep environment recommended by veterinarians.

Photo Credit: Pawgoes on Kickstarter

Innovative and eco-friendly design set Pawgoes apart from competitors

Innovatively designed, Pawgoes beds incorporate a three-layer memory foam mattress with a polymer cooling pad, ensuring pets remain comfortable regardless of the season. The bed’s waterproof fabric and eco-friendly materials also address the common challenges of durability and hygiene, making maintenance a breeze for pet owners.

What truly sets Pawgoes apart is its commitment to environmental sustainability. From the use of recycled nylon and plastic bottles to the eco-friendly packaging made from seaweed, every aspect of Pawgoes is designed with the planet in mind. The beds are produced in pollution-free factories, further solidifying the brand’s dedication to eco-conscious production.

Photo Credit: Pawgoes via Kickstarter

More than just a bed…

Pawgoes is more than just a bed; it’s a comprehensive solution for pet comfort and health. The beds are designed to accommodate pets throughout their life stages, adapting to their changing needs. The inclusion of jelly polymer technology cooling pads and waterproof, dirt-repellent fabrics enhances the product’s appeal, offering a perfect blend of functionality and comfort.

In addition to its practical benefits, Pawgoes is a stylish addition to any home. Available in two color schemes inspired by pet families’ preferences, the beds ensure that pets not only feel comfortable but also feel like they belong in the space they occupy.

For those who believe in improving the lives of their furry companions and are passionate about environmental sustainability, Pawgoes offers an opportunity to be part of a movement towards better, more responsible pet care.

As of right now, Pawgoes has reached 97% of their goal on Kickstarter. They’re currently offering Early Bird pricing on multiple sizes for both dogs and cats, with delivery estimates starting in May 2024.


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