Springer Dog Exerciser Big Review: Real-life Experience

Springer Dog Exerciser Big Review
Written by Mark Braeden

Biking with a dog is an activity that only a few dog owners do. Because while it is beneficial to both the owner and the dog, many perceive it as a risky activity. Nevertheless, with enough knowledge, proper training, and a good dog bike leash like the Springer Dog Exerciser, biking with your dog safely is possible.

If you are considering to try biking with your dog, then one of the first steps is finding the perfect dog bike leash. In the beginning, I was also sceptical about the unusual training and had quite a few questions. Therefore, for this article, we will be guiding you on this relatively new activity and sharing my providing you with a Springer Dog Exerciser Review!

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Springer Dog Exerciser Installation

Springer Dog Exerciser installation

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At first, I was worried about the installation of Springer Dog Exerciser. I have reviewed several dog bike leashes before and I always had trouble with their set up. Often times, the instructions would be too complicated to understand or it would take too long for a single step to be done. As a result, I was somehow sceptical of the Springer Dog Exerciser.

Surprisingly, the Springer Dog Exerciser installation was extremely easy. When I first received the product, it gave me a nice impression because it was well-packaged. There were helpful instructions included which were easy to understand. The smooth process only took about 20-30 minutes!

To help you with your own Springer Dog Exerciser installation, I will share my own experience and some tips to make your encounter also trouble-free!

First of all, keep in mind that the Springer clamp should only be attached to the frame or the seat stem of your bicycle. The first step is getting the measurement of the seat tube of your bike frame to decide which insert to use. There are three inserts in the package (blue, white, and red) used to securely place the Springer on any type of bike.

All inserts are made to be placed on any bike. Only place the blue insert if you’re going to use a mountain bike. Add the white insert if your bike’s seat tube measures 28 mm, which is most bikes. Use all the tree inserts if you will be using a bike with a seat tube of 25 mm, which are mostly junior bicycles.

Secondly, assemble the clamps over the inserts. Next, screw the spring on the S-tube then attach the S-tube onto the clamp. The second to the last step is assembling the cord, clip, and safety releases. Remember to thread the loose end of the cord through the hole that is the most appropriate for you.

The last step but not the least, do not forget to take a test ride first before attaching your dog to the bike leash. Make sure that the heel of your shoes does not hit the S-tube and it is securely placed on your bike. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

The Springer Dog Exerciser will only take a few steps and little time to install, giving you a worry-free experience. It is a huge bonus for me since I wouldn’t be troubled with finding any tools or prerequisite items, and saves up my time! Still got difficulties? YouTube is your lifesaver: 

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Advantages of the Springer Dog Exerciser

Let’s move on from the Springer Dog Exerciser installation to the benefits you can get from the product! Besides the trouble-free installation, the Springer Dog Exerciser comes with a lot of great advantages. I remember the moment when I am still finding out if this product is worth the buy by reading different testimonials. Now, I’m so excited to share you my own Springer Dog Exerciser review!

  1. Springer Safety Clamp

The most important feature that a product could have is its safety feature. I am not a first-time user of dog bike leashes and I have tried several versions of it. However, I am still doubtful that all dog bike leashes will keep me safe from my strong big dog that tends to pull a lot. It is one of the biggest risks that come along with this activity.

Nevertheless, I discovered a unique feature of the Springer Dog Exerciser that eased my worries. The Springer Dog Exerciser features a safety release plastic tab that works by allowing your dog to break free if he/she pulled hard enough. It prevents the biker from getting injured or falling during the bike ride.

So if your strong pal runs around a tree or anything that he/she sees interesting in the street, the patented safe release feature will instantly release him/her. The feature keeps both the dog owner and the dog safe! This is the favourite benefit that I can get from the Springer Dog Exerciser. Aside from the innovative idea, Springer is the only bike leash that has the feature. This is really a huge bonus for me!

Furthermore, if you ran out of Safety Clamps, Springer also offers a Safety release pack. It is sold separately for only $24.95 so you would always feel safe with biking alongside your dog.

  1. High-Quality Materials

One major factor of a good bike leash is its construction. What good will your bike leash will bring you if you’re not assured that your pal is securely attached to you? Therefore, when looking for a dog bike leash, always consider the materials that it’s made of.

Consider the Springer Dog Exerciser because it is proven to be durable that is very well-made. The device features a heavy-duty steel spring that securely holds your dog along your side. All devices are proudly manufactured in Norway and are imported to America.

As for my experience, I have been using the Springer Dog Exerciser for five months and it’s durability continues to amaze me. No accidents or injuries from me and my dog so far, and hopefully none will occur!

I didn’t have any problem with the bolts either because it stayed tightened during the rides. I wouldn’t have to worry about retightening them to be sure that the bike leash was placed securely. Truly, the testimonies of Springer’s sturdiness by other clients were true!

  1. Tug Absorbent

Springer Dog Exerciser advantages

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I was really frightened of trying another bike leash because the bike leash that I’ve used before has a shock absorbing system. I was concerned that my dog is going to pull me all along. But I’ve absolutely did not encounter any problems with using the Springer Dog Exerciser.

Since my dog and I has been biking together, our first ride with our new bike leash is very smooth. The steel spring situated low on the arm can absorb up to 90% of my dog’s unexpected pulls. Even if he tries to pull hard, I was able to catch myself before falling or loss of control.

If my dog suddenly goes fast, all I do is to apply the bicycle’s breaks. He immediately learns that he could not bolt off and he had to stay with me. With the Springer Dog Exerciser, I felt safe with my dog running next to my bike. I never felt unsafe or out of control even once.

  1. Safe Choice

Only a few products in the market offers a money back guarantee. Sometimes, even if the product’s features are impressive, I feel unsure if it does not offer any guarantees. Fortunately, the Springer Dog Exerciser offers a full refund! If you are not happy with your product, you can return the package within 30 days!

The Springer Dog Exerciser is a safe choice so you wouldn’t have any doubts about purchasing the product. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t think that you wouldn’t be satisfied with it anyway!

  1. Left and Right – Side Functionality

A few models of dog bike leashes only work for one side of the bike. I was worried that the Springer Dog Exerciser is the same. Fortunately, it can be used on either side of your bike. This feature isn’t really a deal breaker with some dog owners. However, it is still a great benefit that you are able to mount the leash on either side of the bike.

Disadvantages of the Springer Dog Exerciser

Springer Dog Exerciser disadvantages

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Unfortunately, no bike leash is made perfectly. Even if the Springer Dog Exerciser seems like the bike leash that you have been asking for, it also has its cons.

  1. Not Compatible With All Bikes

Even if the device has three different sizes of inserts, some clients were complaining that it doesn’t fit their bike. One client said that he had to use his relative’s bike because the Springer Dog Exerciser won’t fit properly with his Mountain Trek Bike. Fortunately, the device can be removed within seconds so you can instantly take it off when using another bike.

  1. Not For Small Pups

Springer strictly advises that the Springer Dog Exerciser should not be used with your small furry friend. It is a general rule for dog bike leashes because bike leashes don’t work very well for small dogs. Most leashes don’t reach down far enough and it is not safe for little pups. It can tire and force their legs, causing complications. Don’t worry because there are other activities that you could try with your little pup!

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My dog and I love biking together and the Springer Dog Exerciser has allowed us to do our favourite activity safely. So far, my dog and I could say that it is one of the best dog bike leashes that we have tried. In any event, I am very pleased with this product and have no regrets.

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Final Review
  • Springer Dog Exerciser Final Review

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