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Hoopet Automatic Dog Feeder Review

Written by Mark Braeden

Hoopet Automatic Dog Feeder Summary

AliExpress Reviews4.5 out of 5
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Who is the gadget for? For small and big dogs
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Hoopet Automatic Dog Feeder is having one of the best reviews all over the Internet. You cannot avoid being away from your pet for a few days because of work. Sometimes, you just came from attending night events and you are tired to wake up early on the next day. You also don’t have a very trusted friend in your place to enter your house and feed the pet. Since no animals can eat all the foods proportionately within days, a large amount of dog food will just spoil. Imagine, you will go back home witnessing the mess and horrible smell around your house. Aside from feeding your dog, it will become stressful for you to clean your house and train your dog again. With today’s technology, you can remotely feed your canine companion no matter how far away you are. Hoopet auto dog feeder will help you take care of your precious dog’s meals. With your smartphone, you can feed your dog with a few taps away. Let’s do a review.

Hoopet auto dog feeder with recorder

Record your own voice and let the dog feeder play the recording when your dog’s meal time starts. The recording will encourage your adorable pet to have a good meal time. Just fill the container with food and the dog smart feeder will be the one to control your pet’s diet. With the LCD panel, you can set every meal proportion from 1 to 12 cups. With 3 meals a day, your dog will surely never get hungry.  The 5.5 liter capacity will feed your pet for days. When you come back home, you can just keep the dog food on the container. This timed dog feeder not only dispenses the food on time, but also keeps the food fresh and secured. Rest assured that your dog’s food is free from parasites and other pests.

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Easy to set up auto dog food dispenser

To start, connect the automatic dog food dispenser to your Wi-Fi. After that, download the feeder app, connect wirelessly, and now, you are ready to manage your dog’s food while you are away! Monitor your pet’s eating activity via the app.  In case the connection is lost, the timed dog feeder will release the food as scheduled. You may even release the dog food now in case you are home and you want to give your dog a reward.

Available in black or white, the dog smart feeder is made of ABS plastic materials making it safe for use. The container and tray are detachable and easy to wash. Don’t worry about the power supply. This auto dog feeder can be powered by 3D-size batteries (not included) that can last up to 6 months. With these features, you do not have to spend much on buying an automatic dog food dispenser. Since you just need a simple dog feeder, this one is perfect for you and your dog.

As a professional pet product manufacturer for years, Hoopet is loved by customers because of its reliable, stylish and reasonably priced products.  The brand is also thriving now in e-commerce with good feedback.

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Hoopet Dog Feeder Review
  • Hoopet Pet Feeder Score By Mark Braeden
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