YANDOG: The Bluetooth Dog GPS Tracker Review

yandog gps dog tracker review

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Did you ever wonder if there’s a tracking device both for your dog and your valuables? It is impossible to forget about your pet but the opposite might be happening when you misplace your keys. See this dog tech device! The nice feature about Yandog smart GPS dog collar is it can also be used as a Bluetooth tag to locate items such as keys, wallets, school bag, and phones and to sense lost alarms. It’s so effective that it has 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Yandog was listed in the “One of the best GPS Dog Tracker this year?” by Technobark. Most reviews for this dog device are positive. With an affordable price, you will never go wrong using this high quality and durable tracker for your adorable dog.

The best dog tracker’s features

The product is economical, and you do not need to get another one after purchase. You can always replace the battery immediately once it starts draining. This GPS dog collar locates your valuables using the “isearching” or “itracking” app for iPhone and Android phones. It is well-suited to IOS 7.0 and above, iPhone 4s and above, iPad 3rd and 4th Gen, iPad mini, the Apple watch, Android 4.3, Bluetooth 4 and up.

Unlike other dog trackers, Yandog is a budget-friendly, convenient, safe and a time saver smart dog collar. It keeps tabs on where your dog is and sends a notification to your mobile phone if it senses the dog walking out of range.

How Yandog GPS dog collar find your dog

Yandog creates more time for you to work on your duties and responsibilities because you do not spend most of your time looking for your dog. You will feel calm knowing that all your items are secure, even your pet of course. The app on your phone will ensure that you get a notification when you start losing the smart finder.

Yandog is used for itracking or isearching by doing the following methods:

  • The Apple system uses itracking or isearching from App store after it is installed
  • Android system uses the app from Google play store after installation.

To keep your dog and other stuff safe, attach the key ring to the smart finder or just insert it into the items of your choice using a glue stick or an adhesive tape. In case you lose your dog, the dog tracker will ring the smart finder, and there will be an indicator to help you locate it.

If you lose your phone, you just need to press the smart tag and call your phone.

In case you lose connection with the dog, the GPS tracker for dogs will use the indicator radar on the map using the isearching or itracking app. Then you can track your lost dog using the last location indicated on the inbuilt map.

Yandog is a recommended dog tracker, and it will not only help find your lost dog, but it will keep all your other valuables safe as well.

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