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Best robot dog toys selection by Technobark.
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Latest technological advancement offers robot dog toys that provide the same therapeutic benefits, companionship, and happiness. It’s a toy dog that walks and barks and it’s a great gift for kids, dog lovers or just tech people. These dogs need less physical care, attention, energy, indoor toilet and food. It is a good choice for people who don’t have the strength to take care of a real one or just starting out and wants to test the waters of being a dog owner. It is a great gift for kids too! Check these pretty fantastic robot dog toys popular in the market nowadays!

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Best Robot Dog Toys to Check In 2021

  1. Electronic Pet Dog Harry
  2. Dada: Robot Interactive Puppy Dog
  3. WowWee Chippies Robot Dog Toy
  4. SainSmart Jr. Robot Dog Toy
  5. Bandai Smartpet Robot Dog Toy
  6. PLRB IR Smart Remote Control Robot Dog Toy

Electronic Pet Dog Harry Interactive Puppy

Electronic Robot Dog Harry

This robot dog toy is named Harry by his creator. He is small with a size of 7 inches long and 6 inches tall. You will need 3 AA batteries for Harry. He does typical dog actions like walk, run, bark, singing, and dancing. Harry has sensors that respond when touched.

Children 2 years old and up can play with Harry very well. However, you must keep in mind that he is a bit fragile. He can get a little loud sometimes and repeats the same things when touched on specific body parts. 

Electronic Pet Dog Harry Features

When you touch his head, he will play the “How much is the doggy in the window” song.  He can even play the nursery rhyme “Mary had a Little Lamb”. If you touch the blue paw button located at his back, he will play a chasing game. If you will block his direction, he will just say, he cannot go anywhere. When you pull or lift his tail, he will move his legs as if running away and say “Oh no! Stop it!” Try to touch his tail from below and then, this robot toy dog will bark and say sorry. After that, he will laugh with his hehehe sound. Touch his nose and he will ask “Oh no! Who is touching my nose?”

Electronic Pet Dog Harry will become bored and will turn off himself automatically if you just left him without doing anything in 30 seconds. Before the Auto off, he will say “I am tired and will take a nap.” You may also turn him off manually by pressing the button.

Can be played by 2 years old and up, this little electronic pet dog is 5.51 inches tall, 4.72 inches wide and 7.87 inches long. He weighs 13.44 ounces and he gets his power from 3 AA batteries. Harry can be delivered to you with an overall of 1.01 pounds of shipping weight.

For a merrier robotic dog experience, you can get his girlfriend Helen (sold separately), a pink Dalmatian robotic dog toy, to accompany him. Let them entertain you with their music together.

  • Price: $22.99
  • Amazon Reviews: 4.4/5
  • Where to Buy and Read Over 300 Reviews: here at Amazon

Dada: Robot Interactive Puppy Dog

Robot Interactive Puppy Dog Dada

Dada Robot Interactive Puppy /

Dada robot puppy dog has unique LED eyes that display 26 letters of the alphabet and numbers up to 10. Children will quickly learn these basic lessons with the help of a beautiful toy. It also interacts by singing, dancing, walking, standing, climbing, fart, and coquetry. The best part is that you can control it with a wireless remote even 50 feet away. The dog is rechargeable via USB cable, and the remote is powered by 2 AAA batteries.

When I was looking for a robot dog toy for my nephew, I read one feedback that the toy is recommended for ages 6+. But after seeing the remote, it gets a little tricky to control at first, but they could get the hang of it after practice play. 

Dada: Interactive Wireless Remote Control Robot Pet Dog Features

He has legs with flexible joints so he will make his movements awesome to watch. He can crawl, fart and always wait for your orders. His various fun modes, singing and dancing will keep your kids entertained.  He can even help them learn and strengthen their memory through his study mode where he will display 26 alphabets and numbers 0 to 10 on his eyes.

Dada: Interactive Wireless Remote Control Robot Pet Dog can be remote controlled with 50 feet long range controller. While his eyes light up, he can also change his eyes into different shapes based on different actions and sounds. When he is on standby mode, he will make moves that will get your attention so you can play with him again. If you don’t give orders or commands for too long, he will become bored. Then, he will snore and sleep.

Be amazed with this robot dog toy’s dance moves while playing Michael Jackson’s Beat It! He can dance and play songs too with “Nobody” and “Whistle”. On his sing mode, he has 4 cheerful songs Everybody Jump, Rabbit Dance, Hokey Pokey Song and Bingo.

Included with Dada are Instruction manual, USB cable and remote control (Two 1.5V AA batteries for the remote are not included). The robot pet dog’s dimension is 11 x 7 x 7.5 inches. He weighs 12.8 ounces. When shipped to your family, the whole package weighs 1.95 pounds.  You can even contact Hi-Tech Company for after-sales service.

Dada: Interactive Wireless Remote Control Robot Pet Dog has received so many positive reviews to the point that he got a high star rating in Amazon.  Adopting this robotic dog toy is like having a newly found friend to give you unforgettable and entertaining family moments.

  • Price: $50.99
  • Amazon Reviews: 3.8/5
  • Where to Buy and Read Over 60 Reviews: here at Amazon

WowWee Chippies Robot Dog Toy

WowWee Chippies Robot Toy Dog

Chip Robot Dog Toy likes to makes people laugh and offer entertainment. He is a blue dog who is eager to play and to make different reactions like sniffing, barking, kisses and even sneezes! Dogs give the funniest sneeze! Chippie can be really amusing to have at home. If you have the old version CHI pet, Chippie interacts with that one too!

Chippie is also remotely controlled. You can take him for a walk and let him sing, dance and chase their tail. Its best feature is being a guard robot dog. His eyes turn red as a signal for intruders to stay far or else he will sound a loud alarm. So aside from being interactive, he can be trusted with your safety like a real dog. 

CHiP: WowWee Robot Toy Dog Features

Like a real dog, he responds uniquely to your touch and he can grow his character over a period of  time like having a dog that is gradually feeling closer to you.  He even has his mood swings. He feels excited when you play with him.  You can turn him on and off depending on your time and desire to interact with him.

With a SmartBall, you can play fetch with him. CHiP will not just roll the SmartBall, but he will also bring the ball back to you since he can locate the ball that is equipped with Beacon Sense technology.  CHiP is very smart that when he is low in battery, he can return to his SmartBed and recharge on his own.  With his high tech sensors, he can see, speak, listen and feel. Pick up his front legs and he will dance with you.  He can nuzzle you back when you lovingly rub your nose against his.

Made by WowWee, a company that focuses on cutting-edge technologies, CHiP weighs 2.2 pounds with a dimension of 15 x 8.7 x 11.8 inches making him to carry easily like carrying a puppy.  Together with him are SmartBall, SmartBand and SmartBed. 1 Lithium Polymer battery is sold separately. Warranty for manufacturer defects is 90 days. CHiP: WowWee Robot Toy Dog can be brought to your family with a shipping weight of 5.9 pounds.

You will not only enjoy having this robot pet dog, but you will also appreciate how he can interact with your whole family especially with kids and teens that are 8 to 15 years old. Adopt him and he can recreate a fun and memorable dog experience.

SainSmart Jr. Robot Dog Toy

SainSmart Jr. Robot Toy Dog

SainSmart Jr. robot dog toy offers exciting and unique features. It mimics a real dog! SainSmart Jr. Robot Dog has flexible joints that will let it him crouch, grovel down, lie down, wag tail and even pee! Aside from “speaking,” he gives different sounds to show emotion. He will perform actions to please you and to apologize.

He also moves amazingly like head shaking, stretches, moves left to the right, forward and backward, turn over and revert, and dances. Best program of this robot dog toy is that you can order anything you want it to do. Although you may need to take extra care of this robot toy because it is fragile.

Bandai Smartpet Robot Dog Toy

Bandai Robot Toy Dog

Bandai Robot Dog /

This Bandai robot toy dog is the newest addition to the robot dogs available in the market in 2021. Expect great things from this little buddy since it comes from BANDAI, Japan!

To use this robot dog toy, you would need to download an app called “Smartpet” only using Apple devices. Place your phone in the face slot so the device will now be the face of the robot. You can set it to concert mode to sing and dance. You can also perform hands-free tasks like answering calls by doing hand movements and features that are detected using the camera and microphone.

Bandai Smartpet robot dog toy seems fun to have, but it is only available for Apple users specifically for IPhone4/4S, iPhone3GS, and iPodtouch (4th generation). Other devices will no longer fit in the face slot. Another downside is that the App is only available in Japanese and you might need a dog language translator device for it. Since this toy is famous for its features, some are trying to imitate it so beware of that.

PLRB IR Smart Remote Control Robot Dog Toy

PLRB IR Smart Robot Dog Toy

PLRB IR Smart Robot Dog /

PLRB IR robot dog toy can walk and bark. It’s made with environmentally-friendly plastic to ensure that it is safe for nature. It is smartly encoded with the ability to recite 26 letters in the alphabet and numbers 0 to 10 in study mode displayed on its LED eyes. It has a fun mode that features cool dog moves like farting, singing, walking, running, crawling and dancing. It automatically goes into sleep mode if left uncommanded within 10 minutes.

This robot dog toy would be a good choice as a celebratory gift for small children since it is intelligent, responsive and cute. My daughter even called this one, “The best gift ever!” Easy control with remote and rechargeable via USB adapter. Optionally, you can but LED leash to this toy for the even better dogo-robotic experience! 


These are just six of the latest robot dog toys available on the market this year. I had fun trying out some of these robot toys and actually ended gifting some to my kids, nieces, and nephews. You can even give this to your grandparents if they are fond of dogs. I am sure it will work out great since these toys provide entertainment too!

Prices for some of these robots can be a bit steep for a toy, but the features compensate for it and kids will surely love using it. Best news so far is that you can bring it anywhere, play with it anytime because it is not a real pet that is restricted in most places!

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