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Pawious Bark Collar Big Review: Does It Help?

Pawious Bark Collar
Written by Mark Braeden

Are you having problems with your dog’s unnecessary noises? Do you also have a dog who just won’t stop barking even when told not to do so? Have you tried every gentle solution to eliminate your dog’s excessive barking? From trying all the possible training techniques to hiring a dog trainer but failed to do so? Worry no more, I had the same problem as yours until I found a remedy (hint: it’s a Pawious bark collar)!

Buying an anti-bark collar may have crossed your mind but have hesitated to do so because of your fear of hurting your furry baby. Anti-bark collars have a reputation of a cruel form of punishment, but things have changed. Choosing the right anti-bark collar will help you avoid harming your furry baby. This Pawious bark collar is the right choice! I’ll tell you why it is the ultimate problem-solver for us dog owners.

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Pawious Bark Collar Features

Your Dog’s Safety is Guaranteed

This anti-bark collar is designed to keep our dogs safe. It is non-shock and has no prongs, the exact collar we were looking for! The collar only activates when my dog barks and ignores the barking of other dogs or any nearby sounds. It is only activated by throat vibrations and has seven progressive levels of sound and vibration. It is definitely a hundred percent safe!

My dog Sherlock testified that this Pawious anti-bark collar is humane. Since the day I bought him the collar, it cut his barking down to 90% for only two weeks! As a result, he is happier, and I’m delighted too!


The best thing about Pawious anti-bark collar is that it is waterproof. Not only the collar will work on sunny days, but it can also be used in any weather condition! My dog and I can make a trip to the park and play water games without worrying about getting the collar wet.

Works Great (at least for me)

Not only this bark collar is durable, but it is rechargeable that lasts long up to 10 days. It’s even more than Garmin collars! Sherlock and I can’t even complain, this product works exactly as I imagined! It has helped me a lot, it cured my dog’s unhealthy habit of excessive barking at random things. When Sherlock set it off for the first time, and the sound was activated, he instantly stopped barking. My house has never been this quiet before!

Ideal for Dogs of All Sizes

Pawious bark collar is designed to fit small and medium dogs perfectly. It is recommended for 8lb-80lb dogs. That’s not all; the package comes with four different faceplates that can be changed according to you and your dog’s preference. Sherlock was very excited to use his new accessory when he saw the package! He even asked me to try all the faceplates in his collar.

Believe me if I’ll say that I really do understand that buying an anti-bark collar for your dog may be quite frightening. Hurting our precious babies would be the last thing we want to do, and the bark collar by Pawious understands that. It is a miracle worker! Most importantly, it did not give my dog any trauma or fear. It has been the only thing that stopped my dog’s unnecessary barking. All good praises for this product!

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Pawious Bark Collar Review
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