Whistle VS Findster Duo+: Big Comparison

Whistle VS Findster Duo+
Written by Mark Braeden

Whistle and Findster Duo+ are some of the best dog trackers on the market. Both are small, lightweight, waterproof, shockproof and affordable for their main features. You might be struggling a bit now about what to choose so I did this comparison Whistle VS Findster Duo.

Main Features

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Findster Duo+ is perfect for pet owners who do not want to worry about monthly charges. If you are an owner whose doggy is with you most of the day, this is a nice must-have real-time dog tracker. There’s a 30-day free trial to use Findster care where you can get a consultation with a vet available 24/7.

Whistle will alert you when your dog is out of your fence. The device tracking your furry companion’s movement every 15 seconds is a big help when finding him. With this gadget, you can tell any signs, warning, or symptoms of your pet’s health. Considering the features and having a great distance coverage, Whistle is still affordable.


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GPS Tracking Features

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Activity and Fitness Tracker

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Smartphone App

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Pricing and Subscription

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The Verdict

Whistle has more features but it comes with a paid subscription. On the other hand, Findster Duo+ is subscription-free dog GPS collar which is the winning point, but it has so many customer complaints and they have recently discontinued the product. It depends on what features you want from the collar and the budget you are willing to spend to make your dog safe, but I would personally use Whistle because they have an unlimited tracking range and also a great battery. However, on top of these two, I would recommend Fi dog collar instead.

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