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Woof Washer 360: Pros, Cons, Tips and Tricks

woof washer 360 for dogs
Written by Mark Braeden

Every dog owner is aware of the pains and labor of getting their pup in a bath. Bath time may be the most challenging activity of pet ownership. In response, bathing tools are circulating the market, offering various types of bathing products. Because of the vast availability of bathing showers today, dog owners face the struggle of finding the perfect one for his/her dog. Woof Washer 360 is one of the tools that will definitely pay your attention. Yeah, it’s fancy and cool looking, but is it effective when it comes to washing your dog? We ordered one and fully tested. 

Woof Washer 360 Big Review

Every dog condemns the activity of being constrained and soaked in water at the same time. There are several reasons why this happen, and different solutions that will address the problem. One way to make baths easier is to give them a positive experience during bath time. Woof Washer 360 claims to deliver; I’ll tell you the positive experience it brought to me and my dog.

What is Woof Washer 360?

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You may have seen the Woof Washer 360 before, thanks to its commercial. It’s understandable that you thought of this product as bizarre the first time you heard it. But the Woof Washer 360 is an innovative bathing tool in the dog market. It is specially designed to provide dog owners with a hassle-free bath time with their dogs! With the product’s 360 hoop design, you will be able to wash your dog in all areas as quickly as possible.

The Woof Washer 360 is made up of a large hoop with small holes that sprays water, deep-seated shampoo dispenser, and an attachment that will be connected to a standard garden hose. It can be utilized by connecting it to your hose, adding shampoo, and slide the hoop up and down your pooch.

Woof Washer 360 For Dogs: Features

Woof washer 360 tricks

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Cuts the Bathing Time in Half

One way to alleviate the fear of your pup for bath time is making it less time-consuming. The sound of the water from the faucet and the feeling of getting soaked down makes bath time uncomfortable. The Woof Washer for dogs lets me soap and rinse my pup from every side at once. It allows for easier bath time.

It is because of the product’s ring design with holes that gently spray around my dog’s body. As what they promised, Woof Washer provided a “360 degrees of clean.” However, the water flow is not ideal for dogs with medium to thick coats. My neighbor’s dog has medium hair, and it didn’t get to her pup’s fur.

Works in 3 Steps

Woof Washer for dogs does not only cuts the bathing time in half, but it also comes in handy. Outside baths are now easier and possible because Woof Washer lets you wash your dog with ease. The product is attachable to a hose and works over three steps.

  1. Attach your Woof Washer in your hose, then slide your dog over the hoop. From there,
  2. Mix the shampoo and water instantly to create cleansing suds.
  3. This is where you will switch to rinsing mode to finish washing away remaining soap.

A Unique Bathing Tool

The Woof Washer is a unique bathing shower for dogs in the market. Other bathing showers available in the marketplace have slightly redesigned versions that already exist. In Woof Washer’s case, the design is entirely different than all showers available out there. This is the reason why it seems bizarre to you!

Woof Washer’s Scrubbing Power

While Woof Washer makes washing and rinsing process easier and gentler, it’s scrubbing power may not be effective. Hand scrubbing will always be more effective. I could say that this product is only ideal for cleaning dirt, mud, and other debris off your pup’s surface. So if you want to clean as deep as possible, then this is not for your dog.

You have nothing to worry about because there are a lot of alternatives in the market! As what I mentioned above, bathing tools are circulating the marketplace. You just have to look for the perfect one for your dog! If you want a bathing tool that has a great scrubbing power, then you can check out Aquapaw Pet Shower Sprayer and Scrubber in one.

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Woof Washer’s Water Pressure

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The Woof Washer 360 has a pressure control which you can access through the thumb valve on the top of the handle. As every dog owner know, some dogs like to be bathed with running water, but others dislike the feeling of it. Now, you can adjust the water pressure according to your dog’s liking!

The Woof Washer 360 understands that every dog’s tolerance for water is different. Some clients testified that their dogs were afraid of water before. But when introduced to Woof Washer 360, they overwhelmingly prefer it’s gentle streams of water over the harsh spray of garden hoses.

However, even if the water pressure can be adjusted, it may not be enough. As observed, it is because of the little openings that spray water, they are too small. Some clients tried to drill the holes to make it bigger and allow greater water flow. Again, this is not ideal for dogs that have thick furs.

Especially PERFECT for Small Dogs

My pup has always been fearful of the standard hose and bathtubs. He didn’t like the pressure and the sound of the water. I can say that the Woof Washer 360 helped me a lot! My dog was more cooperative and comfortable.

I own a small breed, playful dog and it worked perfectly fine for me! With regular use of the Woof Washer, bath times were more fun than usual. My dog loved the gentle pressure of water coming out of it. I would recommend this product for anyone who wants to wash their little pup on a regular basis.

Versatile and Flexible

I consider the Woof Washer 360 as one of the most versatile dog products in the market! Some dog showers have a prerequisite shampoo. But that’s not the case for Woof Washer 360. The shower works with any shampoo, including flea and tick shampoo!

That’s not all because besides a garden hose, the Woof Washer 360 can also be used in a shower or bathtub. There are numerous devices available which will attach a hose to an indoor faucet. The shower can be attached to any garden hose too!

Handy and Travel-friendly

One of the best things about this product is it’s travel-friendly! I tend to stay at my grandmother’s house during summer and Christmas break and my little pup comes with me. I was so glad to know that the Woof Washer 360 is foldable! It makes it simple and convenient to transport this product anywhere.

This dog shower is perfect for travellers. If you are traveling with your pooch, you can take the Woof Washer along with you. Do not be troubled because it can fit in any bag after it has been folded. I even included Woof Washer 360 in my checklist for road trips with dogs.

Woof Washer 360: Cons

Woof washer 360

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An innovative product like the Woof Washer 360 also has its cons. While the bathing tool may seem a pretty good concept, as every dog owner know, anything about your pooch is mysterious. Even though some dogs may love the product, some may merely run at the sight of it. Especially that the Woof Washer 360 is operated during bath time, an activity that they dread.

When reading reviews and feedback from clients, I found some complaints saying that it didn’t work for their dogs. These clients said that the product makes their dogs fearful. If this ever happens, you cannot insist on your canine companion to like the bathing tool, as it will reinforce negative experience during bathing.

Nevertheless, a lot of dogs seemed to like the idea of the Woof Washer 360, including my Jack Russell Terrier. You wouldn’t know if this bathing tool can be included to your pup’s preferences unless you gave it a try. Unfortunately, the product isn’t backed up by a money back guarantee or lifetime warranty. Finding any dog product that suits your dog is always a trial and error process anyway!

As what I mentioned above, the water pressure provided by Woof Washer might not be enough for a deep, thorough clean. The Woof Washer 360 is not ideal for some dogs, especially for medium to thick-coated dogs or cleaning especially mucky pups.

Since the commercial was released to the general public, the idea of Woof Washer 360 for dogs has pique the people’s interest. From then on, fake imitations emerged in the market. These imitations are poorly-made and will fall apart after several uses, the usual complaints I heard from clients. Obviously, these clients were victims of the fake Woof Washer.

To avoid the same problem other clients encountered, you must know where to officially buy and identify a product. An authentic Woof Washer 360 can be controlled and adjusted, while an imitation claims to not have the ability. Unfortunately, I cannot tell if you can find the product in physical stores so you can evaluate it more in person.

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Using Woof Washer 360: Tips and Tricks

Woof washer Pet 360°

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Forcing your pup to bath in a bathtub or showering them in hoses producing great pressure is a bad habit. The Woof Washer 360 offers you an option to make bath time a positive experience. Utilizing the product is not the only way to make bath time fun or at least something your dog tolerates. It is essential to consider several factors affecting your pet’s fear of bathing.

Some dogs’ fear of bathing may be a result of a negative experience. Also, it could be a result of an earlier time where he associated the bath with something horrid. Dogs can hear louder than humans, so the sound of the running water may frighten him. It could also be the temperature of the water, and no one likes water that is too cold or too hot.

Remember to not douse your beloved pooch with running water because it will make him nervous. This is why the Woof Washer 360 is the perfect dog shower for you. To wash your dog’s face, which is a sensitive part, use a washcloth. When using Woof Washer 360, remember to not turn the water on until the unit is in position on the dog.

You should also use warm water when washing your dog, it is less likely than cold water to make a dog panic. Bath time should always be paired with things that your pup enjoys. I tend to bring the snack jar when bathing my pup, so I can reward him for his calm behavior.

Keep in mind that you could make bath time fun by making it playtime, by bringing in your pup’s favorite toys. Another way is to use high-quality shampoos, which doesn’t need to be expensive. Treats are also an essential part of bath time, make sure to give them before, during, and after bathing! Last but not the least, use a pet shower sprayer attachment, such as the Woof Washer 360 to bath your dog.

We would also recommend to watch this video:

Woof Washer 360 Final Summary

The Woof Washer 360 is the perfect tool for easier bath time. If you have a small pup, he/she will love surely love this dog shower. Every dog owner knows how difficult to keep your dog clean without feeling guilty for triggering its anxieties. No more negative bath time experiences for both of you. With the help of the Woof Washer 360, both of you will start to enjoy bath time. I highly recommend this brilliant and innovative product!


  • Mark Braeden

    Mark is a Boston University graduate and former electrical engineer. In 2017, he decided to combine his tech knowledge with his love for dogs. He spent a year familiarizing himself with the latest GPS tracking collars, invisible fences, and other hot pet gadgets before he wrote his first product review. After selling Technobark, Mark remained a writer and consultant but spends more time on his other passion now: raising and training his growing family of dogs.

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