Whistle GPS Tracker VS Link AKC Smart Dog Collar Comparison

Whistle GPS tracker (on the left) VS Link AKC (on the right) comparison
Written by Mark Braeden

Whistle and Link AKC are two similar dog GPS trackers that you might be interested in buying but not sure which one to choose. You are most probably wondering what their differences are and which one is better than the other. So check out our Whistle VS Link AKC comparison below to find out which tracking device will suit your tastes. 

Whistle GO Explore is the latest version of the Whistle collection, therefore, it surely has a lot of improvements from the previous devices. Its main features are GPS location tracking, and health and fitness monitoring. Whistle GO has a longer-lasting battery life and provides more health information than its previous models. 

Link AKC is another type of GPS animal tracker that lets you monitor not only your pup’s activity level and location, but also their health information. It also comes with a neatly-looking leather collar that you might like.

What are the differences between Whistle and Link AKC? Let’s find out!


Main Features

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Whistle Vs Link AKC Main Features

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Activity and Fitness Tracker

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Pricing and Subscription Plans

Pricing and subscription fee comparison between Whistle and Link AKC

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Location Tracking

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Smartphone App

Whistle collar and Link AKC collar apps comparison

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The better option between these two is obviously the Whistle brand because this device has better quality because of its durability and water resistance ability compared to other competing brands. It’s not only good tracker but also one of the best dog activity monitors. The battery life also lasts a whopping amount of 10 days in one full charge which to me, seems a lot better than just 3 days, especially when you like doing outdoor activities that last more than 3 days. Lastly, you want to be able to know the location of your lovely pup in real-time which the Whistle offers and the Link AKC does not.

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