DOTT: The Smart Dog Tag Review

DOTT Smart Dog Tag
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Amazon Reviews3.6 out of 5
Technobark Review8.2 out of 10
Who is the dog gadget for? For dog owners who do not want to lose their dog

Losing a pet is common and can be a petrifying experience. To prevent your dog from getting lost, you need to replace your old tag with a new smart dog collar. DOTT Smart Dog Tag is a virtual leash that increases the chances of finding your lost dog and guarantees you community support if your dog ever gets lost. Be careful! You might never see your dog again if you miss this chance to give this smart dog collar.

DOTT Smart Dog Tag CollarThe Smart Dog Tag quality will never let you down. It was named as the best invention by MSN money and is listed in the “Best five pet gadgets you should buy” by TechnoNerd.

Dog tracking devices are bulky, costly and consume too much power. They do not work if you forget to charge them and attach them to your pets. With DOTT Smart Dog Tag long battery life, you will never have to worry about frequent charging time. This dog tracking device works better than a microchip. You just need it to connect to your smartphone and the device does not need a scanner. Since the dog tracker connects you to your neighbours and friends, you are assured of your pet’s safety and recovery. It frequently announces your lost pet on the map and makes sure that the dog device’s search features are functional 24/7.

It even has a 360 pet care; it will alert you in case of extra heat, dog poison, and flood. DOTT Smart Dog Tag will keep track of your pet’s needs to ensure it remains healthy and well protected. Best of all, it will monitor the distance of the walks, its medication, food and so on. A dog tracker and fitness tracker in one! It has no monthly or annual subscription so you would not need to worry about fees.

The DOTT Smart Dog Tag is only supported with Apple (iOS) products, so be careful if you are Android user.

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How does a DOTT Smart Dog Tag Works?

This can be explained in 5 steps:dott dog tag collar

1. Attach the smart dog collar to your pet and pair it with the DOTT mobile app (compatible with iPhones and iPads only). This step will notify you in case the pet goes out of range.

2. If you report your missing pet, the app will immediately send a signal to nearby people and update the information on the map.

3. The app will continuously search for your pet even if you are in a fast moving vehicle.

4. DOTT will send a signal equivalent to 85 standard basketball courts. If it enters the radius of someone who has the app, it will immediately notify you as the owner of its whereabouts and people will receive a lost pet nearby notification.

5. Your pet will be posted on social media platforms to help you locate it, and more users will be recruited fast.

You can get this GPS tracker for dogs and download the app on your iPhone or iPad (Android is not supported though). This is a great deal because aside from no subscriptions, you can follow your pet’s activity and location even when you are far away from your pet. You will never have to worry much about your dog running away.

DOTT: The Smart Dog Tag Review
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