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Why Is Dyson Vacuum Not Picking Up Dog Hair?

Dyson vacuum is not picking up pets hair from the carpet
Written by Mark Braeden

As a dog owner, seeing your dog’s hair everywhere inside the house is not a new thing for you. It is a constant effort to keep your upholstery and other items in the house dog hair-free especially if it triggers allergies and asthma to any member of your family. Using vacuums is one of the most known effective ways of removing dog hair inside your household is by using vacuums. There are a lot of brands that market their vacuums nowadays and Dyson is one of the well-known manufacturers of vacuums for dog hair for years.

But, what if your Dyson vacuum stopped picking up dirt and dog hair? What should you do when this happens? Well, you’re lucky, because that is what this article is all about. Plus, we will also discuss some tips on how to make your vacuum do its job again.  Scroll down and keep on reading to know all about this cool stuff.  

Reasons Why Your Dyson Vacuum is Not Picking Up Dog Hair

1. You are using the wrong vacuum model

The main reason why your Dyson vacuum is not working properly and not picking up your dog’s hair is that you are using the wrong vacuum model! You should use Dyson vacuum models that are specifically designed for dog’s/pet’s hair. Dyson offers a wide range of vacuum models with different features and capabilities that will surely fit your cleaning needs. One of the best Dyson vacuums that are made to clean dog hair is the Dyson V11 Cordless Stick Vacuum. Its Dynamic Load Sensor (DLS) is capable of adapting the motor speed automatically depending on the surface that you are cleaning which will pick up the dog’s hair on your carpet, floors, and other parts of your house. Other Dyson vacuums that are manufactured to clean up your dog’s hair is the V8 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum, the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Canister Vacuum, and the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Upright Canister Vacuum.

2. Your vacuum’s roller is clogged

If you are using the appropriate Dyson vacuum to clean your dog’s hair, but it is not still picking up the dirt, you need to check its roller. Since the vacuum is being often used, it is just normal that dirt, dog hair, and other things will be stuck there. Not being cleaned regularly also contributes to this clogging.

To check your machine’s roller, you need to unplug or turn off the vacuum first and then turn the vacuum upside down and open it. Now that you can see the roller of your vacuum, you can pull out the dog hair or the dirt that accumulated in the roller. It can be time-consuming depending on how much dirt is present on the roller. After cleaning it, do not forget to put back the necessary components of the vacuum, or else your vacuum will not work properly again. 

3. Maybe it is your vacuum’s filter

If you have cleaned the vacuum’s roller and your Dyson is still not picking up dirt and dog’s hair, maybe you need the check the filters. Depending on what Dyson vacuum model you have, its filter can be disposable or reusable ones. If it is disposable, you can just open your vacuum and remove and throw out the filter with its accumulated dirt.

If your vacuum has a reusable filter, just remove the filter and then clean it and use it again. To clean the filter, you can just wash it with hot water mixed with a detergent or soap. Just keep on cleaning it under the running water until the water flowing from the filter is not murky or dirty anymore. After that, let it dry overnight and make sure it is completely dried up before putting it back again in the vacuum. Putting the filter back in the vacuum in a not very dried condition can bring problems and malfunction to your vacuum.

It is recommended that Dyson vacuum filters should be cleaned once every 3 months. However, you can clean the filter more often or as how many times as you like especially if the vacuum is always being used. This will prevent any clogging on your vacuum and will also shorten the time of your cleaning the filters every time. If the filters have been cleaned but the vacuum is still not functioning properly, maybe it is time to replace your filters.

4. The bin needs to be emptied

Is your Dyson vacuum not still working properly after cleaning and checking the rollers and the filters? Maybe the next thing you need to check is the bin. The bin is the container or pouch where all the dirt collected by the vacuum goes. Maybe the reason why your vacuum is not picking up dog hair anymore is that your bin is full. In this case, you need to empty its contents so it can accommodate collected dirt again.

Fortunately, Dyson has a hygienic bin feature in which you do not have to touch and remove the bin when emptying it. This feature also provides a convenient way for you to dispatch the collected dirt.

5. You need to check the cleaner head

The next component to check if your Dyson vacuum is not picking up dirt is the cleaner head. The cleaner head is the part responsible for taking in the dirt on different surfaces. You can check if there is a blockage or some material that is blocking the passageway of the cleaner head.

To check this, remove the cleaner head properly depending on the Dyson vacuum model you have. Read the user’s manual if you are not sure how to properly remove the cleaner head to avoid damaging your vacuum. Once the cleaner head is out, check if there are blockages or if it needs some cleaning. Other parts of the cleaner head may be worn out and need a replacement.

6. How about the brushes?

There are brushes in the cleaner head that is responsible for brushing the surface and scraping dirt that had build up. Its bristles should always be sharp but they often get worn out because of frequent use. Make sure that they should look and feel like the bristles of a new toothbrush. Having a worn-out toothbrush. Cleaning with dirty and malfunctioned bristles is hard and time-consuming too. That is why you need to make sure that the bristles are in a good condition. 

7. Blockages and malfunctions on hose, wand, and airways

Other components to check when your vacuum is malfunctioning is the hose, wand, and airways of the Dyson vacuum. Check the hose to see if there is any blockage or clogging of dirt and things in there. The same thing goes to the wand and airways. You can also check if there are holes in these components and have them repaired.

8. It is time for maintenance

If you have already checked and cleaned the components mentioned above and also checked every possible part of the Dyson vacuum that can cause the problem and yet your vacuum is still malfunctioning, maybe it is time for your vacuum to undergo maintenance. You can do the maintenance yourself or go to a trusted shop and let them check your vacuum. With this, you can repair and replace every part that needs to be replaced and repair. Most often, the performance of the vacuum is improved once certain parts and components are replaced and repaired. If nothing happens or if things come to worse after the maintenance and replacement, maybe it is time for you to buy a new Dyson vacuum to clean your dog’s hair at home.


There can be a lot of reasons why your Dyson vacuum stopped dor is failing in cleaning your dog’s hair. With the tips and parts to check for included in this article, you can check them one by one and eliminate them as the culprit behind your problem. You need to start with the basics too and make sure that the vacuum that you are using suitable and is engineered to clean the dog’s hair and other dirt inside the house. We hope that this article had helped you or gave you an idea on what to check and do the next time you encounter a scenario where a Dyson vacuum is not cleaning up a dog’s hair on the sofa, the bed, the stairs, etc.


  • Mark Braeden

    Mark is a Boston University graduate and former electrical engineer. In 2017, he decided to combine his tech knowledge with his love for dogs. He spent a year familiarizing himself with the latest GPS tracking collars, invisible fences, and other hot pet gadgets before he wrote his first product review. After selling Technobark, Mark remained a writer and consultant but spends more time on his other passion now: raising and training his growing family of dogs.

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