Petzi VS Pawbo

Petzi vs. Pawbo
Written by Mark Braeden

More about automatic dog treat camera dispensers, we are looking at yet again another two of the most innovative brands of dog treat cameras, Petzi and Pawbo. Leaving our dogs or cats at home alone when we go buy groceries, go to work, or even just a leisurely day outside is a bit heartbreaking for most of us, and this is when these dog treat cameras are made for; to help relieve our dogs or cats from separation anxiety from us and us from them. These dog treat cameras do a great job of doing so because of its two-way intercom feature that lets you talk to your dog while also being able to listen to their barks and see their reactions at the same time. One more great feature, which is one of the main features indeed, is that you can remotely toss treats to them whenever you want and wherever you may be.

In this Petzi VS Pawbo comparison article, we will try to dissect the key similarities and differences between these two, what features one has over the other, and which one of them will make you decide your money’s worth.

Petzi VS Pawbo Comparison Table

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Now that you’ve seen the technical features of Petzi Treat Cam and Pawbo Life Pet Camera, let’s take this time to get to know more what makes one product stand out from the other and hopefully help you reach a decision about which dog treat camera dispenses to spend your money for.

Video Quality

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Treat Tossing Feature

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Treat Compatibility

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Sounds Alerts

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Audio Quality

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Photos and Video Sharing

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Capacity and Maintenance

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Subscriptions & Free Trials

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Key Differences

  • Both have treat dispensers but while Petzi is able to launch treats away from the device, Pawbo does not have this capability as it only drops the treats a couple of inches in front of it
  • Petzi only allows taking snapshots of your pups but Pawbo allows you to take snapshots and record videos
  • Petzi has night vision camera while Pawbo does not have this feature so you will need to buy a separate device called Pawbo Flash to connect to the Pawbo Life Treat Camera to be able to see better at night
  • Pawbo features a built-in laser toy that lets you play with your dogs or cats, while Petzi does not have this feature
  • Petzi only features one-way audio while Pawbo features two-way intercom for maximum pup interaction
  • Pawbo lets you control multiple cameras while Petzi does not have this feature
  • Pawbo allows you to connect up to eight users in one account all at the same time, while Petzi does not give you this option
  • Petzi showcases a Dash Replenishment feature which means that the device is able to monitor treat levels in real-time which automatically reorders when the treats reaches below a certain level, while Pawbo does not have this feature
  • Pawbo features alert tones before dispensing treats while Petzi does not
  • Pawbo features various sound alerts such as doorbell sounds or chirping birds while Petzi does not offer this feature

Key Similarities

  • Both have 720P HD camera lens
  • Compatible with Android or iOS
  • Only compatible with smaller-sized treats at a time
  • Both can be mounted on walls
  • Both devices do not have motion and sound detector sensor
  • Both lets you control the cameras via their respective apps
  • Both dispenses around three treats at a time
  • Show live stream of your dogs or cats
  • Both have status light indicator

Our Verdict

In our opinion, Pawbo is clearly the winner between the two, no matter where you look. Petzi only offers one-way audio which means you can only speak to your dog but you will not be able to hear their responses whereas Pawbo features two-way audio which not only lets you speak to your dog but also lets you listen to what your dog has to “say”. Petzi only lets you take snapshots of your pups but no video recording feature, but Pawbo, on the other hand, showcases both features: puppy snapshots and video recordings which is pretty neat especially to catch silly moments of your dogs. Lastly, Pawbo allows you to connect with up to eight more users which Petzi does not have. This is why we think that Pawbo is a much more innovative dog treat camera dispenser than Petzi.

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Mark is the dog breeder for 17 years. Mark also has 4 dogs: Alaskan Malamute, Clumber Spaniel, Irish Terrier and Mutt. Mark also into latest technologies and he is trying all the latest dog gadgets & technologies on the market and sharing his experience.

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