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Wicked Ball To Make The World’s First Automatic Interactive Ball For Your Pet

Written by Mark Braeden

Cheerble will manufacture the world’s first automatic ball designed to end pet boredom & separation anxiety. Wicked ball, the 100% automatic pet ball will is being produced by Cheerble after the huge success of its predecessor, Cheerble’s Wickedbone pet toy. Just like Wickedbone, Cheerble will start a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for Wicked Bone. It’s now included in our list of the best electronic interactive dog toys.

(Shenzhen, China) March 11, 2019- Cheerble, makers of the popular Wickedbone pet toy, is set to release its predecessor, the Wicked Ball for pets. The Wicked Ball is a pet toy for both dogs and cats. Cheerble is set to release it to the general public and put it into mass production.

The number of pets has grown more rapidly since the mid-1970s than the human population, to the point where there are now about as many pets as there are people. This is a result mostly of rising disposable income, urbanization, and by evolving attitudes toward animals. This is not necessarily a bad thing, however, with more and more people are going out to work, this leads to fewer and fewer available quality time for our pets and so comes along their loneliness, boredom, and lack of exercise.

After the huge success of the Wickedbone, the creators from Cheerble decided to create the next generation of fun, play, health, and exercise for pets in the form of the new Wicked Ball.

Cheerble’s Wicked Ball aims to provide a solution that is both fun and interactive. It is also a great way to provide exercise for our pets that they can do whenever we are not around. It is a self-motivating ball for pets that offers a moving, jumping and as a chewable toy for both dogs and cats. The Wicked Ball will provide a great interactive toy that pets can play with and keep them busy and happy all day whenever we are not around.

The Wicked Ball has three reaction modes mainly the Gentle Setting, Normal, and the Active Setting depending on your pet’s activity level. Ensuring that every time of pet or their energy level gets to interact properly with the toy.

It also has an Intelligent Companion Mode making it safe for your pet, making sure that they will not be too tired after playing with the Wicked Ball. It is also waterproof and it floats so your pet can play with it in any environment.

It is flexible and agile, and it is programmed to get itself out of corners, roll through bars and wires, and move out of potential areas where it can be stuck so the play continues without fear of the Wicked Ball getting stuck in random places in the house.

Cheerble boasts that Wicked Ball will be the first of its kind to use the ARM Cortex-M0 processor for complex algorithms and processing. The Wicked Ball is mounted on a high performance 6-axis mems motion-tracking device for touch sensing. It also includes a high torque DC motor for implementing algorithms and motion.

“Through 6-axis the high-performance mems motion-tracking device, the processor can detect the current motion condition, then decides whether the movement is smooth, and if not, it will react to make sure the ball can roll, twist and jump normally through the sophisticated algorithm,” explained Jinbin Xie, CEO of Cheerble.

CEO Xie has more than 10 years of experience in developing smart solutions for modern hardware.

“The sensor can also help the ball detect the pet’s touch, and then through the control of the high torque DC motor, the ball can rotate or jump quickly, achieving the interaction between the ball and the pet,” CEO Xie said.

More importantly, the safety of Wicked Ball is guaranteed by its stopping mechanism. When you open Wicked Ball’s outer shell, it will stop running immediately, making it safe and secure for both you and your pet.

All the materials applied are safe for them to chew on and durable for repeated bites and scratches. It is made of tough, durable, and safe materials that it is not only bite and chew worry free, it is also washed and wear safe.

Pet parents have a great chance to back the project and benefit from a 51% discount price, and the ability to provide their pets with a happy and healthy life.

About Cheerble:

Cheerble is a tech startup established in 2016 based in Shenzhen, China. It is a company design and manufactures pet related to smart electronic gadgets. Cheerble aims to solve real-world problems faced by pet parents and their pets through IoT innovations. Its first product, Wickedbone, turned out to be a huge success after its successful crowdfunding campaign on on June 14, 2018. For more information, visit


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