GoDogGo Fetch Machine Review: Dog Owners Lifesaver in 2020

GoDogGo Fetch Machine review
Written by Tillie Bailey

As what they say, play is the key to a dog’s happiness. Did you know that play is the key for our dogs’ well-being, as discovered by a recent study of Bristol University? The study showed that dogs who don’t engage in a lot of play suffer from behavioral problems. In fact, puppies learn basic manners through playing because socialization is a critical aspect of a well-balanced dog. More specifically, the study also found out that dogs favorite toy are tennis balls, followed by rubber balls. Our dogs keep us entertained and happy at all times, now it’s time to give back. The GoDogGo Fetch Machine is the perfect gift and one of the best automatic ball throwers for dogs! Listed below are the reasons why my dog and I loved this product.

GoDogGo Fetch Machine for Dogs Features

GoDogGo Fetch Machine review

1. Keeps your Dog Happy and Entertained

The truth is we don’t have all the time to play with our dogs. Even at weekends, sometimes, we don’t have the energy to run around with our dogs. However, play is essential to your dog’s well being. Worry no more as the GoDogGo Fetch Machine will be your solution.

The machine can either be an independent dog or owner-controlled with remote control. Even if you’re busy at home, the device allows your dog for an independent play. If you want to play with your dog without spending too much effort, the machine features a remote control. Now, you would keep your dog busy all the time!

2. 100% Dog-Friendly

The GoDogGo Fetch Machine features a “Safety Arc” that keeps your dog out of direct launch pattern. The balls will be launched in an upwards & out launch pattern, preventing from directly hitting your dog. When set in an automatic play, the safety sensor with auto stop doesn’t let the machine run continuously. Even if my dog is playing by himself, I’m assured that he is safe.

Do not operate this product indoors as it launches balls high into the air. You wouldn’t want to stand in front of it and don’t want your dog sticking his face into the hole to see when the next balls are coming out. I trained Bailey to patiently wait for the balls to come out, so he’s got used to it now. Take safety precautions when using and be attentive.

3. Simple Set-up

GoDogGo Fetch Machine pros

I’ve always wanted to buy fetch machines, and finally, I got one to try for myself! I was first worried that I wouldn’t be able to figure how to set the GoDogGo Fetch Machine. You know, the common problem when there’s a new tool or machine at home. Luckily, it was an easy set-up!

All I had to do was to take out the machine out of the box and either plug it or insert batteries, depending on your preference. It was such an advantage for me; I was able to take this machine anywhere! The machine has a power cable, so if you want to utilize batteries, then you’re going to need 6 x d8 batteries.

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4. A Unique Fetch Machine

With a wide range of fetch machines available in the market, I choose to settle for the GoDogGo Fetch Machine because of its distinctive features. One of the biggest advantages of the product is I was able to load a ton of balls once! Playing became a lot more fun because the machine can handle more than one ball load at a time.

Another great feature of this product is that the green bucket is has a wide area to train a dog to drop the ball into. Unfortunately, the ball launchers are only available from the Go Dog’s website. It is available for $149.99, and a “Jr” version that launches smaller balls is priced at $139.99.

5. Extremely Durable and Long-Lasting

The GoDogGo Fetch Machine may seem costly, but the money will be worth it! I have been using my GoDogGo for eight months now, and I haven’t experienced major issues yet. Besides my experience, feedback from clients says that they had utilized the machine for several years after using it daily! Some even plan to purchase again!

6. Great Customer Service

So far, I haven’t experienced any defects with my GoDogGo fetch machine. Nevertheless, when I read the reviews from clients, some said that the device they received had deficiencies. However, the company was very responsive and shipped out a new unit to the clients when only asked for some parts. The manufacturer truly know how to do customer service right! I wouldn’t have to worry too much with my machine experiencing defects.

7. A Safe Choice

Backed up with a six-month warranty and 30-day money back guarantee, the GoDogGo Fetch machine is indeed a safe choice! Every device is backed up with a six-month warranty on craft and defects in materials and function from the date of delivery. You just have to present a proof of purchase!

Be at ease even if the warranty expires, you wouldn’t have enough trouble in finding replacement parts. GoDogGo also offers standard replacement parts, just in case your machine would have defects in the future. Standard replacement parts are available for the lifetime of the unit with shipping and handling fee.

8. Compact and Lightweight

I loved how the GoDogGo fetch machine for dogs is travel-friendly! Me and my fur baby travel to my grandma’s house during vacation. I would enjoy using the device in my grandma’s place since it has vast space for a safer and fun play, unlike my home. Luckily, the machine is easy to bring since it is compact and lightweight!

Both versions of the GoDogGo fetch machine is designed to have a wide lip for easy carry and transport. The GoDogGo G4 or the standard size weighs seven pounds and has an overall size of 13 x 13 x 16.75 inches. While the GoDogGo JUNIOR weighs five pounds & has an overall size of 11 x 11 x 14 inches. Even the G4 does not take up too much space!

9. Versatile

The GoDogGo fetch machine has too many features not to mention! The product is one of the most versatile dog products available in the market! The product does not only offer two methods of launching the balls, but it also has 3 “Time Settings” and 3 “Distance Settings.” This way, you will be able to customize your dog’s experience with the fetch machine to suit his/her preferences!

The machine has three-time interval settings. For an even faster game of automatic fetch, the four-second setting is the most ideal for you. The 4, 7, and 15 seconds settings make it effortless to meet a dog’s perfect rate of retrieval and return for the desired type of use. The safest method would be the shortest time interval between launches is four seconds which allows safe ball return before the next launch.

Furthermore, the fetch machine has three distance settings of low, medium, and high. Adjust this setting for use indoors and outdoors in large and small fetch areas. The setting allowed me to select the best ball style for use in any setting! The machine can be adjusted to launch 10’+ on Low with a HeavyWeight ball or on High up to 30-60′ depending on ball style & size.

Please do take note that the machine’s launch distance depends on the ball type, size, material, and condition, outside air and ball temperature. Moreover, the standard GoDogGo machine has longer launch distance than the “Jr” version. Therefore, if you are a pet parent of a small pup, then the Jr. version is the perfect one for you!

10. Works With ALL Balls

GoDogGo Fetch Machine for dogs

For me, the most annoying thing when buying unique products is the prerequisite product that comes with it. Fortunately, the GoDogGo fetch machine works with various balls of all sizes and styles! May it be a tennis ball, rubber ball, racquetball, Chuckit ball and more! This makes the fetch machine so versatile, one of the reasons why my pooch and I loved it so much.

Balls wet with your dog’s saliva or water will not hinder launch. However, launch distance may slightly be reduced. Periodic cleaning is advised when you have a dog that produces heavy saliva or when used for water use for a smoother play.

11. Great Customer Support

The best thing about the fetch machine and GoDogGo is their excellent customer support. It’s no doubt why the company has earned a lot of loyal clients up until now! GoDogGo offers training tips when using the machine and has provided all the necessary information you need to know about the product. To obtain more information, you may visit their website. I beyond impressed with my experience with the company. I am looking forward to trying out their other products!

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Disadvantages of GoDogGo Fetch Machine For Dogs

GoDogGo Fetch Machine cons

The GoDogGo fetch machine for dogs seems like a great idea and product, even at first look. Unfortunately, even the best products have their bottom line. A GoDogGo fetch machine review wouldn’t be complete without also stating its cons!

We have compiled and analyzed numerous reviews from verified clients of the fetch machine. By doing this, we found out the most common problems that clients encountered with the product. I also included all the things that I consider negative or a slight inconvenience.

Just a disclaimer that all the disadvantages that I will be listing below may not or may work for you. Remember, each of us has unique experiences on each product we use. Some may have encountered negative things because of the way they handled the product.

1. Disturbing Noise

I came across a client online complaining that the sound produced by the machine. The fetch machine sounds like a quiet gear wind up as GoDogGo prepares to launch. A thwack sound is produced when the ball is launched. There is a quite loud “thud” sound each time another ball was released. During my dog’s first-time use, he was suspicious of the noise but was not afraid.

Based on numerous reviews, most dogs had easily adjusted. However, some dogs took a few initial steps to get used to the product. To help my dog get used to the new form of play and fetch, I started with using the machine myself.

I played with the fetch machine to show my dog that there is nothing to be afraid of. At first, he was only watching me play by myself. But he immediately got more curious, so he tried it quickly. I was enjoying to see my pooch look skeptic at first but was enjoying a lot after discovering how the machine works!

2. May Not Work For Indoor Play

Sadly, your dog may not be able to play and fetch with the GoDogGo machine indoor. The fetch machine is not ideal for indoor play, especially if you have any chandeliers or valuable displays at home. Luckily, I don’t have any of those, so the machine worked out for me. However, the GoDogGo fetch machine launches balls high into the air, even at the lowest setting.

The GoDogGo fetch machine is suitable for use indoors if and only if space and height are wide enough. It is still best used outdoors, especially in dry conditions. Take safety precautions when using the fetch machine inside your home or a room. Play and fetch will always require a maximum space for a safe and fun play. Better safe than sorry!

The product has its downsides, but it won’t stop me from suggesting it to my fellow dog owners! I cannot deny the fact that I encountered inconveniences with the machine. Nevertheless, it won’t overpower the features and advantages of the product!

GoDogGo Fetch Machine Summary

To summarize the article, the GoDogGo Fetch Machine for Dogs is a first-rate product handled by a first-rate company. I learned that the product was the world’s first fetch machine since 1999. It’s no doubt why a lot of pet owners and pups loved this product! I highly recommend this product as would my jolly little Jack Russell Bailey.

GoDogGo Fetch Machine
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