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Is It Possible To Toilet Train A Dog?

To answer this directly, of course, I do believe that it is possible to toilet train a dog; it is just a matter of time and patience, and of course, a lot of their favorite treats. Besides, wouldn’t it be nice if your pup used the toilet just the way you do and the rest of the gang. It would be even much more impressive if you could train them to place down the toilet seat and flush it, especially to your friends or visitors. It would be very impressive and entertaining. It would be such a huge talk around town.

We all know how tedious and inconvenient it is picking up a large chunk of you know what, cleaning the mess up, sanitizing it. It is just a pain in the bum. No one ever loves doing this dirty job. This is especially if you are not able to get them outside in time all the time because you are out at work or traveling for a couple of days, or have mobility issues, or you were just not around at the time your pup decides to do its business. Wouldn’t it be a breeze if your adorable little, or big, pup can just go to the toilet on its own to do its business and be prim and proper and flush the toilet after?

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Steps In Toilet Training Your Dog

1. Carve Out A Pallet Potty For Your Puppy

Carve and cut out a hole in a pallet or a piece of plywood; you can decide how thick it needs to be depending on the size of your dog. Leave a few inches of allowance around the whole so that your dog can learn first how to balance on it. Place a disposable tub or litter box of your choice into the whole to create a DIY pallet potty.

2. Train To Go To The Potty On-Command

Train your dog to go to their new bathroom on your command maybe by using the command “go potty” or whatever command you use to tell them to go do their business. Always use treats and praise them.

3. Train Them How To Use This DIY Equipment

Place the DIY pallet potty wherever your dog considers their bathroom area and start training them to stand on it and to go do their business on their pallet potty. Make sure to give them treats whenever they successfully stand on and use the potty as their new bathroom and keep praising them; this will surely make them remember this new method of doing their business.

4. Move The DIY Potty Inside

Transfer the pallet potty in your bathroom just beside your toilet and start using the training step number two and tell them to go to the bathroom and do their business on command.

5. Raise The Potty

Start raising the potty higher but make sure that your DIY pallet potty is strong, steady, and sturdy so that your dog can feel safe and secure and well-balanced while doing their business.

6. Place The Potty On The Toilet

When you think your dog is ready, it is now the time to place the pallet potty itself on the toilet. Encourage your pup and train him to go up onto the toilet seat. You can maybe fix the pallet potty in a sense that your pup can have more footing on it and that it fits perfectly on the toilet seat.

7. Remove The DIY Potty

When you are sure that your smart pup is ready and can already be reliable in using the toilet itself without the DIY pallet potty, it is now time to remove the pallet potty and let them jump up onto the toilet seat and do their business directly in the toilet itself. Remember to still give them their favorite treats every time they do it well.

8. Flushing

Well, let us not forget the most important part in aiming to be a prim and proper toilet-trained pup. Just train them with their strong paw to flush the toilet. If you have already trained them how to shake hands with their paw, this will be the easiest thing to teach them. Just give them treats and praises to help make them remember the last step.

This can surely take some of your precious time depending on the personality of your puppy and how they are like doing their business so don’t beat your patient self up for it if they don’t learn it the first few times. Give them lots of time, patience, and love, and they will surely get it with proper guidance and training.


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