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Wopet Automatic Pet Feeder Review

WOPET Pet Automatic Feeder review
Written by Mark Braeden

Many of us dog owners are either really busy working outside or at home, but even when we work from home, we still sometimes get our hands full and become too occupied when dealing with workload that we either barely have the time to leave enough food for our pups or forget about it. This is where automatic smart feeders for dogs come in handy, and one of the best out there is called the WOpet Sprite II 7L Wi-Fi Smart Feeder. 

The WOpet Automatic Feeder has a pretty huge capacity and can serve up to 4 meals a day for your pup. The good point about this feeder is that it allows you to customize their feeding schedule according to your dog’s needs so you do not have to worry about overfeeding them. 

Main Features Of Wopet Automatic Feeder

Dog is eating from Wopet Automatic Feeder

  • Can store up to 20 cups of (dry) food
  • Secured top-lock design
  • Customizable feeding schedule
  • Adjustable serving anywhere between 2 tsp and 4.5 cups in one serving
  • Records 3-second message to call for your dog to eat
  • Voice recording plays every time the feeder dispenses food
  • Removable, dishwasher-safe food tray
  • Uses 720P HD camera and 120° wide angle lens
  • Food size from 0.2 to 0.6 inches
  • Compatible with Android 4.0 and up, and iOS 7.5 and up

Pros And Cons Of Wopet Automatic SmartFeeder

Pros Cons
    • Secured top-lock to prevent food from spilling when knocked down
    • Customizable feeding schedule, meal servings, and serving frequency
    • Easy set up
    • Works both with AC adapter or batteries in case of power outage
    • Transparent top cover lets you see how much food is left in the feeder. 
    • Lets you feed automatically or manually using the WOpet App on your smartphone
    • Affordable price compare to competitors (check the current price here)
  • Voice recording not loud enough
  • Feeder sometimes jams if using large kibbles
  • There is inconsistency in dispensing food. 
  • LCD screen does not show meal sizes in ounces or grams which makes it difficult to measure
  • Requires WiFi 2.4GHz frequency for the feeder to work. 

How Does Wopet Automatic SmartFeeder Work?

WOPET Feeder manual

The WOpet Automatic SmartFeeder allows you to schedule your pup’s meal time but it also lets you feed them manually via the WOpet App. It works well especially if you want to keep your dogs healthy by regulating their diet and providing just the right amount of servings per meal. 

Who Is Wopet Automatic SmartFeeder For?

The WOpet SmartFeeder is specially designed to help keep your dogs fit and healthy. Therefore if you are having problems with your obese dogs or finding it hard to discipline them to stop overeating, this could be the perfect smart feeder for you. 

However, this is not only made for problematic dogs but this is also great for just anyone who is busy at work or travels frequently and cannot be at home with their dogs all the time as it also doubles as a device you can use to check out on your dogs while you are away from home. 

When Do You Need A Wopet Automatic SmartFeeder?

You need the WOpet SmartFeeder if you are a dog owner who is either not always at home to control your pup’s eating habits or if you own a dog who is a little bit on the obese end of the spectrum and wants to put them on a diet to help keep them in shape and overall better health. 

Tech Specifications Of Wopet AutomaticSmartFeeder

  • Programming

Scheduling meals in Wopet feeder

The WOpet SmartFeeder lets you schedule to serve your dog up to four meals a day via the built-in timer. You can set up this automatic feeding schedule using the LCD with manual control interface buttons. As mentioned earlier, the LCD screen does not show the meal sizes in ounces or grams which makes it difficult to measure so you just have to keep in mind that one serving is approximately 10 grams and one serving is equal to one rotation of the food wheel inside. So an example computation could be: if you want the feeder to dispense 30 grams of kibbles, you just simply need to set it to #3 for it to dispense your desired amount for that meal. You can set this up by using the manual control buttons on the feeder itself. 

  1. Set the clock to your current time. (Keep in mind that the WOpet uses 24-hour military time.) 
  2. On the left of the analogue touch interface, you will see 4 buttons: one for breakfast, one for lunch, one for dinner, and one for a 4th meal. Just select the one meal time you want to customize, i.e. lunch. 
  3. Choose the number of meal sizes for your dog’s lunch. (i.e. #5 which equates to 50 grams). As mentioned earlier, 1 serving is around 10 grams. 
  4. Do the same steps for the other meal types but you can always choose a different number of meal sizes for each. 
  • App

Using smartphone app for WOPET feeder

The WOpet SmartFeeder also doubles as a dog camera with a treat dispenser and the app allows you to watch your dog, also talk to them, and feed them manually. Aside from the HD camera on the feeder, it also has a mic that can pick up sounds in its vicinity, therefore allowing you to hear your pups whenever they are near the feeder. The WOpet App also allows you to take pictures and record videos of your dogs and it will be automatically saved to your smartphone’s photo album. 

WOpet also gives you the option to customize meal sizes using the app. You can change the meal size anytime you want even if you are away from the smart feeder itself. It lets you customize up to 6 meals per day and portions can be maxed at 39 at a time. 

  • Meals

The WOpet SmartFeeder is only suitable for dry food and the pellet size should be from 0.2 to 0.6 inches (diameter). It can store up to 20 cups of food and can serve up to 4 automated meals in a day. 

  • Voice

This SmartFeeder allows you to record your own voice for up to 10 seconds which can be used to call for your dogs for their meal time. The only downside of this is that the recording is not loud enough as you’d want it to be. You can record your voice by pressing a button on the manual control panel to record your custom message for your pup. This recording will be played every feeding time. 

General Features Of Wopet Automatic SmartFeeder

  • Design

WOpet Sprite Ⅱ 7L WiFi Smart Feeder design

The Wopet SmartFeeder has a sleek and minimalist modern design with dimensions 9.8 x 13.7 x 15.3 inches and weighs 5.07 pounds. This size is perfect as it will not get knocked down easily even when bumped against. The secure design of the locking lid prevents food inside from spilling out, in case the feeder gets knocked down. 

This feeder can store about 7L or around 20 cups of food which can serve around 4 to 6 meals a day. The feeding tray measures about 10 inches across, big enough for your pups to munch on. 

  • Cleaning

The removable feeding tray is dishwasher safe and can be removed fairly easily so you do not have to worry about getting water in the device when you need to clean the tray. 

  • Price

The WOpet Sprite II 7L WiFi Smart Feeder is priced at $149.99 on the WOpet website and they offer a 2-year extended warranty. 

  • Customer Service

You can contact their customer service via email and based on other people’s reviews, it’s either they get responses quickly but the solutions they offered did not really help or these customers did not get any response from them at all. 

Is It Worth It To Pay for Wopet Automatic SmartFeeder?

It is safe to say that the WOpet SmartFeeder is worth it for a price of $149.99 as you not only get the same features as other dog feeders but you can also customize their meal size to help discipline them to keep them fit and healthy. 


The feature I love about the WOpet SmartFeeder (check the current price here) is the way they designed this device to give focus on your dog’s proper diet and help discipline their feeding habits, and also lets you easily customize their meal servings. The things I didn’t like about this brand is that the app needs more improvement and that my voice recording is not loud enough for my dog to hear. But overall, this brand’s purpose to keep our dogs healthy is good enough for me to recommend to other dogs smart feeders


  • Mark Braeden

    Mark is a Boston University graduate and former electrical engineer. In 2017, he decided to combine his tech knowledge with his love for dogs. He spent a year familiarizing himself with the latest GPS tracking collars, invisible fences, and other hot pet gadgets before he wrote his first product review. After selling Technobark, Mark remained a writer and consultant but spends more time on his other passion now: raising and training his growing family of dogs.

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